Did you know that all grouts are NOT created equal?

Making Tile Modern

Seriously…All grouts are not created equal. More often than not, grout becomes an overlooked element within the tile installation process (why is that btw?). Grout is what seals everything together – literally. Same exact pebble tile, but with different grouts.

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Designing a Backsplash with Glass Tile? Choose Starlike® for the Best Backsplash Grout | Tile Doctor

Tile Doctor

Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Backsplash Glass Tile Grout? For homeowners creating a backsplash, glass tile is a well-liked, striking option. Yes, it does exist.

Did you know that all grouts are NOT created equal?

Making Tile Modern

Seriously…All grouts are not created equal. More often than not, grout becomes an overlooked element within the tile installation process (why is that btw?). Grout is what seals everything together – literally. Same exact pebble tile, but with different grouts.

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9 Pro Secrets for the Perfect Tile Backsplash

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Make your DIY kitchen backsplash a focal point. No matter your favorite decorating style, your kitchen and bathroom tile backsplash can be the focal point of your room. Choosing a beautiful tile for your backsplash is just the first step to creating a memorable kitchen or bathroom.

How to Tile a Backsplash

Granada Tile

Cement tiles are a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes for their many unique styles and ability to protect the walls from splashes and spills. Liven up your space with colorful patterns and mosaic designs, and add durability and efficiency to your kitchen with cement backsplash tiles.

Tips for Selecting Grout

The Tile Doctor

You may have already selected tile for your kitchen or bathroom remodel but now it’s time to accessorized with your grout selection. Grout is more than just a filler between your tile.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Grout Color For Your New Granada Tile Cement Tiles

Granada Tile

Before you do, there’s one other thing to think about: what color grout should you choose? Installation Equation Grout grout color installing cement tileNow that you’ve received your Granada Tile cement tile, it’s time to install it.

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Cleaning Grout: Helpful Tips w/ a Personal Recommendation

Making Tile Modern

We were recently asked {again} by a customer for some helpful tips on keeping grout bright and sparkling clean. Who wants dirty grout? If the reviews don’t convince enough to purchase this for your home – specifically for grout – maybe I will. :).

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How Encaustic Tile Backsplashes Can Transform Your Kitchen

Granada Tile

Kitchen tile backsplashes have been practical and stylish elements of kitchen for decades. Encaustic cement tile is also incredibly versatile in designs and styles, making it a perfect option for a kitchen backsplash. Apply the Benefits of Encaustic Tiles to Your Kitchen Backsplash.

How To Give Your Kitchen Backsplash A Unique Touch

Granada Tile

A Custom Colored Cement Tile Kitchen Backsplash. A new backsplash is an easy way to give your kitchen a dramatic update. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with your new cement tiles before the grout dries. Get Inspired Cluny custom Joanne Barsch kitchen backsplash Regal Clover

Rustic Tile Backsplash Installation

Tile Excellence

just got done grouting cleaned up my mess wipe down the backsplash twice wipe down the floor twice got all the tools in the car and I am driving away.

Do it yourself backsplash tecniques that make all the difference in your home.

Tile Excellence

A backsplash is one of the quickest easiest ways to improve your kitchen without spending a arm and a leg to get it done. First consideration is the tile you pick out it makes all the difference in the world , remember a kitchen backsplash is a "right in.

Avente Tile Talk: Cement Tile Backsplash Design, Cost & Installation.

Tile Talk

Cement Tile Backsplash Design, Cost & Installation Tips. A Cement Tile Backsplash using Cuban Design 110 2B. This cement tile backsplash design trend makes a lot of sense. A Cement Tile Backsplash Using a Custom Pattern. We recommend a 1/16” grout joint.

14 Creative Backsplash Ideas for your Kitchen

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

A kitchen can look finished without a backsplash, and sometimes a clean coat of (washable) paint is what best executes a design. Whether you’re remodeling your entire or kitchen or just looking to refresh the space, we’ve narrowed down a few different takes on the kitchen backsplash.

Tiling and grouting same day

Tile Excellence

The live feed blog written the other day focused on a backsplash that was completed in about 4 hours. The blog post walked the reader through the backsplash from start to finish. It was installed and grouted within this 4 hour time frame. Now there are some installers and manufacturers of tile and tile products who will tell you that you have to wait 24 hours before grouting tile. In this instance it was a backsplash so walking on the tile to grout it was not a issue.

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Avente Tile Talk: Polished Cement Tile Benefits a Kitchen Backsplash

Tile Talk

Polished Cement Tile Benefits a Kitchen Backsplash. She also included this kind note: I just wanted to let you know that my project was completed and my clients are very happy with their backsplash. In general, a grout release is not required for polished tiles.

Apartment Therapy Thinks This Granada Tile Kitchen Backsplash Is Next Level

Granada Tile

In a recent post on Apartment Therapy, titled “ Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Are Next Level ” what did we spot but one of our favorite installations. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with them before the grout even dries!

5 Ways To Redo Kitchen Backsplash (Without Tearing It Out)

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The kitchen backsplash is often seen as one of the best opportunities to really be creative with your design. We’ve compiled 5 ways to redo your kitchen backsplash (without tearing it out). How do you plan on updating your kitchen backsplash?

2 1 half hour laying tile time for grout

Tile Excellence

done laying tile nowas you can see is time to put in the grout entire project I believe will be three and a half hours.

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Tile a Backsplash with SimpleMat!

CUSTOM Insights Blog

Improve the appearance of your kitchen quickly with the addition of a backsplash. SimpleMat is part of CUSTOM’s SIMPLE line of ready-to-use tile setting products that also includes SimplePrep Pre-mixed Floor Patch, SimpleSet Pre-mixed Thin-Set Mortar and SimpleGrout Pre-Mixed Grout.

SimpleMat Backsplash Update

CUSTOM Insights Blog

If your kitchen looks like the image on the left, it might be time to give your kitchen a fast backsplash a makeover with the SimpleMat tile setting mat, available at The Home Depot. Apply grout to the tiles within 24 hours.

5 Benefits of Installing a Glass Tile Backsplash

Conestoga Tile Blog

There is something truly special about a glass backsplash , and the following are five of the top benefits of glass tile backsplashes that you can enjoy in your home. If you keep it clean and maintain the grout, the backsplash will last as long as your own home.

Avente Tile Talk: Removing Grout Haze in a Cement Tile Installation

Tile Talk

Removing Grout Haze in a Cement Tile Installation. Today, I discuss grout haze – a problem that often occurs with both ceramic and cement tile installations. I’ll explain what grout haze is, how to correctly identify the problem, and why it occurs. What is Grout Haze?

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You Just Purchased from Our Minis Tile Collection and Cannot Wait to Install that Much Needed Backsplash in Your Kitchen

Granada Tile

You just purchased from our Minis tile collection and cannot wait to install that much needed backsplash in your kitchen. You will want to wait at least 24 hours before applying the grout. When it is complete, you can sit back, smile and enjoy the beauty of your new backsplash. Uncategorized backsplash tile Granada Tile It isn’t the biggest of projects, so you decide you shall tackle this all on your own.

Tile Design and Materials Estimator App for Ceramic Tile Floor & Wall Installation

Tile Excellence

You can email Chris @ tile_excellence@yahoo.com or call him directly at [978 471-9127] to book your backsplash! If you read his testimonials page on Tile Excellence you''ll see he''s posted some of the actual backsplash prices with the finished pictures.

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DIY: Vicki's Kitchen Backsplash

H.Winter Showroom Blog

Did you ever wonder what a tile designer would pick for her own kitchen backsplash? She choose silver slate for the majority of her backsplash with antique pewter decos to add a touch of luxury to the rustic tumbled slate. Kitchen Backsplash Photos

Elevations Relief Cement Wall Tile from Avente Tile

Tile Talk

They are suited for wall applications and can be installed with or without grout. Standard finish installed without grout. By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile.

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Bathroom Design Inspiration for the Entire House

The Tile Doctor

Design Examples Environment - Indoor, Outdoor, Bathroom backsplash bathroom and kitchen bathroom remodel DIY bathroom Easy DIY fashion grout glamour grout regrouting project tile wall tile

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backsplashes,tile installers and timelines - Blogger

Tile Excellence

backsplashes,tile installers and timelines. Labels backsplash , floor tile , glass tile , installers , re grout , repairs , shower repair , shower tile , tile contractors , tile installation , timelines. Sunday, April 8, 2012. Just the other day I had the experience of meeting someone who had a local tile man(to remain unnamed Who I know personally) replace 6 tiles in their kitchen. The homeowner had already removed the old tile, then supplied the new tile.

modwalls on Katie Brown Workshop… Check Out the Video!

Making Tile Modern

Check out the video with some great tile-tips including selecting the right tile for your space and a little bit of grout gab. modwalls modwalls on tv modwalls tile mosaic tile remodel subway tile tile tile for kitchen backsplash tile on TV Super cool!

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Backsplash Design: Capturing One's Love for Italy

H.Winter Showroom Blog

Jerry and Rose emailed us pictures of their newly tiled backsplash. They used light travertine tumbled marble in 6x6 and 4x4 for the rest of the backsplash and used a matching grout color to create a cohesive, monochromatic color palette. Kitchen Backsplash Photos Murals

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Playhouse Design Group + Greenleaf Construction, could they be any cooler?!

Making Tile Modern

Gorgeous kitchen with our Brio Clear Red mosaic glass tile as the backsplash. Love how the lighter grout of the backsplash truly makes the red mosaic tile pop! Another Brio Clear Red installation – notice the impact of a darker grout instead of the white grout.

Tile Warehouse Sale in Santa Cruz, CA Saturday March 5th

Making Tile Modern

Join Modwalls Tile Company This Saturday March 5th From 9am to 3pm For Our First Warehouse Sale. 800 Estates Drive Suite 1oo, Aptos, CA 95003. 831-689-9734. service@modwalls.com.

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Modwalls Makes it Easy to get Tile Samples Online

Making Tile Modern

We’ve updated our website to offer a sample on every product page. Samples are in stock and ready to ship via USPS Priority Mail at nominal cost with free shipping. Check us out at www.modwalls.com. We’re here to help you to “Live With Color”!

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Get The Look: Use Serengeti Cement Tiles To Get The Look Of This Kitchen

Granada Tile

For a quick kitchen update, just in time for the holidays, pair light blue cabinetry with a new graphic backsplash of our black and white Serengeti cement tiles for a space that’s fresh, clean and very of the moment! We’re sure you’ll fall in love with them before the grout even dries!

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Tile Installation-Tile Repair-Tile Experts: Tile Excellence: Tumbled.

Tile Excellence

Tumbled marble backsplash completed today total labor cost $310 !! Today I did this Tumbled marble backsplash in Hamilton ma, It took me 4 hours of my time from start to finish and I grouted it as well. Labels $310 backsplash , affordable , backsplash , ethical , Hamilton ma.

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Granada Tile’s Second House Beautiful Cover of 2016

Granada Tile

Our eyes nearly popped out of our head when we saw the cover of the October issue of House Beautiful out on newstands now: our Fez cement tile in black and white forms the picture-perfect centerpiece of a backsplash in a kitchen designed by Colleen Bashaw.

Cement 169

Coverings 2014 – Tile & Stone Show Preview

JG Kitchens

Grout goes metallic from TEC/H.B. Next week, I’ll be attending Coverings, North America’s top tile and stone trade show, for the first time in almost a decade. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Cevisama in 2012 and Cersaie last fall, Spain’s and Italy’s respective tile shows.

Stone 158

Hispaniola Relief Cement Tiles Offer Island-Like Feel

Tile Talk

For design ideas, take a look at a beautiful bathroom tiled with Hispaniola tiles , as well as a gorgeous Hispaniola kitchen backsplash. Elevations is well-suited suited for wall applications and can be installed with or without grout.

Cement 203

On a Budget? Meet Brio Custom Blends!!!

Making Tile Modern

Step 5) Optional, but highly recommended : Select grout colors to see how this changes the effect of your blend. The grout colors shown are part of modwalls® StarGlass/ Dimension Urethane Grout collection. Brio® Custom Blends Fit Every Budget!

Patterned Hexagon Tile: 3 Ways to Create Style

Tile Talk

But take a closer look, and among the Escher-like tessellations, you''ll see the hexagon outline in the grout line. TileTuesday David Shipley Tile hex tile hexagon backsplash Hexagon cement tile hexagon flooring hexagon tile hexagon wall tile Thimo Pimental By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile.

Tile 199

Geometric Tiles Create Style on any Budget

Tile Talk

We use a standard grout thickness of 3-4 mm on all formats. Clay Arabesque tiles in three glazes provide a rich look and are perfect for a backsplash. By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile.

Tile 194

Granada Tile’s Serengeti Cement Tile In A Modern Kitchen

Granada Tile

For example, just take a look at this beautiful Serengeti cement tile backsplash in this modern home in Palm Springs designed by Duane Smith of Hundred Mile House and seen on Houzz. Try Granada Tile in your kitchen as floor tile or backsplash tile.

Cement 130