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Tile Backsplash Ideas for Modern Vanities

Tile Talk

The vanity backsplash serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, adding decorative features to your bathroom while simultaneously protecting your walls from moisture. A backsplash allows you to personalize your bathroom with a style that mirrors your own taste, character, and lifestyle. So how can we choose a backsplash for a modern vanity? Mirrored Backsplash Panels.

HGTV Highlights ACI’s Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash

Architectural Ceramics

Architectural Ceramics was honored to be able to provide the tile and design for the kitchen’s backsplash. Cement tile, like the backsplash in this modern farmhouse kitchen, was first manufactured in the mid-nineteenth century to cover floors with novel designs, bold colors and to withstand footprints and the passage of time. Photo from Houzz. Photo from Houzz. Photo from HGTV.

Hot Tile Picks: 15 Kitchen Backsplashes You Will Love

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Whether it is a tile, stone, art glass or even a simple design that stands out in its modesty, a backsplash gives a kitchen an aesthetic signature. An elaborate backsplash can serve as the centerpiece itself. However, the success of a kitchen backsplash, no matter its design, is a product of the materials chosen. Tile Trends

5 Ways To Redo Kitchen Backsplash (Without Tearing It Out)

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The kitchen backsplash is often seen as one of the best opportunities to really be creative with your design. We’ve compiled 5 ways to redo your kitchen backsplash (without tearing it out). Add A Coat Of Paint Sometimes, the simplest approach is best and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to reimagining your backsplash. If you’re due for a makeover, don’t fret.

Cement Tile Patchwork Makes Kitchen Backsplash Sing

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A cement tile patchwork design was used for this kitchen backsplash. In February of this year, I worked with Laurie on a patchwork design for her kitchen backsplash. When cement tile patchwork designs adorn a wainscot or backsplash, they provide a focal point that brightens the room. By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile. Patchwork is a great way to add color and pattern to any room.

The Ultimate Kitchen Backsplash Cheat Sheet

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An artfully chosen backsplash can upgrade the look of your kitchen, or even become the stylish focal point for the room. By understanding available tile options, as well as how to balance the backsplash with other elements and bring your kitchen design together, you can discover the backsplash tile solution that is ideal for the room and your style. kitchen tiles

14 Creative Backsplash Ideas for your Kitchen

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A kitchen can look finished without a backsplash, and sometimes a clean coat of (washable) paint is what best executes a design. While countertops, flooring and cabinets are generally places to keep it simple, the backsplash is a good place to inject some personal style, whether that’s with a mosaic feature or a bold color. Do you really need a one? Not really. Are you a big cook?

Avente Tile Talk: Cement Tile Backsplash Design, Cost & Installation.

Tile Talk

Cement Tile Backsplash Design, Cost & Installation Tips. One of the biggest trends in cement tile is to use them for a backsplash – primarily a kitchen backsplash – like the one shown here and featured on Houzz by our friends, Philadelphia-based general contracting firm Buckminster Green. A Cement Tile Backsplash using Cuban Design 110 2B. backsplash designs.

Truly Beautiful Backsplashes: Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

Apartment Therapy

When is a backsplash not just a backsplash? With a little attention to detail, these eleven kitchens take the backsplash from a run-of-the-mill design feature to the focal point of the whole room. READ MORE ». Remodeling Ideas. Tile & Stone. Kitchen Projects

The Modern Kitchen: Clean, Contemporary Backsplash Tile Choices

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These backsplash tile choices are durable and easy to clean, yet provide an aesthetic element that makes your kitchen really yours. Pin it. Harrell Remodeling via Houzz. A modern kitchen celebrates clean lines and utility in a room that should never sacrifice function for form. READ MORE ». Happy Modern. Decor Styles

backsplash installed today in Boxford Ma. - Tile Excellence - Blogger

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backsplash installed today in Boxford Ma. Backsplashes prices vary in price depending on the installer ,the type of tile, and the number of cuts needed to do the installation.Many installers tend to. take alot of time to do a backsplash depending on the experience and expertise. I myself can usually install most backsplashes in a day. Tuesday, October 29, 2013. June (1).

Silver & Chocolate Aluminum Mosaic Backsplash

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone

Related Images: tile aluminum backsplash mosaic olympiaLooking for a quick fix to modernize a plain condo kitchen? These gorgeous Silver and Chocolate Aluminum mosaics might just be the perfect answer! Ultra-light, with a gleam that only brushed aluminum can provide, these mosaics add a powerful punch to a lackluster space. Available in two colorways, Silver/Chocolate and Silver Blend.

Beautiful Affordable Backsplashes Made With Simple Sheet Materials

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If you have a kitchen backsplash project in the works, walk past the tile section in the hardware store and consider other common building supplies instead. Basic sheet materials have a lot to offer. Since they come in big pieces, installation is pretty easy, and the end results won''t have ugly seams or grout lines. The best news? READ MORE ». Building Supply. Budget Living. Kitchen.

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Designing a Backsplash with Glass Tile? Choose Starlike® for the Best Backsplash Grout | Tile Doctor

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Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Backsplash Glass Tile Grout? For homeowners creating a backsplash, glass tile is a well-liked, striking option. Yes, it does exist. Glass tile is available in a seemingly endless variety of colors and styles, allowing the expression of personal style to really shine. However, to. How-To

Hate Your Backsplash? Try Peel & Stick Tiles

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Pin it. Removable, peel-and-stick subway tile. The kind you can install over your existing tile in an afternoon, without any special tools or tricks. It sounds like the stuff legends are made of, doesn't it? But it's real , you guys. So real. Check out Smart Tiles. READ MORE ». Bathroom. Makeovers. Renters Solutions. Kitchen. Customizing. Tile & Stone. Budget Living

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Tile Tips for an Eye-Catching Backsplash

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A kitchen backsplash is one place you’ll be looking at a lot while you enjoy your home. Creating an eye-catching backsplash that reflects your style and taste is easy with tile. Patchwork designs create an eye-catching backsplash but take planning to achieve a balanced blend of color and pattern. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little on the backsplash. Define your style.

Rustic Tile Backsplash Installation

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just got done grouting cleaned up my mess wipe down the backsplash twice wipe down the floor twice got all the tools in the car and I am driving away. Thank you

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Ceramictec - Recycled Glass Tile Backsplash Installation Tampa.


Tampa 44

backsplashes,tile installers and timelines - Blogger

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backsplashes,tile installers and timelines. Labels backsplash , floor tile , glass tile , installers , re grout , repairs , shower repair , shower tile , tile contractors , tile installation , timelines. Sunday, April 8, 2012. Just the other day I had the experience of meeting someone who had a local tile man(to remain unnamed Who I know personally) replace 6 tiles in their kitchen. The homeowner had already removed the old tile, then supplied the new tile. And even then this tile guy charged them $500 for the repair. and everyone had said it would take 3 days. Posted by. May (3).

Kitchen Cousins + Modwalls = Backsplash Sensation!!!

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Set your dvr’s to record if you missed it because it features our very own Lush® glass subway tile , designed by Rex Ray Studio , as the finished kitchen backsplash!!! Notice how stunning our Lush Rex Ray TYPE White tile looks as the backsplash. We always knew this tile would end up in some cool locales and this kitchen definitely exceeds our expectations. :). AFTER! AFTER!

Avente Tile Talk: Polished Cement Tile Benefits a Kitchen Backsplash

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Polished Cement Tile Benefits a Kitchen Backsplash. She also included this kind note: I just wanted to let you know that my project was completed and my clients are very happy with their backsplash. Last week I discussed some important points about grout and cement tile for backsplash design. Cement Tile Backsplash: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy. No problem!

Do it yourself backsplash tecniques that make all the difference in your home.

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A backsplash is one of the quickest easiest ways to improve your kitchen without spending a arm and a leg to get it done. First consideration is the tile you pick out it makes all the difference in the world , remember a kitchen backsplash is a "right in. There are certain pointers and techniques that I've learned over 30+ years of tile installation that will make the job more manageable.

How To Clean Greasy Walls, Backsplashes, and Kitchen Cupboards — Kitchn

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From Kitchn → How To Clean Greasy Kitchen Walls, Backsplashes, and Cupboards. (Image credit: Erika Tracy ). READ MORE

Tile Inspiration For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

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Tile is a popular choice for kitchen floors and backsplashes, so popular that even the priciest and most custom options can seem bland. Avente specializes in handcrafted tiles that are guaranteed to make your floors or backsplashes stand out from the subway tile and stone tile crowd. Relief tiles add depth and dimension to this kitchen''s backsplash. Image via Modernize.

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Mixed mediums: new showroom displays feature fabulous backsplashes!

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone products used in these displays are as follows: Kitchen Backsplash: . Luxury Designs, one of our industry partners, recently remodeled their Fargo showroom and used a number of our products in their vignettes. The results? Stunning. Combining ceramic with stone and using mosaics that combine glass, marble and mother-of-pearl. Vanity Display. 4X0,8.N.

Recent Customer Success Stories: Kitchen Backsplashes!

H.Winter Showroom Blog

borders Design fish scale tile glass tile H.Winter hexagon tile hexagons interior design Kitchen Backsplash Photos kitchen design limestone marble patterned tile subway tile travertine

Kitchen Cousins + Modwalls = Backsplash Sensation!!!

Making Tile Modern

Set your dvr’s to record if you missed it because it features our very own Lush® glass subway tile , designed by Rex Ray Studio , as the finished kitchen backsplash!!! Notice how stunning our Lush Rex Ray TYPE White tile looks as the backsplash. We always knew this tile would end up in some cool locales and this kitchen definitely exceeds our expectations. :). AFTER! AFTER!

Ways to Create a Unique and Beautiful Tile Backsplash

Granada Tile

In terms of your kitchen, the backsplash tile should be considered one of the more important parts of the design. No matter the medium you choose for your kitchen backsplash, it will be a focal point. Here are a few tile types that you should consider utilizing for your kitchen backsplash. Take pride in your kitchen by going against the norm to create an awe inspiring backsplash. Yet another way to create a unique and beautiful backsplash is by utilizing our custom color tiles. The first step to a beautiful backsplash is through our website. Tweet.

A Backsplash Trend that Instantly Makes Any Kitchen More Modern & Functional

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When narrowing down backsplash material options for your home, consider this one. Scott & Jerre's Creative Chicago Loft. Pin it. If you're working with a small budget and a very dated space, it's not always color or pattern that your kitchen needs to feel more modern. It's easy to clean, available in a few styles and an instant way to make a dated kitchen feel a little bit more modern.

9 Best Kitchen Granite Countertops with Tile Backsplash Ideas


But when the granite applied in your kitchen, then you need to think about backsplash tile that fit well with […]. Kitchen Kitchen Granite Countertops with Tile Backsplash Previously we’ve posted about kitchen granite countertops and the reason why you have to choose this one.

“Harlequin” Art Glass Backsplash

Edgewater Studio

Glass Tile Creations Residential Projects Art Glass Mosaics artistic tile custom glass backsplash custom glass tile custom kitchen backsplash Edgewater Studio Harlequin Art Glass Mosaic Ready-to-Ship Collection Vancouver custom glass tile Happy Friday! Here is the result of a homeowner’s decision to buck the classic Subway tile trend, and instead introduce a more custom, albeit timeless, tile design to her kitchen. Adds some “zing“, don’t you think? It looks terrific.

Tile Design vs. Electrical Outlets & Switches

Making Tile Modern

“I LOVE my new tile, but I need some advice…What should I do with the electrical outlets that fall within the kitchen backsplash area?” These little necessary items can possibly ruin your beautiful, and often pricey backsplash! Here are some creative solutions as to how you can address the outlets & switches within your backsplash. ” . Good news!

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Started the job at 8:38 backsplash Marblehead mass

Tile Excellence

this backsplash is 2get 12 by 3 ceramic first thing to do as pictured is to loosen take out all receptacles electrical receptacles so this is a picture to pictures one of the material to be used and one of the electrical outlets to be removed there are four on this job for outlets the cost of this installation to customer 30 square feet of tile $300 and 4 receptacles making the cost of this job $340. Thank you

Renovating? We’ve Got Your Tile

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Lush 4×12 Surf Green Glass Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash. tile tile for kitchen backsplashModwalls Lush glass subway tile at the lowest price ever. Are you ready to remodel? We’ve got some good news for you: Our best selling Lush glass subway tile collection in great colors and sizes is now at the lowest price ever. In stock and ready to ship anywhere in North America.

Elevations Relief Cement Wall Tile from Avente Tile

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architecture backsplash backsplash designs bathroom backsplash cement tile Coverings 2015 handmade tile interior design kitchen backsplash relief cement tile wall tileBy Bill Buyok , Avente Tile. Last month, I reported some of my favorite tile trends and finds from Coverings in the my blog post Tile Trends 2015: Variety is the Spice of Tile.

Cupboards Kitchen and Bath: Ride the Backsplash! Art of Board Tile

Discerning Design

Ride the Backsplash! Just want a unique backsplash? Labels: awesomeness , backsplash , Kitchen Design , tile. Ride the Backsplash! Friday, July 6, 2012. Art of Board Tile. Responsible recycling is awesome. Its even more awesome when someone can take something that would rarely fit in to a unique, design focused space and transform it in to something really eye-catching.

Mosaics Aren’t Just for Floors: Creative Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas | Tile Doctor

Tile Doctor

Mosaics Aren’t Just for Floors: Creative Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas If you’re redesigning your kitchen, or just want to spruce it up, you may be looking for glass tile backsplash ideas. Glass tile is an excellent option for a backsplash, not only because it is durable, waterproof, and resistant. How-To

A Tile Tale Inspired by Life and Process: Meet Guy Mitchell

Kitchens for Living

Artful Kitchens backsplash kitchen art kitchen backsplash Kitchen design tips Tile Tuesday tiles Arts and Crafts Movement Guy Mitchell Maker Movement Tile ArtisanHandmade products are one of the easiest ways to create an artful kitchen. In fact there was a whole turn of the century style devoted to that concept. Guy Mitchell at work in his studio. AK: I notice that you are in the UK.

Cersaie 2015: Tile Trends From the World

Architectural Ceramics

Uncategorized 2015 backsplash bathroom cersaie home design italian marble italian trends kitchen kitchen remodel tile trendsOctober 2015 – BETTY SULLIVAN TALKS ABOUT CERSAIE: INTERNATIONAL TILE FAIR – Bologna, Italy – I love Italy, the food, the ability of the sharply dressed Italian (men primarily) to romance the their products and the ancient architecture. They nailed it.

Glass Mosaic Tile Design You Can Create Online

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briotile #glassmosaics #tile #createyourtile #design #backsplash #bathroomtile #pooltile #floortile #walltile #colortile #buytileonline #livewithcolor. Customize your kitchen tile, shower tile or pool tile using our Modwalls tile blender. Mix your own colors of our Brio glass mosaic tiles, then order a sample. Once you’ve chosen your blend we’ll make it for you in about 1 week.