Why is my White Marble Turning Yellow?

Architectural Ceramics

The classic look of a Bianco Carrara or Calacatta Gold bath is popular, and the current availability of field (in a variety of finishes and textures like honed, polished, tumbled, hand antiqued, marmo antico, brushed, etc.), Calacatta Gold Master Bath.

Marble 183

Truly Unique – Marble Countertops

Burgin Construction

Marble is a classic and visually striking choice for countertops. Marble is a natural stone found in mountainous regions of North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Marble develops a patina over time, reflecting your cooking history.

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National Kitchen & Bath Association 2019 Bathroom Design Trends

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) released its 2019 Bathroom Design Trends, which coincided with its annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), celebrating the best in kitchen and bathroom design trends. A bath designed by Sandra Diaz-Velasco.

Bath 103

How To Incorporate Marble Into Your Interior Design

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

A marble island will give the room a sleek look. Image Via: Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath. In the past few decades, marble has fallen by the wayside in interior design. Marble has made a modern comeback in the world of interior design. Use Marble Columns To Delineate Space.

Marble 114

Rustic Baths

The Perfect Bath

There are many elements that give a bath a ‘rustic’ composition. A rustic bath benefits from stone floors installed without any embellishments such as mosaics or contrived borders.

Bath 101

How To Care For Marble Or Natural Stone From?

How to Floor Tile

Marble Institute Of America! link] I personally do not advocate using Marble, Travertine and other natural stone in showers or wet areas because it is too soft and hard to maintain. In the bath or other wet areas, soap scum can be minimized by using a squeegee after each use.

Top Tile Trends from Italy

JG Kitchens

While these likely won’t adorn your master bath walls, they’re fun for a rec room or kid’s bathroom. Marble 2.0. Marble-look tile offers a range of looks. Last year, I traveled to Italy’s top tile expo, Cersaie, with a press delegation.

Italy 249

Going Above & Beyond: Backsplash Tile That Wows

Architectural Ceramics

Designer Lauren Gagnon with Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath , created a stunning contemporary space. Marble. This marble backsplash from our Brocade Collection in the Riad pattern is in keeping with the design firm’s philosophy. Thanksgiving.

One Bath, Many Ideas

The Perfect Bath

This is a stellar example of a white on white bath. A double vanity with Henry lavatory fittings in unlaquered brass (note the shelf for storage) and an Empire tub with an exposed bath mixer with hand shower. There is a lot of activity in this bath, all completely coordinated.

Bath 100

The Masculine Bath

The Perfect Bath

A bath with a masculine orientation is more about grooming than primping. I imagine a man’s bath will use rich polished wood for furniture or decorative accessories, dark colors from gray to brown and beautifully figured or textured stone.

Bath 87

Apuan Alps: White Marble

The Perfect Bath

If you travel to the area around Forte di Marmi today you can see great formations of white marble for miles and miles. The surface has elegant “arabesques” It is extremely versatile and well known, a classic choice, perhaps used a little too often especially in baths.

Newest Trends in Kitchen & Bath

Architectural Ceramics

So, I wanted to take a look at the newest trends that we’re seeing in tile for Kitchen and Baths. I found this photo on Pinterest , because I’m thinking about doing this look for my master bath.

Bath 138

A Beautiful Marble Bath

The Perfect Bath

I am sure many of you saw and admired this bath. This space could evolve into your list of must haves in your next bath renovation or new build. This wonderful bath evokes a spa environment with all the right details and amenities

Sexy Home Design Styles Make a Comeback

JG Kitchens

DCW combines the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show with the International Builders Show , both large events by themselves, tremendous together, as many feet will attest! The post Sexy Home Design Styles Make a Comeback comes to you courtesy of Jamie Gold Kitchen, Bath And Wellness Design, LLC.

What’s Trending in Bathroom Design? The National Kitchen + Bath Association Reveals All

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Traditional bathroom designs are taking a back seat to a more spa-like, clean and minimal look, according to the National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA). Also, larger surface areas in the bath make it easier to clean, making both transitional and contemporary popular.”

Bath 109

2018 Tile Trends from Tile of Spain

JG Kitchens

In recent years, North America has been trending away from rectified edges in all looks, with the exception being traditional marble and flowing textured wall tiles in the 12×36″ or upwards sizes.

Spain 130

Design Industry Raw Bath & Sunroom

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone

The shower walls are in the Raw Grey colorway also in a 12″x24″ The feature mosaic on the shower walls is called Yahly and is a blend of marble, glass and mother of pearl and adds a luminous luxury to this space.

50 Powder Room Ideas That Transform Your Small Half Bath From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The powder room, also known as a small guest bath or half bath, is usually located near a home or apartment’s entrance and consists of a toilet and sink. Most half bath spaces are small and basic, but they don’t have to be.

Bath 110

30 Marble Bathroom Design Ideas Styling Up Your Private Daily Rituals

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Marble has seen its fair share of creative handling and has become a favorite in many upscale residences throughout the years. Marble bathrooms are not only decadently beautiful, but also an example for guests that good materials find their way back into our homes in every style.

Marble 114

2016 Tile Style – Italian Edition

JG Kitchens

From micro to macro, polished to rustic, and designs ranging from faithful interpretations of old brick walls and brick with mortar spills to painted brick and marble and wood designs in a brick format.

National Kitchen + Bath Association Reveals Key Design Trends in U.S. Kitchens

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) queried hundreds of designers, remodelers, architects, manufacturers and dealers to discover the most dominant preferences and the biggest kitchen design trends. The post National Kitchen + Bath Association Reveals Key Design Trends in U.S.

Bath 108

Making a Statement with Shower Accent Walls

Architectural Ceramics

Photo: Master bath designed by Chase Builders, photo via AC on Houzz. The master bath, designed by Chase Builders , is a trendy yet timeless space. Photo: AC’s Brocade Collection, featuring the Chevron Mosaic in thassos and cararra polished marble, photo via AC on Houzz.

Muha Bath

The Tile Shop

Cool bath floor pattern from Rebecca Muha- staggered Carrara marble and black marble mosaics

Bath 130

Coverings 2014 – Top Tile Products

JG Kitchens

Its Calacatta marble-look tile not only [.]. Last week, I blogged about the top tile trends I spotted at this major US trade show for tile and stone. This week, I’m going to share some of my favorite products. You can see more of them in last week’s post.).

The Perfect Bath: Beth Webb

The Perfect Bath

As I continue to share images from The Perfect Bath , I want to be sure I touch on the many different expressions of the word ‘perfect’ The spaces can be small and intimate or grand. They can be clad in actively figured marble or simple white subway tile.

Bath 56

Guest Post from Natural Stone Institute – Caring for your Natural Stone Surfaces at Home

JG Kitchens

Her gifts of marble, onyx, granite, soapstone and other stones have been justly prized for millennia. Marble and granite have long been popular for countertops, shower surrounds and floor tiles. Caring for Natural Stone in the Kitchen and Bath. Marble countertop.

Think Outside the Box: Rethinking the Square Shower Niche

Architectural Ceramics

The master bath pictured on the left, treats the oversized his and hers niches like framed pieces of artwork; while the shower space shown on the left, hides the niche in the half wall near the bench where items are easily accessible. The shower niche.

Thomas O’Brien’s Bath

The Perfect Bath

Occasionally, a bath is published that really captures the essence of the designer’s personal style and taste. I love this space as a complete bath experience; it is a thorough expression of the designers’ personal style and taste; it is warm, comfortable, formal in an informal way and completely charming. Active marble slabs, cut in an unusual dimension, clad the walls and the simple reveal of the slabs around the window is an elegant architectural gesture.

Bath 54

Check Out Trends and Products from 2018 Kitchen and Bath International Show

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The Kitchen and Bath International Show (KBIS) is the biggest show of the year for kitchen and bath designers and manufacturers. Here’s a round up of the best kitchen and bath trends and products from KBIS 2018.

Bath 84

5 Ways to Wear White After Memorial Day

Architectural Ceramics

Using white marble in a space, like putting on a pair of pointy-toed heels, is always a timeless choice. AC’s Candango Collection featuring a dimensional mosaic in Thassos marble. A mosaic sheet in Thassos marble from AC’s Candango Collection.

In Georgetown: Rethinking the Retro Glam Bath

The Perfect Bath

The recent renovation of our Washington, DC showroom has given us multiple opportunities to think about the bath in new and sometimes bold ways. And the vanity’s white gray linear marble countertop, called Zephyr, is a sharp contrast to the intricacy of the wall design.

Bath 87

The Perfect Bath: Beth Webb

The Perfect Bath

As I continue to share images from The Perfect Bath, I want to be sure I touch on the many different expressions of the word “perfect” The spaces can be small and intimate or grand. They can be clad in actively figured marble or simple white subway tile. The bath can have decorative chandeliers or functional high hats. Clearly, the bath designed by Beth Webb in Atlanta must be a dream (perfect) bath.

Bath 40

A Return to the Timeless White Bath

The Perfect Bath

It’s a shade that is never out of style for the bath. Fresh white towels rolled into tubes or hung on bars and layered with vintage linen is a great way to to warm the bath. For quite some time now I have been writing and talking about color. It’s in the air.

Bath 60

Getting in Shape: The Skinny on Tile Shapes & Patterns

Architectural Ceramics

Ceramic, marble, porcelain, glass — Square tile is available in a variety of material types. At AC, we have endless porcelain and marble options available as a 12″x12″ field tile. The tile choices throughout the bath are simple in shape and color.

The Comeback Kid Series: Venetian Marble

The Ace of Space

I’m just days away from renovating our Master-bath, it’s a total gut of a builder grade space. Some re-configuring, tearing down and overall general construction mayhem.

Expect the Unexpected from Tile Variation

Architectural Ceramics

Thassos, for example, is a white marble that has little variation because instead of veining, it has a crystallized appearance. Here, our Waverly mosaic features Thassos and Crema Marfil marbles. Notice that the white marble is clean and crisp throughout.

Nate Berkus’ Inspired Bath Wall

The Perfect Bath

In the October 2015 issue of Architectural Digest, be sure to flip to the bath that Nate Berkus, the hip and talented young designer, created for his own house. But there is much more that makes this a memorable bath. The shelf is the perfect space for bath amenities or decorative objects, which is particularly useful if storage is at a minimum. For complementary furnishings, simple wood framed mirrors continue the design and let marble be the star.

Bath 43

Made By Moms, For Moms: Tiled Spaces with a Feminine Touch

Architectural Ceramics

We know that the mosaic in the master bath shower is beautiful, but the aesthetic and function don’t stop there. Spoiler alert, when Moms want to spoil themselves on Mother’s Day with a little me time, we’re sensing a theme: in-home baths that are spa-like retreats.

DC 187

The Perfect Powder Bath

The Perfect Bath

A bold statement in blue, pictured in The Perfect Bath, courtesy of Mitchell Design Studio! The design of this space exhibits a cohesive thought process that adds a wonderful layer to the diverse design philosophies presented in The Perfect Bath. Uncategorized Bath Brass Fittings marble Pattern powder room The Perfect Bath Wallpaper

Bath 52

Take It Outside: Outdoor AC Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

Throughout historic cities in Europe, their streets are paved in cobblestones, the statues are carved in marble, and their monuments are clad in limestone. Or, go for a vein-cut marble instead of a slate with an uneven cleft.

Bath Furniture

The Perfect Bath

When planning a master bath or one for the ‘kids’ or guests, it is logical to want built in cabinetry, often similar to that used in the kitchen. It provides a counter top and storage for towels, toiletries and other bath sundries.

Bath 89

Considering white marble counter tops? | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Home / Interior Design / Considering white marble counter tops? Considering white marble counter tops? Bob Borson — December 5, 2013 — 31 Comments There are few things that are as stunning to me as a white marble counter top … I love them and appreciate the character and history they have as a material. I thought I would put together some information that might help that person who loves the look of white marble but is afraid of using the material.

4 Ways to Think Big with Tile in Small Bathrooms

Architectural Ceramics

Renovating a kids’ bath and need access to the tub? Kids’ bath designed by Holland Bath & Spa. The large glass hinged door opens into the room, allowing our client to easily kneel and reach over the edge of the tub during her children’s bath time.

DC 177