Kanantik Belize Unveils Affordable Master-Planned Community on the Caribbean Coastline

The A to Z of Building

Residences with unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea, a commitment to low-impact design, and amenities usually found only in the most exclusive luxury developments await investors at Kanantik

Style Guide: Cobalt Coveted

As The Tile Turns

Lapis Lazuli, woad, the Great Blue Hole of Belize, and oh, the peacock— are quite unforgettable due to this color. Hexadecimal # 0020C2 is the technical identification of a rare and transfixing color in nature known as cobalt blue. The color gets our attention.

Belize 130

Choose Your Experience Winners Announced!

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Open), Fishing Experience (Montana or Belize) or a Vacation Experience in Punta Cana. Congr ats to Our Winners! Oneida Floor Company of Utica, NY. QC Companies of Ham Lake, MN. TBD – Stay tuned for winner #3 !