Modern River House in Lithuania Contrasting Natural Surroundings

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This particular modern river house is located on the banks of the Neris River, in Lithuania’s Vilnius County. How do you like the appearance and details of this modern river house in Lithuania? Architecture Floating staircase GYZA Modern River House

Water Theme Flows Through Modern Home in Lithuania

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Studija Lape completed the Yacht House , a modern residence in a suburb of Vilnius, Lithuania, near the edge of a forest. Information provided by Studija Lape; photography by Leonas Garbacauskas] The post Water Theme Flows Through Modern Home in Lithuania appeared first on

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Contemporary Forest Valley Villa in Vilnius

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Contemporary Valley Villa Angular architecture fits into the side of a hill Its public zone wing cantilevers on the base structure, giving the villa a pronounced pitched roof silhouette that also informs the interior structure.

No Passport Required: 4 Global Etsy Trends for Your Home and How to Rock Them

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Go with something completely unexpected that has an unusual or architectural look to it. And Etsy sees a big interest in linens from Lithuania, specifically. We hope you like the products we recommend.

Sleek Lithuanian Design Shaping Stylish House in Vilnius

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Spreading over 247 square meters, this contemporary house in Vilnius, Lithuania, was designed with details in mind. Even so, the house remains cultured, eligible and appropriate while firmly stating the new level of architectural value.”

Playful Kukumuku Restaurant in Vilnius Specially Designed for.

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Architecture. Architecture. Kukumuku , a restaurant designed in a playful manner by Plazma Architecture Studio enhances the creative spirit and challenges you to… play along with your kids! A Testing Ground for New Ideas: Bright and Spacious Loft in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This Human Habitat Floats with the Tides

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Architecture group EKA Sisearhitektuur worked in collaboration with a summer school program organized by the Estonian Academy of Arts Interior Architecture Department. This Veetee (“Water Way”) structure began as an experiment.

Selected Works: Julian Watts

Heath Ceramics

Do you draw more heavily from nature or architecture? We visited several times for filming and along with hearing amazing songs and folktales, I was able to learn about the incredibly strong tradition of woodcarving in Lithuania.