Forest-Edge Child-Friendly Family Home in Denmark

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Rising next to a forest’s edge, this child-friendly family home in Aarhus, Denmark, invites the green surroundings inside throguh a series of openings, skylights and mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling windows. This is the solution they came up with: “ The solution was a partially underground parterre floor which acts as the building’s base, with children’s rooms, playrooms and access to an outdoor patio. Møller Architects Denmark Villa R

Infinite Bridge Sculpture in Denmark Enriches Coastal Landscape

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Drawing attention to the shoreline, where the piers would line up steamboats in the old days, this modern sculpture accentuates the scenic coastal landscape surrounding the city of Aarhus in Denmark. With a diameter of 60 meters, the Infinite Bridge is anchored two meters into the sea floor with steel pillars supporting 60 identical wooden elements embedded into the landscape, rising and lowering with the tide.


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Modern Family Home in Denmark Brings the Forest Inside

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Backing to a forest in Aarhus, Denmark, this modern family home designed by architectural firm C.F. Villa R consists of two rectangular-shaped floors encompassing a total of 3,230 square feet. Dark patinated zinc cladding was used for the exterior walls, while the north- and south-facing facades have floor-to-ceiling windows. Photography by Julian Weyer] The post Modern Family Home in Denmark Brings the Forest Inside appeared first on

10 Design Lessons You Can Learn From Scandinavian Interiors

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Scandinavian design extends to the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland—offering a vast and eclectic taste that personifies this design movement and is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. 2) White Wood Floors. Scandinavian designers have always seemed to prefer the use of simple, white wood from floor-to-ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling windows are common in Scandinavian designs for this very reason.

Avente Tile Talk: Christmas Greetings from Avente Tile

Tile Talk

Denmark: The Christmas feast is celebrated at midnight Christmas Eve. floor tile. Flooring The Consumer. Floors ,floors… (part I). Monday, December 23, 2013. Christmas Greetings from Avente Tile. This homes entry is cheerfully decorated to welcome Christmas guests. As I get older, I realize how much faster time seems to be flying by when one day it’s Halloween, and the next it’s Christmas Eve!

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Rustic Apartment in Berlin Shows Its Mediterranean Roots

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Bricks and planks were laid over the entire surface of the floor.” ” The furniture, lamps and rugs come from Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic; some pieces are 50 to 60 years old. Surrounded by a forest in the suburbs of Berlin, this rustic apartment by Loft Szczecin is a breath of fresh air. The home, in a Mediterranean-style building, is the result of an extensive restoration project.

A Charming Marmalade Factory Conversion in Poland

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

They preserved the original wooden floors running through most of the apartment’s four separated spaces. Historic flooring complements the warm character of the its exposed brick archways and barrel vaulted ceiling. The design firm sourced décor from the 1950s and 60s in countries around Europe, including Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Luminous 3 Bedroom Apartment Flaunting Modern Scandinavian Style

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Beautifully distributed, the interior spaces of this Denmark penthouse apartment convey a feeling of home. Overlooking forest and water panoramas, the living areas were imagined as drawing in good energy vibes through various details, like the Zen picture on the wall or the felt ball rug punctuating wooden floors. How do you choose your 3 bedroom apartment design ? Maybe you fell in love with the modern Scandinavian style and that’s exactly why this apartment will inspire you.

#BlogTourAmbiente – Best Global Design Trends at Ambiente


I love traveling internationally to see what design trends are populating the design showroom floors and which ones will have an influence on American design. Although a few did stand out from the United States, Denmark, Lebanon, and the Philippines embodied design trends that I see every corner of the world embracing in the upcoming months. The lighting in the bottom left hand photo is from LIND DNA out of Denmark and I loved the industrial inspired filament lighting.

Kitchen and Residential Design: Scandinavian Made, a webshop

Kitchen and Residential Design

The Serra womens roots run deep in Denmark and Susans long made it a habit to bring back handmade items she found on her annual trips to Denmark for her design clients. flooring. (30). wholesale flooring. (1). Kitchen and Residential Design. Notes and anecdotes from the design world. Pages. About Me. Contact. My Work. My Store. Social Media Training. 14 December 2011. Scandinavian Made, a webshop. Posted by Paul Anater. at 6:00 AM. I think Im in love with this bowl.

Building with Structural Insulated Panels. or SIPs | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Then the attic maybe ventilated or not though if it isn’t being ventilated as you went with a hot roof system you can smack yourself for not using SIPS The ceiling / attic floor could be made of SIPS panels & then the roof framed, in this case the attic should be ventilated. Dzintars Berzinskis Back in uni, in Denmark we had one project we worked on where we used similar panels, a bit thicker if i remember correctly though.