Ceramic Wall Covering Inspired by Mathematics Patterns in Nature

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Inspired by mathematics patterns in nature, the Kin ceramic wall covering helps you discover through design that “ no form is accidental, no details are left to chance.” Can you imagine a bold architecture clad in something like the Kin ceramic tile?

17th-Century Parisian Stables Transformed into Small Studio

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The exposed stone walls covering the interior and colorful tiles in the bathroom are a nod to this studio’s rustic roots. Architecture historic building redesign Paris Apartment Small Studio tiny home

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Charming Log Residence in Colorado Unveiling Spectacular Contemporary-Style Rooms

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

As you enter this home, you can’t help but notice its texture variety: hickory flooring, Montana logs, travertine, granite, and elegant wall coverings. Architecture amazing retreat charming log residence Colorado villa

BDNY 2019 – Trends & Tile at Boutique Design New York

Architectural Ceramics

and can be installed as-is on a wall or floor, or fabricated. It’s breath of design can pop a wall, table top, or countertop. Wall coverings inspired by life, with tropical elements and textures, and some with a little fun added for spice.

Dawning Diversification

Diary of a Tile Addict

So, if these manufacturers can find the right commercial partners, XXL formats should open up a raft of new opportunities in kitchen worktops, retail countertops, vanity units, seamless splashbacks, feature walls, etc. Hyper Dec Street from the Wide range by Flaviker.

A Good Use For Slate

How to Floor Tile

I think as an architectural design element it works very well. Here are some walls covered with Slate at the club I work out at. This in my opinion is a good use for slate. Slate has some very endearing and really great looking qualities if applied to the proper use.

10 Ways to Achieve a Victorian Gothic-Inspired Home

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When most people hear the words, Victorian Gothic, their minds immediately envision black walls and decrepit, creepy, haunted-looking homes. In fact, Victorian Gothic is an architectural movement that dates all the way back to the 1740s. 2) Wall Paper Adds Victorian Styling.

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Gorgeous Geometry

Diary of a Tile Addict

Since 1997 she has been using her talents to design exciting patterns for fabrics and wall coverings, working with big names in the furnishing industry. Los Angeles based Tracey Reinberg is the brains behind Kismet Tile.

KHouse Modern – Drywall Progress

Life of an Architect

While this isn’t the most exciting post title I’ve ever come up with, this is nonetheless a very awesome post because it covers an area of the interior finish work that can make or break a modern house and it something that most people don’t give two thoughts about.

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2013 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens Inc.

Crown molding is a small architectural detail but it can make a difference in the overall appearance of your space. A backsplash is a convenient kitchen feature that not only adds visual interest to the room but can also protect the walls from water damage. Wall Coverings.

Easel Does It

Diary of a Tile Addict

Level specialises in 1,600 by 3,200mm ceramic slabs; with a portfolio of high end designs that open up new horizons for architecture and interior design. Amani brown from Level, an Emilgroup brand.

“The Ace’s” 8 Favorite Wallpaper Companies…

The Ace of Space

I was going to do a post about a company that I’m obsessed with, but then I saw a picture of the most sumptuous wall-covering, and I simply couldn’t wait to share the love. There are some serious contenders in wall-coverings for 2014, and someday when we are not “the house” that all the kids […].

Visual Tricks Enhancing Original Yogurt Bar Design in Israel

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The first step in the conversion process was to remove all niches and wall covers and to divide the space according to a yogurt bar program. The only colorful element inside is the kitchen glass wall that was painted in a new and unique graphic style.

Israel 104

Ultra Modern Living Rooms for Hospitable Homeowners

Trendir Magazine

Airy living room via Profusion Agency Minimal living area by [ STRANG] Architecture Contemporary modern living room by Nathalie Milazzo Modern luxury living room by Chango and Co. 3D wall coverings are great at bringing dynamic to the interior, but they can also fake a luxury finish.

Using Cement Tiles Outdoors: The Importance of Using a Top-Coat Sealant with UV Filters

Cement Style

The presence of cement tiles as floor and wall covering indoors is established and continues to grow as architects and designers find new uses that enhance their projects. On May 9, 2016, the tile were placed outdoors in an open space, no shade or covering. Introduction.

Modern Hawaiian House Infused With Cultural Heritage

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The cultural influence is evident throughout the residence, such as the antique stick paintings of Hawaiian symbols replicated on custom wall coverings. Architecture Kapalua Bay modern Hawaiian house Montage Residences Residence 5602

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28 Ways to Use Cement Tiles to Transform Your Home

Granada Tile

Retaining Walls and Gated Entry. Transform less-than wow-worthy retaining walls into gorgeous works of art that look regal and expensive. Living Room Walls. Tile the walls of a study nook with cement tiles in an inspiring pattern and color combination. The Bathroom Walls.

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Experts Speak about Large Format Tile Installation Success

CUSTOM Insights Blog

Steve Taylor, Director of Architectural and Technical Marketing, CUSTOM: The larger, thinner or narrower the tile, the more important surface flatness becomes. Proper floor and wall prep is critical. It was especially challenging to cut around all the pipes in the plumbing wall.

Grout 60

I’m Ready for #Cersaie Tile Show – Bologna Italy – Sep 22-26


Cersaie Highlights to Look Out For: Expanded categories of interior and exterior floor and wall covering materials including marble, natural stone, wood and laminate. Caesar -One – A modern cement architectural tile.

Italy 38

Big Bathroom Mirror Trend in Real Interiors

Trendir Magazine

Wall Wide Wall-wide mirrors work really well with long double vanities. They also look great in a slim vertical shape, providing lots of reflective surface across the wall. Mirror Wall Niche It may not seem that way, but a wall niche is a great place for the big mirror.

Omaha 54

How To Create Modern Victorian Interiors

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Salvage old architecture and repurpose it. There were no white walls in this time of opulence and decadence. If bold paint simply scares you, then consider adding color via accessories, window treatments and textiles, forgoing bold walls for beige walls.

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Open Layout? Why Broken Plans Are Your Best Bet

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While architecture used to lean towards “the more the merrier” when it came to the number of rooms, today’s families live differently. The half wall. A half wall breaks up space without changing sight lines. Instead of blank walls, they can become major statement pieces.

Everyone's an Artist: Frames Wallpaper by Taylor & Wood - Trendir

Trendir Magazine

You can use the frames for photos - make friendship walls in the kids bedrooms! This wallpaper transforms the walls into giant canvases for your budding artists to create masterpieces that youll treasure forever. Or dirty hand prints that may grace the walls later.

Cheers to a Boston beauty

Design With an Attitude

The history and the architecture of Boston inspired me to remember that the cleaner lines of many of today’s interiors all trace back to European and even early American inspiration! In the powder room, you will find Schumacher wall covering with a Waterworks brass pedestal sink.

How to Put Together the Perfect Kid’s Room (That Your Little Ones Will Love)

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Let that dictate your color palette, your choices for wall coverings and your bedding. Wall art, smaller lighting elements like table lamps and desk lamps, as well as any strict décor items also fit the bill.

Modern Home Library Ideas for Bookworms and Butterflies

Trendir Magazine

You may pick a few frequent book cover hues from your collection and coordinate your color accents according to those. If you don’t want the entire wall covered in books, though you can opt for bookcase designs that have shelves for display objects in the midst of numerous bookshelves.

Why Mix And Matching Is Important In Your Interiors

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Image Via: d.mesure – Elodie Sire Why Contrast Matters Imagine if you walked into a room and every surface was covered in the exact same type of material in the exact same shade. Play up architectural elements like crown molding.

The Importance of Texture in Interior Design

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Here are a few ways that we suggest adding texture to a room: Architectural Elements: If you’re lucky enough to have crown molding, chair rails, or tray ceilings in your home, make them a focal point. Textiles: Use cloths like slip covers, throw pillows, and even blankets to make the room pop.

Kitchen and Residential Design: A Coverings preview

Kitchen and Residential Design

A Coverings preview. Coverings is next week and I cant believe its here already. For the last six months Ive been running all of Coverings social marketing initiatives, hence my near absence from this blog since the end of last year. architecture. (39). Coverings 2011.