Trends in Ceramic Surfaces

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This season’s ceramic tiles are focused on conveying a warm feeling that awaken your senses. The use of color and matte finishes, along with the varying ceramic wall tile reliefs and micro reliefs will set the stage for comfort and well-being. As a compliment to their 2020-2021 trends report, the Observatory of Habitat presents the most relevant and key looks in ceramic wall tile below: 1. Blog Ceramic Surfaces Cevisama Tile of Spain Tile Trends

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Enhance Outdoor Spaces With Ceramic Tile From Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Make the most of your outdoor spaces year-round with ceramic tile from Spain. Thanks to its technical properties, ceramic tile can withstand the passing of time, resisting temperature changes, humidity, and inclement weather.

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Designing with Ceramic Wood

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic is very much a part of this practice. At recent decor and ceramic trade fairs it has been evident that ceramic wood is still a major line for manufacturers, who are also developing new shapes that offer additional creative potential. Ceramic reinterpretations of materials found in nature make it possible for designers to achieve high levels of originality through an infinite number of different formats, colors and installation patterns.

Ceramic: A Safe Choice

Tile of Spain USA

Did you know that ceramic is a safe and completely recyclable material? Because ceramic a natural and safe material, it works for virtually any room in the home. Ceramic tiles keep kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor areas clean and safe for everyone. Since tiles are odorless, non-toxic and easy to clean, they are ideal for use on floors, walls and even counter tops. Not to mention, ceramic tiles are easy to install and last for years.

An Ode to Ceramic Floors

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Natural and recyclable, resistant and hygienic, creative and timeless, ceramic tile has quickly become the ideal surface material to use for floors in both residential and commercial settings. With an infinite combination of sizes, styles, and placements, ceramic tile offers unique decorative solutions that range from traditional to contemporary.… Blog ceramic tile Floor Tile Tile Trends

Designing with Color: Chromatic Trends Inspired by Ceramic Tile

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Thanks to their versatility in finish, format, shape and size, ceramic tiles offer an unlimited number of design solutions for residential and commercial spaces with which we can explore. Design 2020 Trends Ceramic Tiles Color Spanish Tile Tile of Spain

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Warmer Weather Brings New Ceramic Tile Trends

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic manufacturers anticipate this transition of trends by proposing suitable pieces to adorn spaces for the upcoming hot months. Tiles in different shades, sizes and arrangements that enhance freshness and light, and are easily adaptable for all interiors and exterior environments. For a more relaxing atmosphere combine a soft neutral color palette with wood-inspired tile floors. This season the ceramic pieces with a well-worn appearance stand out.

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Ceramic tile for safe and sustainable homes

Diary of a Tile Addict

Ceramic tile is not only beautiful, it is also healthy for your home. So states a Bulletin from TCNA (Tile Council of North America)s. The Bulletin notes that tile is also long-lasting, easy to clean, fire-safe, and offers many slip-resistant choices.

From Indoors to Outdoors: Examining the use of Ceramic Tile Outside of the Home

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic tiles allow us to bring the beauty of interior design and personal style to outdoor spaces. Durable, sustainable, waterproof and slip resistant, ceramic is the material of choice to adorn surfaces outside. Ceramic tile does not degrade with changes in temperature, frost or exposure to the sun, and maintains its color, properties and integrity for years to come. Ceramics are organic surfaces, made with safe, natural elements.…

Malibu with Terracotta Ceramic Tiles: A Historical Perspective

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A closer look at the blue-glazed Malibu with terracotta tiles at the Adamson House. Situated near the Malibu Pier between popular Surfrider Beach and the Malibu Lagoon, the house boasts an exotic mix of Spanish and Moorish influences with dazzling displays of decorative tiles and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship including hand-carved doors, hand-painted frescoes, molded ceilings, distinctive cast ironwork and lead-framed bottle glass windows,” the museum added.

A Journey Through Ceramic Tile Categories

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Ceramic tile is the perfect material to cover the walls and floors of various projects. The raw materials that make up ceramic pieces come from clay found within the Earth which are then fused with water and fire from kilns to create high quality tile. The process in which ceramic tiles are created makes them sustainable, resilient, functional and adaptable to any space.

Tile of Spain Announces Upcoming Schedule of Digital Events Showcasing Spanish Ceramic Tile and Design

Tile of Spain USA

Coverings Connected: Full Spectrum Ceramics Industry Solutions & Best Practices 2020. With the rapid pace of innovation in the ceramic industry it’s easy to miss some crucial developmentsand have some blind spots in your specifications.

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Geometrical Ceramic Tiles Offer Everlasting Design

Tile Talk

Our new Geometrical Glazed Ceramic tile collection was used to create this appealing kitchen backsplash. Our Geometrical line of ceramic tile mixes classic hand-painted glaze techniques with modern, geometric patterns to achieve an absolutely stunning look. The Geometrical Ceramic Tile collection features hand-glazed, modern patterns. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these high-fired ceramic tiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Ceramics Impose Their Rules

Tile of Spain USA

Spanish ceramics, compared to other materials, offers the perfect combination of quality and versatility, without losing the aesthetic that will make them unique. So, why are ceramics the best material for any home? The raw material that composes a ceramic tile comes from the earth (clay) that, together with water and fire, makes this material a natural product. Blog Azulev Azuliber Bestile Ceramica Gomez Land Porcelanico Navarti porcelanosa Tile trends Vives Ceramic

Upcoming Trends in Ceramics

Tile of Spain USA

Spanish ceramics have a long history of doing both of those things. Always at the forefront of industry, Spanish ceramics are the material of choice with sales showing year after year growth. Blog Aparici Cerpa Equipe Gayafores Geotiles Myr Ceramica tile of spain VivesThe process of creating a home is complex and intimate. Designers (or homeowners) must be able to find functional solutions for everyday needs while keeping the personal touch of those who will live in the home.

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A sector-specific eco-label for ceramic tiles

Diary of a Tile Addict

Ceramics are a safe choice for the environment. Made by combining fire, clay, and water, tiles are a natural material and do not give off harmful emissions. See the latest sustainable tile solutions from Tile of Spain’s members at Coverings 2020. Deco Tattoo by Apavisa.

Confounding Ceramic Clothing

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Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova is re-purposing tiles in a way you have to see to believe. It started with second-hand tiles found in São Paulo in 2014 but she has since made use of tiles from Soviet-era buildings in her native Ukraine, decorated a mannequin with materials from Chernobyl, and most recently has used tiles from an old Venetian hotel to craft her masterpieces. These are ceramic tiles as you’ve never seen them before, and they are truly excellent.

Back to Basics: AC’s Ceramic Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

While children everywhere are going back to school, let’s go back to basics and learn about ceramic tile through a few of Architectural Ceramic’s collections: Basics, London, and City Hall. With a few simple lessons in science, geography and math, we’ll see how ceramics are classified, where they come from, and how adding any one of our ceramic collections to your project, equals a great space. As a result, the tile expands and contracts.

Ceramic Tile – A Solid Bet for Young Architects

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T he use of ceramic in construction dates all the way back to 30,000 BC, when clay mortars were used to hold a structure made of branches and canes together. Although we’ve come a long way from branch houses, ceramics are still constantly evolving. New technologies have made ceramic tiles one of the most innovative architectural materials available today, and the youngest generation of architects is jumping on board.

Ceramic Pop Art

Diary of a Tile Addict

Retro-feel products, toys, and scenes grace the glazed earthenware tiles of Greg Hicho. Hicho’s ceramic art subjects range from the popular TV dinner, Fluffo Pancakes and messy kitchen, to Troll Dolls, Sea Monkeys, and gumball machines. His works are for sale on his Etsy shop, with each individual tile being made to order. Although they work as a humourous addition to a tiled interior, depressions in the back enable them to be hung as individual art pieces.

At The Core of Ceramics

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The architecture and design world is witnessing a resurgence of the fundamental nature of ceramics. Trends for 2019 have shown that there are two very different trends in evidence among the ceramic tile manufacturers’ offerings for the new year. On one end of the scale, very thin large-format tiles are still emerging, while on the other a revival of smaller more traditional tiles is on the horizon.…

Case Study: Spanish Ceramic Tiles Play a Key Role University Expansion

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The building is home to indoor tracks, several indoor courts, a swimming pool, a gym and several classrooms all featuring Spanish ceramic tile as the material of choice for healthy, durable and easy to maintain spaces. Blog Ceramic Tiles Francisco de Vitoria University Large Format

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Ceramic Morphologies: 3D Printing on Ceramic Tile

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Harvard University researchers and students from t he Material Processes and Systems (MaP+S) group once again delighted visitors to the Trans-Hitos exhibit at CEVI SAMA (2017) with their new project entitled “Ceramic Morphologies.” ” T he new installation, supported by the Ceramic Technology Institute ( Institution de Tecnología Cerámica, ITC ) in Castellón, Spain, e xplored the design opportunities of a no vel ceramic 3D printing strategy.

Add Style & Flair to Your Outdoor Spaces with Ceramic Tile

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These outdoor living areas are sometimes overlooked, but with Spanish ceramic tile they can be decorated just as beautifully as the rest of your home. Ceramic tile is the favorite material for outdoor spaces due to its long-lasting, weather resistant, UV resistant and anti-slip properties. Here are some ideas to bring ceramic tiles to every inch of you home, both indoor and out: Unicer, Aran (8X12”).

Ceramics and Bathrooms, a Perfect Pair

Tile of Spain USA

Incorporating ceramic tiles in bathroom designs opens up a world of possibilities with which we can experiment. Thanks to their versatility in color, shape, and size, ceramic tiles can be combined in countless different ways on walls and floors for a unique look. Ceramic tile has become the ideal surface material to use in bathrooms. They are waterproof and hygienic, which makes ceramic durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean.


Making Tile Modern

We love a tile blend. It’s kind of our “thing,” and for years we’ve been stocking rockin’ tile blends in our Brio® vitreous glass tile line , our Lush® glass tile line , our ModDotz™ porcelain penny round tile collection , and we’ve been offering custom tile blends with our Brio® tile so our fabulous customers can create the tile blend of their dreams.

Surge: AC’s Glass-Inspired Ceramic

Architectural Ceramics

Check out Architectural Ceramic’s Surge Collection, featuring a large-format ceramic tile, that mimics illuminated glass and includes bold electric colors too. AC’s Surge Collection, a large-format ceramic tile made to look like back-lit glass, has several features that make it a bright idea: 8″x24″ field tile. a glazed ceramic, glossy finish. This effect makes the ceramic tile appear to be lit from behind.


Tile of Spain USA

Coverings , the largest international tile and stone exhibition in North America, honors two projects featuring Tile of Spain products at this year’s annual Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards. The CID Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in architecture, design and the installation of tile and stone, in both residential and commercial projects. Blog CID Awards Coverings Spanish Tile Tile of Spain Tile Projects

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Avente Tile Talk: Portuguese Ceramic Tile Artistry

Tile Talk

Portuguese Ceramic Tile Artistry. Panel of Portuguese ceramic tiles by Jorge Colaço (1922), representing Henry the Navigator at the Sagres Promonory. According to the curators of the Palácio Nacional de Sintra (National Palace of Sintra) in Portugal, the use of azulejos (a form of Portuguese or Spanish painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tile) in decoration is unique when compared with other countries by the way it adapts to architecture on a monumental scale.

Medieval Flooring & Encaustic Tile

Architectural Ceramics

The image above shows the tiled floor of Winchester Cathedral , which boasts the largest area of original medieval tiles in the United Kingdom! Quick History of Tile in Medieval England. Ceramic floor tile first started to appear in medieval England in the thirteenth century. These tiles contributed to the iconography of Christian buildings, displayed one’s prestige, or indicated patronage to a local parish church or monastery. Enamored by inlaid tile?

Championing Ceramics

Diary of a Tile Addict

News of Dal Tile’s efforts to support National Tile Day (23rd February) in the USA have got me thinking. Along with National Tile Week in the UK, this American event sounds like an open goal for tile retailers and tile distributors. We all know that ceramic tile is the world’s greatest surface finish, with unsurpassed aesthetics, technical performance, practicality, architectural flexibility and eco-credentials.

Thin ceramic tile: a world of possibilities.

Tile of Spain USA

From facades to countertops, cladding and flooring applications, thin tile can be used nearly anywhere. Tile of Spain manufacturers offer a range of the most cutting edge thin tile choices in the world, as thin as 3mm. Here’’s a look at some of the Spanish ceramic thin tile that is available for quick purchase in the US today as part of the Tile of Spain Quick Ship Collection. Blog Grespania Levantina Neolith Quick Ship Thin Thin tile

Ceramic Tile is Environmentally-Friendly

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

Many ceramic tile options are made from recycled materials. Plus, once installed, tile can be reused generation after generation. There’s no question: combining incredible durability and responsible manufacturer usage of recycled content, tile is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available.

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Trend Watch: Spanish Ceramic Tile

Tile of Spain USA

Tile today is anything but flat or square, it’s all about adding depth and interest to environments. Tile of Spain manufacturers are constantly presenting materials and solutions that empower and inspire their clients to use tiles in creative ways. Mixed Patterns: Often times the same Tile of Spain collection will feature Moorish geometric shapes next to French revolution damask and Celtic tartans.

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Warmer Weather Brings New Ceramic Tile Trends

Tile of Spain USA

Ceramic manufacturers offer suitable pieces for the most popular spaces during the hottest months. Tiles in different tones, sizes and layouts enhance freshness and light, and are easily adaptable for all interior and exterior environments. In addition to their resilience, ceramic floor tiles are also extremely versatile and offer different finishes depending on the mood you want the space to lend.…

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Copying Catalan Ceramics

Diary of a Tile Addict

We have extensively covered the work of counterfeit ceramacist Diogo Machado – aka Add Fuel – but have recently discovered another artist with a similar take on tiles. Catalan visual artist Javier de Riba creates tiled flooring with stencils and spray paints.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile: Why it Matters

StonePeak Ceramics Blog

The post Porcelain or Ceramic Tile: Why it Matters appeared first on StonePeak Ceramics Blog. Porcelain Tile Tile Manufacturing Green Tile Porcelain Ceramics Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile technical porcelain

AlysEdwards at Rubble Tile: Tongue in Chic Ceramic Tile Collection

Rubble Tile

AlysEdwards, an innovative and trusted Rubble Tile vendor, never fails to disappoint with their stylish, high quality tile collections, as well as with their penchant for humor. Their ceramic collection, Tongue in Chic, is no exception. These glossy ceramic tiles are available as 2.5″x10.5″ ″ field tiles in twelve different colors, each of which contains a play […].

Tile that Brings the Natural World into Your Living Space

Rubble Tile

Whether we’re talking about porcelain, ceramic, metal, stone, glass, or cement tile, the core materials from which all tile design stems are from the natural world.

Exploring the sustainability of ceramic surfaces

Diary of a Tile Addict

Product quality, design, innovation, Italian origin, and sustainability are all key components of the Italian ceramic tile industry’s success. The Italian tile industry has analysed the product’s environmental impacts over its entire life cycle by means of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

The Art of Ceramics: Innovations with Tile of Spain

Kitchens for Living

I was excited to re-connect with some of the great people I met earlier this year on my visit to the Cevisama tradeshow (if you missed that, you can read about it here ) with Tile of Spain. Mingling before the big Tile of Spain event held at the Miami Architectural & Design Center. Ceramic Solutions-Innovations Pushing Boundaries of Design was held at the Miami Center for Architecture & Design, presented by Tile of Spain.

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Six street artists producing ceramic graffiti

Diary of a Tile Addict

Ceramic graffiti is a wonderful thing and we love covering it here at Diary of a Tile Addict. To help remedy this we have compiled a list to share the fantastic work of those spreading the magic of ceramics. To access the full article become a Diary of a Tile Addict member.

Ceramic Collaborations

Diary of a Tile Addict

RIBA North is hosting Moulding Futures: Collaborative Explorations in Ceramics for Architecture symposium on Friday 8th December, a one-day event created by ECAlab and supported by Tile of Spain, the University of Liverpool and Leeds Beckett University. Through presentations and chaired discussions, leading global authorities will explore the value that ceramics can bring to architecture. Pavilion by Harvard University explores 3D printing of ceramics.