Chad and Dave's Modern Dream Home — Pride at Home: House Tour Greatest Hits

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Name: Dave Widmer, CB2 eCommerce Brand Director and Chad Ross, Crate and Barrel Visual Merchandising Team Lead. In the home of Chad and Dave every last detail from the foundation to the roof and everything in between was meticulously thought about and designed. Pin it.

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Chad's Tasteful Tennessee Home — House Tour

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Name: Chad James and Josie the Greyhound?. Chad James is a Nashville architectural consultant & interior designer with a bit of a reputation. As the principle of Chad James Group, he''s designed spaces all over the world. Chad delivers.

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Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort — House Tour Greatest Hits

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Name: Lauren Naimola and Chad Pratt, plus their two cats. Welcome to Lauren and Chad's bright and textural Michigan home! Pin it. Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan. Size: 2,100 square feet. Years Lived In: 12; Owned.

A No-Fail 3-Part Formula for a Non-Boring Bathroom

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Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort. Pin it. No need for your bathroom to be blah. Grab these three things (you probably already have them around the house) and make this room stand out! READ MORE ». Bathroom. Decorating

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A Colorful & Quirky a Basement! — House Tour

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Name: Chad. Chad, a young freelance designer, director and entertainment consultant cleverly transformed his parents' basement into a gorgeous apartment. (Image credit: Lana Kenney ). Location: Cape Town, South Africa. Size: 295 square feet (90 square metres).

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Does Making the Bed Really Make You Happier? I Found Out

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Chad and Dave's Modern Dream Home. Pin it. We tell you all the time about the importance of making your bed — the one task that will make you happier, healthier, permanently stress-free and rich beyond your wildest dreams (or something along those lines).

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It’s Done! The Making of the Heath Building.

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Fortunately, when we had a conversation with Tartine’s Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt,their ideas of the place they wanted to create presented what felt like a perfect fit for all sides. It’s finally done, and we’re all celebrating—with bread, of course.

Make it Modern: The Clean Crisp Streamlined Bed

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Chad and Dave''s Modern Dream Home. Are you an Extreme Tucker? This bed-making trend snuck up on me: I didn''t notice it.I didn''t notice it.bam! it''s everywhere!

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Charles Hemminger: The Quiet Architect

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highlight heath ceramics heath tile san francisco tartine manufactory tartine charles hemminger architecture design commune chad robertson liz prueitt robin petravic Catherine Bailey behind the scenes

The IKEA Product That's a Closet Secret Weapon

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Lauren & Chad''s Vintage Comfort. Sure, we probably all dream of having a Carrie Bradshaw-style custom closet. But those things are expensive. Really, really expensive.

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Can You Really Use Ketchup to Clean Copper and Brass? — Apartment Therapy Test Lab Tutorial

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Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort. Pin it. From the knocker on your front door to the extra-special necklace you brought home from the craft market, brass and copper goods are showing up everywhere.

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Louisville 11!

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Chad DuPont from our Louisville, KY showroom recently shared some beautiful, award winning tile designs he did for the Homearama. Chad says, "I recently helped design a home for Homearama Louisville. Thank you for sharing your work Chad. Good afternoon!

Before & After: The Happy Accident Bathroom Makeover — Renovation Project

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Project by: Sarah & Chad. Location: Montreal, Canada. We thought we were going to take a break from renovating our 1950s attached house in Montreal after completely gutting the kitchen and updating the whole main level but a leaky toilet derailed our plans. READ MORE ». Canada.

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Dealing with "Deals": A Genius Tip for Taming the Buying Beast — Comment of the Day

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Chad & Dave''s Modern Dream Home. Online shopping is undoubtedly a time-saver but, as anyone who has ever succumbed to the flash sale-induced "don''t miss out!" mindset knows, it''s not always a money-saver.

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Get the Look: Colorful, Playful & Quirky — Shop the Style

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Chad's Cape Town basement apartment is gorgeous and beautifully put together. But guests might not be quick to notice the quirk and playfulness in each room, and that's exactly what makes his space so inviting. Check out the sources below to shop some of the bold items featured in his home. READ MORE ». Furniture. Shopping Guides. Shop the Style. Decor & Accessories

The Jackie and a great before and after…….

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Please click on the images to view and read my design tips: This next "before" and "after" is from Chad Harris in our Manassas, VA showroom. Chad says, "Here is a nice before and after for you. Good morning! TGIF!

House Tours for the Holidays: 10 Favorites from May

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Chad and Dave''s Modern Dream Home. Matt & Mel''s Animated Abode. Erin''s Modern Loft. Nick & Spiro''s City Farmhouse. Teri & Nick''s Handmade Home in London. Jeff''s Texture and Tone Abode. Bernadette''s Cool, Colorful & Contemporary Austin Home.

7 Expert Tips For Decorating A Dark Room

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The space in question is an intimate library designed by Chad James of Chad James Group (, within the Atlanta […]. We love it when designers go bold with paint! But, one of the most challenging is decorating a dark room.

Outdoors In: 9 Ways To Bring In Nature's Rejuvenating Qualities

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Chad and Dave''s Modern Dream Home. For many of us, nature is an endless source of rejuvenation. A place of peace we can escape to when the horrors of the modern world get to be too overwhelming.

9 Creative Offices We Wish We Worked In

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Design: Chad McPhail Design Photography: Ingalls Photography TripAdvisor | Needham When online travel guru TripAdvisor built their new headquarters just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, they wanted their 282,000 square foot space to feel as imaginative as possible.

Behind the Scenes: Tartine Collection

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We worked directly with Tartine founders Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson to design unique dinnerware for Tartine Manufactory — and the resulting collection available for purchase in our showrooms.

Welcome, Neighbor: Tartine Manufactory at Heath SF

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The latest addition to the Heath Building in San Francisco is Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson’s Tartine Manufactory — an open production and creative space for dining, baking, recipe development, and culinary collaborations.

The Finalists – 2017 Life of an Architect Playhouse Design Competition

Life of an Architect

Tall Firs Designer : Chad Hurn (Oregon, USA) Bio : Currently work at a company called King Retail Solutions that designs and fabricates retail interiors. The 2017 Life of an Architect Playhouse Design Competition had its first round of judging last Friday – and it was probably the most difficult process we’ve experienced so far. That’s not to say we didn’t have a good time, it had more to do with the extraordinary number of quality entries that were submitted.

10 Under $10: Life-Saving Organizers for Serious Shoe Lovers

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House Tour: Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort. Image credit: Lauren Naimola ). Too much of a good thing can be wonderful, especially when it comes to shoes.

The "Sweet" Austin Home of Lick Honest Ice Creams' Founders — House Tour

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Name: Chad Palmatier and Anthony Sobotik. In their business — Lick Honest Ice Creams — as well as their home, Chad and Anthony focus on bringing an appreciation of simple things into the world. Location: North Austin, Texas. Size: 1,850 square feet. Years Lived In: 1.5 years, owned. When it comes to decorating their North Austin house, they only brought in items they really love. The kind of items that bring them joy every day.

Basement Remodel

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Here are some photos from Chad in West Allis. Jim Samuelson worked on a full remodel basement job a while ago and took these photos. I really like the way they broke up the space with a decorative floor element- so creative!! Thanks for sharing

Many Great Customer Photos

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From Chad in Manassas- features the Malco, one of my favorite new mosaics, it''s so clean looking! Good morning! We have many great customer photos to share with you today. Again, I just love it when you share your work with us. These spaces look amazing…… Please click on the images to view….

Before & After: A Classic Update for a Very Brown Bathroom — Sweeten

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Jamie and Chad had their hearts set on buying a brownstone in Brooklyn, but when it turned out that everyone else had their hearts set on this as well, they wound up with an apartment in Ridgewood, Queens with plenty of space, its own backyard, and a bathroom that was well, interesting.

I love you Building - Happy Valentine's Day | Life of an Architect

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Chad Is it just me or did you get more people in your office since the coffee post? Chad It’s always just me. link] Bob Borson funny Chad A little V-day lonely humor. about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect?

This Brooklyn Apartment is the Best Craigslist Find, Ever — House Call

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Name: Melissa, Chad and Bleau the Great Dane. Location: Brooklyn, New York. The basics: 1 year, rented | 1,800 square feet. Melissa's Brooklyn apartment has soaring ceilings, modern industrial vibes and an enviable outdoor space. They've created a space that is perfect for hosting all manner of shindigs, relaxing after work, or relaxing all day (if you happen to be a Great Dane). READ MORE ». House Call. Reader Submissions

A "Bohemian French" Victorian Cottage in Cape Town — House Tour

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Name: Katia, Chad and their daughter, Milla. Katia, Chad and their daughter Milla live in a charming Victorian cottage in the heart of Observatory, Cape Town. Location: Observatory — Cape Town, South Africa. Size: 1291 square feet. Years lived in: 6 years, owned. A wild, overgrown garden greeted me and as I stepped inside, I felt as though I may just be in a French apartment.

The Best Things about my Future New Office | Life of an Architect

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Chad Bob you realize that with an open line of sight to your targets, er office mates they’ll also have a clear LOS to you for return fire. These days, nobody but me really knows how to properly shoot a rubber band so the threat is minimal … they all fear my retaliation (as they should) Chad I pity your minions, er co-conspirators, uhm team mates. about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect?

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Making Magic Happen

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Restaurateurs are our heroes. Whether they’re opening small cafes in under-the-radar neighborhoods or high profile venues in big cities, they defy the odds simply by staying open despite mounting costs, finicky customers, fickle tastes, and brutal competition. It’s not a field for the faint hearted.

Have a Bad View? 10 Ways to Creatively Upgrade It

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Liz and Chad''s Bright Boulder MCM. We aren''t all lucky to get an amazing view from our home''s windows.

heard around the architectural studio #012 | Life of an Architect

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Chad As a Norwegian I know where it counts and why it matters. about me Lets Work Together Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to be an Architect? Home / Heard around the architectural studio / heard around the architectural studio #012 “I’m Norwegian where it counts.” ” heard around the architectural studio #012 Posted by Bob Borson onFebruary 26, 2014 In Heard around the architectural studio quotes 13 Comments The Best Things about my.