Modern Family Home in Denmark Brings the Forest Inside

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Backing to a forest in Aarhus, Denmark, this modern family home designed by architectural firm C.F. Photography by Julian Weyer] The post Modern Family Home in Denmark Brings the Forest Inside appeared first on

Forest-Edge Child-Friendly Family Home in Denmark

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Rising next to a forest’s edge, this child-friendly family home in Aarhus, Denmark, invites the green surroundings inside throguh a series of openings, skylights and mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling windows. Møller Architects Denmark Villa R

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Infinite Bridge Sculpture in Denmark Enriches Coastal Landscape

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Drawing attention to the shoreline, where the piers would line up steamboats in the old days, this modern sculpture accentuates the scenic coastal landscape surrounding the city of Aarhus in Denmark.

Christina & Lars' Close-to-Nature Countryside Escape in Denmark — House Tour

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Location: Zealand, Denmark. Pin it. Name: Christina Birch and Lars Fynbo and their two sons. Size: 39 square meter (420 square feet). Years lived in: 8 years; Owned.

Sara's Living & Dining Room Full of "Nordic Simplicity" — Favorite Rooms

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Name & Location: Sara in The village Skærbæk outside Fredericia, Denmark. Pin it. My Favorite Room : Living/Dining Room. Specs: 431 Square Feet. What I love most about our living room is the way that the sun falls in through the large window-doors, creating figures on the floor.

Noma :: Inside The World’s #1 Restaurant

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Ace of Entertaining Dining Famous Restaurants Christianshavn Denmark Noma Scandinavian Restaurants SPACE Top 50 Restaurants in the World I suppose if you are a “foodie” then you are aware of “Michelin Stars” and the fact that there is a list of the Top 50 Restaurants in the world. Which also serves as a gastronomic “bucket list” of sorts? Before we adopted our daughter, I kept the list updated, with the hope of visiting […].

Bricks Commissions NCC to Construct 150 Apartments in Aarhus, Denmark

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NCC has been commissioned by the project development company Bricks to construct 150 apartments in the new Frederiks Plads area in Aarhus, Denmark. The order is worth SEK 285 million. NCC has been

Travel the Globe on Foot with Denmark’s Walkable World Map

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Luckily though, morphing into a half-human, half-sea creature isn't necessary to get the exploratory deed done, thanks to this spectacular walkable world map in Denmark. (Image credit: Verdenskortet).

Pro Life Coach Tips On: How To Add More Hygge to Your Home & Life

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Having grown up in Denmark (and an obvious expert at crafting soothing, stylish spaces), I asked Bonnie to share what the Danish word "hygge" means to her. Bonnie Rasmussen 's profession and passion as a life coach is all about increasing her clients' "well-being, performance, resilience and resourcefulness." It's not surprising in the slightest, then that her UK home is a stunning space that increases the well-being of all that live in and visit it.

Proof Scandinavians May Have the World's Most Stylish Kitchens

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In the interest of bringing you the most beautiful and stylish ideas for your home, I've combed through a vast collection of kitchens from Sweden, Norway and Denmark and highlighted some of the best ideas here. (Image credit: Entrance ).

Make the Most of Summer: 25 Games, Grilling & Gardening Tips to Learn Right Now

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House Tour: Christina & Lars' Close-to-Nature Countryside Escape in Denmark. Pin it. Warm weather certainly inspires a fair amount of lounging, but it's also great for learning new skills.

New to the US: Danish Tiger Store's Colorful, Inexpensive Home Goods

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With over 400 stores worldwide, the US is set to welcome the first Tiger store from Denmark next month in New York City. Dubbed "Flying Tiger Copenhagen", the goods are an eclectic mishmash of home goods, gifts, toys and, in the true sense of the word, miscellaneous. The price point?

How Can I Buy Something From A Company That Doesn't Ship to the US? — Good Questions

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Q: I have a vexing issue: I found a rug that I really like from Denmark ( this one —please see photo below) but I contacted them and they do not ship to the United States! Pin it.

Intricate Chandelier Casts Mysterious Forest Scene on Walls

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“Forms in Nature” is a collection of unique chandeliers by Denmark-based design group Hilden Diaz. The pieces were inspired by nature drawings by Darwinist Ernst Haeckel. Not only are these chandeliers striking in its appearance; they also casts incredible shadows on the surrounding walls.

Which Country's Men Do the Most Housework? — Design News

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Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that men from Slovenia, Denmark, and Estonia do the most household chores, over 100 minutes per day, where Indian men do the least at 19 minutes. This study is from last year, but the results are still interesting.

Helene's Clever Cube — Small Cool

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Location: Valby Denmark. Like this entry? Favorite it below! Name: Helene. Square Feet: 530. Division: International. What I Love About My Small Home: I love the location and that the rent is pretty low compared to other apartments like this one near Copenhagen.

Rustic Apartment in Berlin Shows Its Mediterranean Roots

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” The furniture, lamps and rugs come from Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic; some pieces are 50 to 60 years old. Surrounded by a forest in the suburbs of Berlin, this rustic apartment by Loft Szczecin is a breath of fresh air.

A Charming Marmalade Factory Conversion in Poland

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The design firm sourced décor from the 1950s and 60s in countries around Europe, including Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Avente Tile Talk: Christmas Greetings from Avente Tile

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Denmark: The Christmas feast is celebrated at midnight Christmas Eve. Monday, December 23, 2013. Christmas Greetings from Avente Tile. This homes entry is cheerfully decorated to welcome Christmas guests.

Iran 21

Katja's "Flamingo Sky" Room — Room for Color Contest

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I found it on a trip to Denmark a while ago. Chip It! Like this entry? Favorite it below! Name: Katja. Location: Orange , CA. Division: Light. Inspiration for my palette: For this room, I was inspired by the swan fabric that I used on one of the pillows.

Scandinavian Simplicity: The Influence of Danish Design

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When you think of vibrant and exotic colors, the name Verner Panton comes to mind, one of Denmark’s most influential 20th-century furniture and interior designers.

This Human Habitat Floats with the Tides

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This project brought students from Estonia, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania together to create this floating human habitat. This Veetee (“Water Way”) structure began as an experiment.

Emilie's Fifth Floor Nest — Small Cool

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Location: Århus C Denmark. Like this entry? Favorite it below! Name: Emilie Bach. Square Feet: 430. Division: International. What I Love About My Small Home: I love our balcony in the morning, and the amount of light in the apartment.

Lovely Range of Themed Children’s Beds Mixing Fun, Play and Rest

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The beds are made from the best solid knot free pine and hand crafted in Denmark. The Ice Cream children’s Bed by Lifetime is made from the best solid knot free pine and hand crafted in Denmark.

Luminous 3 Bedroom Apartment Flaunting Modern Scandinavian Style

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Beautifully distributed, the interior spaces of this Denmark penthouse apartment convey a feeling of home. How do you choose your 3 bedroom apartment design ? Maybe you fell in love with the modern Scandinavian style and that’s exactly why this apartment will inspire you.

Bonnie & Russell's Scandi-Style Victorian — House Tour

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When Bonnie first moved to the UK from her native Denmark, she was accustomed to light, warm and cosy open-plan Scandinavian homes with good insulation and double glazed windows. Pin it. Name: Bonnie Rasmussen and Russell Patmore. Location: Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Hosts Scandinavian Design Exhibit — Design News

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Northern Lights" explores the innovative concepts that have shaped design in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, and features everything from mid-century furniture to Minecraft.

Vote Now: Today's Small Cool Entries — Entries from Friday, May 8

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430 square feet in Denmark: Emilie's Fifth Floor Nest. Pin it. Check out today's new Small Cool Contest entries and be sure to add a "favorite" vote to any and all that you'd like to help send on to the next round.

Construction Commences on ROCKFON’s First North American Acoustic Ceiling Panel Manufacturing Facility

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affiliate ROCKFON® LLC, a subsidiary of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL® International A/S, officially broke ground today on its first North American acoustic ceiling panel ROXUL® USA Inc.

What to Get an Architect for Christmas [2017]

Life of an Architect

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: Landscape and Architecture $45 by Michael Sheridan (Author) and‎ Michael Holm (Editor) Fun Fact: The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark and NOT in Louisiana.

Kitchen and Residential Design: Scandinavian Made, a webshop

Kitchen and Residential Design

The Serra womens roots run deep in Denmark and Susans long made it a habit to bring back handmade items she found on her annual trips to Denmark for her design clients. Kitchen and Residential Design. Notes and anecdotes from the design world. Pages. About Me. Contact. My Work.

#BlogTourAmbiente – Best Global Design Trends at Ambiente


Although a few did stand out from the United States, Denmark, Lebanon, and the Philippines embodied design trends that I see every corner of the world embracing in the upcoming months. LIND DNA Lighting from Denmark is gorgeous!

Vote Now: Today's Small Cool Entries — Entries from Friday, May 15

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530 square feet in Denmark: Helene's Clever Cube. Pin it. Check out today's new Small Cool Contest entries and be sure to add a "favorite" vote to any and all that you'd like to help send on to the next round.

ROXUL USA Confirms Plans for ROCKFON's First North American Acoustic Ceiling Manufacturing Facility in Mississippi

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affiliate ROCKFON® LLC, a subsidiary of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL® International A/S, has confirmed plans to build its first North American acoustic ceiling manufacturing ROXUL® USA Inc.

The Finalists – 2015 Life of an Architect Playhouse Design Competition

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The Roof Terrace Playhouse Designer : Erik de Rooij – Kolding, Vejle Amt, Denmark Bio : I graduated as an architect more than 25 years ago, after a very bumpy ride, education-wise.

Alexandra's Light-Flooded Abode — Small Cool

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Location: Copenhagen Denmark. Like this entry? Favorite it below! Name: Alexandra. Square Feet: 516. Division: International.

Hooked on a Feeling: My Secret to Happiness — Hygge Holidays

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And all along the people of Denmark have had the answer. Adir & Marcello's Worldly Retreat. Image credit: Marcia Prentice ). Everyone wants to know the secret to happiness. There are countless books about its pursuit—films, TED talks, Harvard studies.

Tiger Opens 500th Store — Design News

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Tiger, Denmark's answer to IKEA, is set on global domination. Pin it. The retailer opened its 500th location this month, in London's Notting Hill. READ MORE ».

LEGO's Latest Architecture Set Is So Meta

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The newest building to get the brick treatment is its own LEGO House in Denmark, which resembles—you guessed it—LEGO bricks. With their latest edition for their Architecture series, LEGO is going meta. READ MORE ». Architecture

This House Is Made From Tomato Stems, Grass and Other Farm Waste

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Denmark is officially home to the world's first biological house, a conceptual structure built from upcycled agricultural materials, including bits of tomato stems, seaweed, grass and glass that would ordinarily be incinerated and used as an energy source.