Industrial-Eclectic Restaurant and Events Venue in Craiova, Romania: Smart Pub

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Bucharest-based studio Yellow Office completed the design and development of a high quality restaurant and events venue near Preajba lake in Craiova, Romania. Information provided via e-mail by Vladimir Mindru; Images @ Yellow Office architecture].

Garden House in Romania Becomes Stylish Vacation Rental

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Onci Olimpia and Damian Alexandru designed and developed Garden Studio Timisoara in Romania. Photos and information provided by Onci Olimpia and Damian Alexandru] The post Garden House in Romania Becomes Stylish Vacation Rental appeared first on

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Black&White Volumes Defining Modern C House in Timisoara, Romania

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Modern residential architecture is taking off in Timisoara, Romania, a city which often inspires us with many interesting projects here at Freshome. The post Black&White Volumes Defining Modern C House in Timisoara, Romania appeared first on

House in Romania Gets an Origami-Like Modern Extension

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LAMA Architects completed the renovation and extension of G3 House in Otopeni, Romania. Photography by Radu Malașincu ] The post House in Romania Gets an Origami-Like Modern Extension appeared first on

Extensive Use of Glass Defining Modern Lake House in Romania: Villa Snagov

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Situated on a narrow strip of land between the forest and the lake, this contemporary residence in Snagov, Romania takes in its peaceful natural landscape. The post Extensive Use of Glass Defining Modern Lake House in Romania: Villa Snagov appeared first on

Modern Office in Romania Is Not Your Father’s Dental Clinic

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ARhit.BAAR Architecture completed the design of DentalMed , a dental clinic in Bucharest, Romania. The ideal balance between the exterior architecture and interior design was achieved by cohesive design down to the furnishings and custom elements.

Simbio Kitchen & Bar in Bucharest Emerges In Charming Old Building

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Reviving what was once a stunning architectural masterpiece and modernizing it to fit a modern kitchen and bar was brilliantly executed by Romanian studio SYAA Architecture (Soare & Yokina Associated Architects) and Cella Cosimex construction and restoration.

1930s House in Bucharest Gets an Elegant Refresh

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Occupying an old building in Romania’s capital, this refreshed home speaks a language of daring elegance. Defined by key original elements in the architecture, the Moses House had huge potential from the beginning. Architecture 1930s house Moses House Pavoni Studio Romania

Contemporary Apartment in Bucharest for an Artistic Couple

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Studio3plus worked with the artistic couple that owns this one-bedroom apartment in Bucharest, Romania to put their stamp on the space. Architecture color accents Contemporary Apartment Industrial Elements Painted Glass Door wall mural Wine Rack design

Luminous Stone House in Toronto for a Family of Five

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When you have a house as spacious as this one, you might think seriously about turning your cooking space into a TV studio kitchen, like this clever woman did in Romania. Architecture Atelier Kastelic Buffey Stone House Toronto

Stone 114

Fishing-Inspired Elements Brighten up Traditional Restaurant in Timisoara

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Sabres Restaurant is a fish restaurant in Timisoara, Romania, established over 12 years ago. Architecture fishing restaurant traditional restaurantIts recent refurbishing aimed to refresh the whole atmosphere while preserving elements of the traditional restaurant.

G House in Bucharest Celebrating Relaxation and Social Interaction

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Envisioned by Nuca Studio (you may remember their playful family cafe design we presented on Freshome a while back), G House is a contemporary residence located in Bucharest, Romania. Architecture contemporary residence G House

Phone Company Learning Centre Exhibiting Vivid Colors and Urban Graphics

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The Learning Centre by Pavoni Studio is a new department of an international phone company in Bucharest, Romania. Architecture Learning Center A conversion of a residential area into a learning space, the project gravitates around a central pole: an orange box meeting room.

Versatile Apartment in Bucharest Merges Function and Style

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Architecture duo Rosu-Ciocodeica completed Apartment M , a contemporary refuge located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. The overall concept and layout of the project were adapted to the dynamic lifestyle of the family living here.

30 Ceiling Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Makeover

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The combined vision of architect Ion Popusoi and Bogdan Preda made the design of Cetatuia Loft in Brasov , Romania, an example for those who dream about glass ceilings. We’ve seen our fair share of creative ceiling design ideas.

Jordan 114

How to Build A TV Studio Kitchen For a Video Recipe Blog

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Among other, one place Oana Grecea worked at is Forbes Romania, where she wrote about entrepreneurship. It’s all about how textures, colors and aromas are combined, just like in architecture.

Video 114

Introducing the CHouse Modern | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

There is an architectural covered trellis on the front of the garage to help visually soften the appearance of the garage. Cheers, Consider sharing More Email Digg Print Share on Tumblr In Life in General , Modern House , My Work CHouse Modern , Construction Observation , Construction Process , Modern Architecture , modern house Architectural Job Starter Kit IF YOU BUILD IT Akhila Hi Bob, firstly im a big fan of your writing. A kind of architectural picture dictionary.