Bring Natural Stone Tile Flooring into Your Bedroom

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Natural stone tile bedroom flooring is as durable as it is beautiful. Ideally suited for both traditional and modern design schemes, stone tile is an investment that will return considerable dividends as the years pass by. Source: Houzz When using natural stone tile, it is a good idea to balance it with soft touches throughout the room. As with all natural stone tile products, you will want to seal it.

Tiles in Disguise: Wood, Brick & Natural Stone Effect Tiles

The London Tile Co.

From natural looking wood to vintage-style distressed brick, there’s no shortage of designs available. These tiles allow you to create the look of natural wood, stone & brick at a fraction of the cost and with little to no maintenance. Browse our range of natural and distressed style wood effect tiles online today. Our Absolute and Calacatta ranges both feature a subtle marbling, available in matching ceramic wall and porcelain floor tiles.


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Ceramic Wallpaper

Diary of a Tile Addict

All the impact, pattern, and drama of pasted strips of paper without any of the peeling, warping, or fading – ceramic wallpaper is a magical thing. Their slimline shape allows them to be placed on existing surfaces (including ceramics and natural stone) for an instant revamped wall.

Surge: AC’s Glass-Inspired Ceramic

Architectural Ceramics

Check out Architectural Ceramic’s Surge Collection, featuring a large-format ceramic tile, that mimics illuminated glass and includes bold electric colors too. AC’s Surge Collection, a large-format ceramic tile made to look like back-lit glass, has several features that make it a bright idea: 8″x24″ field tile. a glazed ceramic, glossy finish. With the look of back-lit glass, this large-format ceramic tile has us doing a double take.

Medieval Flooring & Encaustic Tile

Architectural Ceramics

Come with us back in time to learn a few quick facts about medieval flooring, from stone to encaustic! Ceramic floor tile first started to appear in medieval England in the thirteenth century. Do you see large, worn pieces of stone assembled together? The images above show larger stone tiles and smaller rocks – both used as flooring in the Scottish medieval castle of Dunnottar. Stone has been a go-to building material since the dawn of man.

Take It Outside: Outdoor AC Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

Check out a few Architectural Ceramics tile collections, suitable for outdoor use, that have you covered under foot and under water. From porcelain to specialty ceramic, here are how a few materials compare in an exterior application: Porcelain & Glass. Through high-definition printing, porcelain tiles can mimic other materials like cement or natural stone that are typical of an outdoor setting. Natural Stone & Specialty Ceramic.

Feeling Groovy with Dimensional Tile

Architectural Ceramics

Here, we’re featuring just some of the dimensional tile collections available through Architectural Ceramics. Breeze through each one; from natural stone and cement, to ceramic and glass, we offer dimensional tile in a range of material types. At AC, we have a soft spot this hard-surface natural stone dimensional tile that mixes warm texture with cool sophistication. Want to learn more about natural stone as a tile material?

Week of January 18th, 2021 — Our Favorite Projects

Architectural Ceramics

Architectural Ceramics was fortunate enough to provide some of our best materials for the home (as it deserves nothing less) and the full details of our contributions are available on our website ( click here ). M&T Bank Stadium , Architectural Ceramics.

Penny Round Tile Inspiration to Fill Your Home Renovation Idea Bank

Architectural Ceramics

If you plan to use your refund on a home renovation project, then Architectural Ceramics is here to fill your idea bank with inspiration. From ceramic to porcelain and glass to marble, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and your wallet. Our City Hall Collection , includes ceramic subway field tiles, coordinating trims and this penny round mosaic. Ceramic tile is best used in wall applications. Tax Day.

Tidying Up: How to Clean Up Different Tile Types

Architectural Ceramics

While we can’t help you clean out your closet by purging, thanking, or folding your clothes, Architectural Ceramics can help you clean your tile floor or backsplash. Check out the following tips below, organized into categories, to care for and maintain your porcelain, ceramic, glass or natural stone tile. Ceramic. Machine-made ceramic tile from AC’s Neri Collection , available in small-scale field tile and mosaic sizes. Machine-Made Ceramics.

How To 152

10 Hot Summer Destinations & Tile Inspirations

Architectural Ceramics

While sites like offers suggestions of where to go with their article, the Top 10 Most Searched Summer Destinations , at Architectural Ceramics, we’ve come up with our own 10 cities, as well as tile collections inspired by each popular place. AC’s Boho Collection , in the Tear shape and Emerald color, image via Architectural Ceramics. The dimensional ceramic tile is available in two main shapes, Elle and Tear.

Expect the Unexpected from Tile Variation

Architectural Ceramics

The same could be said when considering a handmade ceramic or natural stone, because the variation in the tile’s glaze or veining may surprise you. Architectural Ceramics is here to help you know what type of range, be it subtle or extreme, to expect from ceramic, porcelain and stone; and to know how best to prepare for it. Ceramic & Porcelain Variation. It is a machine-made ceramic with a consistent white glaze. A Natural Beauty.

5 Ways to Wear White After Memorial Day

Architectural Ceramics

Now that Memorial Day Weekend is here, it’s time to kick off the unofficial start of summer with 5 tile collections, available with Architectural Ceramics of course, that feature white in a big way. The collection, shown above, features a dimensional mosaic in three natural stone marble choices: Thassos (pictured), Crema and Grigio. The 10″x30″ field size and the three patterns make the otherwise white ceramic wall tile unique.

Locally Sourced Tile and Stone: Colorado’s Hidden Treasures

Decorative Materials

We’re continually amazed by the pristine stones and tiles produced so close to home – and we’re excited to share this local talent with the interior design community. Insider Design Stone Natural Stone Product Sustainability

A Clean Slate: How Rough Slate Can Have a Clean Aesthetic

Architectural Ceramics

At Architectural Ceramics, we’ve prepared a quick read for you about natural slate, and our client spaces and collections that feature it. Slate’s Natural Element. Before we jump into examples of slate tiles, let’s look at slate as a natural material. What is natural slate? Natural slate on a mountainside near the Mosel River in Rhineland, Germany. Photo via Libby Turner Dickstein for Architectural Ceramics.

Tile Tour: A Master Bathroom Decked in White

Architectural Ceramics

If you haven’t already guessed, at Architectural Ceramics, we can’t help but think of winter whites. Browse featured collections on our website using the Stone Products filter, where you’re able to sort by size, color and more. You can also consider these porcelain, ceramic and glass collections that include nice white tile options too: Gilt Brick. Want weekly updates about Architectural Ceramics and our product lines?

Iberian Inspired Limestone

Diary of a Tile Addict

Pedra Azul Natural. Pedra Azul Natural. The subtle beauty of the wavy surface brings elegance and harmony, with natural tones emphasising the organic quality of the design. Pedra Azul Natural.

4 Ways to Think Big with Tile in Small Bathrooms

Architectural Ceramics

Heck, at Architectural Ceramics, we wrote a blog about it featuring our large-format tile. Ati Williams, real estate entrepreneur and owner of DC Home Buzz , partnered with Architectural Ceramics on this powder room feature wall. The dark rich tones of the natural wood vanity work well with the rich fabric-like texture of the tile. AC’s City Hally Collection featuring a 4″x12″ white ceramic. We all know the phrase, bigger is better.

DC 149

Tile with Money in Mind

Architectural Ceramics

So take a break from crunching the numbers, and take a look at a few tile examples from Architectural Ceramics that have cash in mind. Since we’re on the heels of our March Madness: ACI’s Final Four Tile Matchups blog, let’s round out a list in the same main tile types: porcelain, ceramic, glass and natural stone. Porcelain: This hard-wearing glazed porcelain tile from our Kiln & Penny Collection is a stoneware tile made to look like ceramic.

March Madness: ACI’s Final Four Tile Matchups

Architectural Ceramics

With the final four games this weekend, Architectural Ceramics put together our own final four match ups, and it’s just what you’d expect: tile. Let’s see how your tile picks compare to a few of our own; and which material, porcelain, ceramic, glass or stone is favored to take it all. With that said, please use this chart as a guideline for each type of tile material we offer at Architectural Ceramics. Ceramic. Natural Stone.

Think Outside the Box: Rethinking the Square Shower Niche

Architectural Ceramics

At Architectural Ceramics, we love the look of stretching a square niche into an elongated, linear one. The handmade, white-body ceramic tile uses a miter cut at the edges around the niche, so it can wrap seamlessly from the surface of the wall to the inside of the niche itself. The handmade ceramic wall tile and linear niche, shown left, create an amorphous wet space. To get the look of either shower space pictured above, look to one of AC’s many stone collections.

Week of December 21st, 2020 – Cabins and Fireplace Design Inspirations

Architectural Ceramics

Stone Fireplace Inspirations. 18 Stunning Stone Fireplaces for Every Style , the Spruce. Anyways, our first post this week showcases stone fireplaces, and how they can be incorporated into a variety of home furnishings and the range of their looks. Top 5 Design Posts of the Week.

Sealed with a Kiss: Hexagon Kiss Dipped Tile

Architectural Ceramics

At Architectural Ceramics, we heart hexagons. From ceramic and porcelain to glass and marble, we have plenty of hexagon types to choose from. Let’s get to know the Kiss Dip Hexagon tile collection a little better, along with its vendor, Encore Ceramics. Signed, sealed and delivered — Encore Ceramics tile comes from Oregon where each hand-made collection is crafted by artisans in an eco-friendly facility.

Week of February 1st, 2021—Kitchen Islands & Residential Hosting Spaces

Architectural Ceramics

If nothing else, it’s sure to add value to the home and increase natural sunlight, both major impacts just by having a flexible outdoor arrangement! Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. Welcome to February!

Week of December 14th, 2020 – Game & Entertainment Rooms

Architectural Ceramics

Best Of Community Custom Designs Design HGTV Marble Natural Stone Porcelain Top 5 Design Posts of the Week Trends game rooms marble floors tile backsplash tile installation Top 5 top 5 design postsTop 5 Design Posts of the Week.

Getting in Shape: The Skinny on Tile Shapes & Patterns

Architectural Ceramics

At Architectural Ceramics, we’ve done a little exercise of our own to come up with some of our favorite tile shapes and patterns. Ceramic, marble, porcelain, glass — Square tile is available in a variety of material types. We offer numerous glazed ceramics in a 4″x4″ and 6″x6″ in size. As for square mosaics, Architectural Ceramics carries a wide range of options in all material types. Losing weight. It stinks.

Week of September 7th, 2020 – Aging in Place vs. A New Space

Architectural Ceramics

Best Of Community Custom Designs Design Industry News Marble Natural Stone Remodeling Renovations Top 5 Design Posts of the Week Trends senior living Top 5 top5designTop 5 Design Posts of the Week.

Subtle Seaside Style: Tile Inspiration & Collections With a Soft Touch

Architectural Ceramics

This time last year, we featured a beach blog about AC’s Naturals Collection whose soft color palette and names are inspired by nature. Architectural Ceramics is at it again, this time with a focus on sea shells and mother of pearl as inspiration. To see inspiration from our Naturals Collection, visit our blog It’s Only Natural: AC’s Glass Tile Collection. Or visit the Naturals Product Page of our website here. Summer is here.

Confounding Ceramic Clothing

Diary of a Tile Addict

Market , which began in 2017 is an full-scale market stall with produce crafted entirely from ceramic tiles, cement, mirror and natural stone. These are ceramic tiles as you’ve never seen them before, and they are truly excellent. Art and Artists Reclamation Uncategorized Barnitski silk factory ceramic clothing ceramic tile art Chernobyl art market second hand tile tile art Ukranian artist venice art biennale Zhanna Kadyrova

Soft and Stonelike

Diary of a Tile Addict

Living Ceramics takes surfaces very seriously. Committed to providing the best solutions for floors, walls, worktops, and steps, they take inspiration from nature to create comforting and calming products for the home. Soft, subtle textures, and a choice of three different reliefs, these 300mm by 600mm formats offer a gentle style of stone. The shape and relief provide the essence of modernity whilst the varied texture offers a reminder of nature and ancient builds.

How To Choose Your Tile Material

The London Tile Co.

There are 3 materials that you’ll find everyone talking about, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. Ceramic. At London Tile, we have an extensive range of Ceramic Tiles available to order online. Ceramic is a combination of clay, sand and water, moulded into shape and then baked in a kiln. Benefits of Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic is the cheapest tile material. Natural Stone. Benefits of Natural Stone Tiles.

How To 149

Back to Basics: AC’s Ceramic Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

While children everywhere are going back to school, let’s go back to basics and learn about ceramic tile through a few of Architectural Ceramic’s collections: Basics, London, and City Hall. With a few simple lessons in science, geography and math, we’ll see how ceramics are classified, where they come from, and how adding any one of our ceramic collections to your project, equals a great space. The principles used to create ceramic tile are basic.

Sensational Stone Simulation

Diary of a Tile Addict

The Hard Surfaces & Natural Stone Show is fast approaching. From 30th April to 2nd May 2019, buyers visiting ExCel, London, will be presented with a powerful line up of ceramic, porcelain, conglomerate, ultra compact, and natural stone surface solutions, making this a must-visit event for retailers, distributors, contractors, and specifiers alike. Barriers between natural stone and ceramics in the tile sector have long since broken down.

Stone 44

Keeping Warm with Fireplace Tile

Architectural Ceramics

Better yet, let’s look at a few fireplaces that feature Architectural Ceramics tile. AC’s porcelain Monticello Collection in the color Argento, image via Architectural Ceramic’s Houzz Project page. Just like natural travertine tile would have a range of color variation, our porcelain does the same. Also from 2017, Home & Design Magazine featured Architectural Ceramics as a tile resource in their 2018 Source Book: Bethesda Area Shopping Guide.

Quantum Of Quartz

Diary of a Tile Addict

The Hard Surfaces & Natural Stone Show is fast approaching. From 30th April to 2nd May 2019, buyers visiting ExCel, London, will be presented with a powerful line up of ceramic, porcelain, conglomerate, ultra compact, and natural stone surface solutions, making this a must-visit event for retailers, distributors, contractors, and specifiers alike. Barriers between natural stone and ceramics in the tile sector have long since broken down.

Authentic Edimax

Diary of a Tile Addict

To further their accomplishments in the ceramic sector, 3D Shaped Technology provides even more realism to their surfaces, adding texture and life to create products with realism. The final results are collections inspired by natural stones, with visual texture, and a matching tactile surface that is perfectly aligned to the image. Edimax Astor Ceramiche has introduced a new piece of technology resulting from their keen focus on research and innovation.

An Ode to Nature

Tile of Spain USA

Nature-inspired motifs and finishes are a timeless and ever-evolving trend—consistently being incorporated into interior designs and spaces. Ceramic collections have also been inspired by this trend and have easily adapted to appeal to this natural style. Stone Inspiration.

Marrying Tradition to Technology

Diary of a Tile Addict

The Natural Stone Show 2019 will run at ExCel London from 30th April to 2nd May. This year’s Natural Stone Show will be joined at ExCeL, London, by a new sister show: Hard Surfaces. From 30th April to 2nd May 2019, buyers will be presented with a powerful line up of ceramic, porcelain, conglomerate, ultra compact, and natural stone surface solutions, making this a must-visit event for retailers, distributors, contractors, and specifiers alike.

Wetrooms and Colour Combinations

Diary of a Tile Addict

The Hard Surfaces & Natural Stone Show is fast approaching. From 30th April to 2nd May 2019, buyers will be presented at ExCel, London with a powerful line up of ceramic, porcelain, conglomerate, ultra-compact, and natural stone surface solutions, making this a must-visit event for retailers, distributors, contractors, and specifiers alike. Barriers between natural stone and ceramics in the tile sector have long since broken down.

New Ceramic Tiles

The Tile Shop

We just received two new great and inexpensive ceramic tiles. The trim is not here- but you could finish the edges with a stone profile. ** Grand Beige and Marron - 12.25" x 17.75" at $4.99 Mix them with actual stone listellos and profiles for a seamless appeal: Grand Beige: Grand Marron: **The next new ceramic tiles are Antigua Arena and Marron. Again- they have the look of natural stone- kind of like a sandstone- at a fraction of the cost.

How to Choose Wall Tile

The Tile Doctor

Probably the most common types of wall tile are porcelain and ceramic wall tile. How-To Material - Tile, Natural Stone, Marble Surfaces - Wall, Floor, Countertop tile wall tile Tile is an affordable and somewhat easy way to update your kitchen or bathroom. There are several types of wall tile to choose from. But still other types exist such as marble and glass wall tile.

Get the Look of Hand-Finished Italian Travertine with a Contemporary Feel

Rubble Tile

The beauty of the natural world is often found in its smallest details—and the same is true with the beauty of human craftsmanship. When it comes to natural stone, it’s the slight variations in color, shape, and texture that help to create the unique, organic.

Why Ceramic Tile is Environmentally-Friendly

Conestoga Tile Blog

Source: Conestoga Tile via Houzz; Installation by Dc Metro Tile The world’s going green and more and more builders are incorporating environmentally-friendly ceramic tile in their designs. Ceramic tile is environmentally friendly from mining to installation. And, environmentally-friendly ceramic tile is easy to spot by searching for the Green Squared label. Many ceramic tiles feature recycled content which further reduces the environmental impact.