Learn Why We Love Tile Tools from Barwalt

Conestoga Tile

From floors to backsplashes and more, tile installations often become the focal points of our homes and even office spaces. That’s why we trust the tools from Barwalt here at Conestoga Tile. Barwalt offers a variety of great tools for use in all parts of the tile installation process.

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Why We Trust Rubi Tools for Our Projects

Conestoga Tile Blog

One of the reasons we earned that reputation is because we use the best tools available on our projects. Among our favorites, we rely on Rubi tile tools to ensure that the tiles we offer our clients are cut and finished perfectly.

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Learn Why We Love Tile Tools from Barwalt

Conestoga Tile

From floors to backsplashes and more, tile installations often become the focal points of our homes and even office spaces. That’s why we trust the tools from Barwalt here at Conestoga Tile. Barwalt offers a variety of great tools for use in all parts of the tile installation process.

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Tile Floor Design Ideas

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone

Planning a new tile floor and looking for an interesting pattern? provides a list of easy to follow designs to help you create a unique and lasting tile installation. Check out their gallery of floor tile designs today! installation tile crossville design pattern

Top Designers Share Tips on Creating a Color Palette for Your Tile Designs

Granada Tile

For interior designers, very little makes a more significant impact than the creative use of stunning, colorful tiles. Architectural features are easily highlighted, and rooms shift from basic to conversation starters with only a few small tile design tweaks.

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How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor

Tile Excellence

In response to the question, "How to Install Ceramic Tile Floor" "To i nstall ceramic tile , first grout the area. Even "expert" how-to books will say to start in the middle of the floor with the whole tiles, thus insuring full tiles on all sides. I won''t even touch the " aesthetic " value of a floor which starts in a corner. After the floor is laid with thin-set the floor is covered with grout.

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Avente Tile Talk: New Tile Designs, Installation Products from.

Tile Talk

New Tile Designs, Installation Products from Surfaces 2013. event serving the floor covering industry, once again brought together buyers and sellers from around the world to see the latest floor covering products, tools, services and technologies. backsplash designs.

Tools for Tile Contractors when working with Architects

CUSTOM Insights Blog

Looking for online tools to help you choose the right tile installation products? We list products by their ANSI designation so they can be matched to the exact needs of each project.

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Custom Tile Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Granada Tile

If you can dream it, it can happen with custom tile designs. Interior designers and architects alike have fallen in love with the stunning patterns, captivating colors, and unique shapes available only through custom cement tiles. Custom made flooring by Granada Tile.

Tile Design and Materials Estimator App for Ceramic Tile Floor & Wall Installation

Tile Excellence

Cool Tile Design and Tile Materials Estimator App It''s a tile floor design tool. There are six simple steps to designing your ceramic tile floor, and when you are done, you get a report estimating your materials needed.

The 31 Best Residential Design Blogs Featuring Awesome Cement Tile (A Definitive List For Encaustic Tile Enthusiasts)

Granada Tile

While a Google search of “interior design blogs” may offer a staggering amount of results (the last time we checked, we received over 69,900,000 hits), we’ve done the work for you, separating the gold from the dross to showcase the 31 best home interior design blogs that feature super cement tile.

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015: Tools of an Architect

Life of an Architect

All industries have specific tools that make their business work – and architects are no different in this regard. It started when a client of mine had a pair and he had us over to his house to experience walking through the building we had designed for him.

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Nuts & Bolts: Creating a Stellar Cement Tile Carpet

Granada Tile

Granada Tile ‘s cement tile designs can be effortlessly incorporated into tile installations to create dynamic, beautiful tile carpets inside and outside. Today, we’ll give you some tips on how to design one your next floor tile project using our layout tool.

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Our 5 Favorite Cement Kitchen Tile Designs (Which one fits your design style?)

Granada Tile

All it takes to make a big visual impact is one simple tool, cement kitchen tiles. We love cement kitchen tiles because they are practical and extremely durable, can be designed into virtually any color or pattern, and are fairly easy to install. Floors. Floors.

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Breaking News: Granada Tile’s Vegas Cement Tile Design Is Top Pick in Family Circle

Granada Tile

In Family Circle’s January 2014 DesignFile column, David Stark gives a shout-out to Granada Tile’s Vegas cement tile design. In Family Circle’s January 2014 DesignFile column, David Stark gives a shout-out to Granada Tile’s Vegas cement tile design.

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Install a DITRA-HEAT Electric Floor Warming System this Winter

Conestoga Tile Blog

Source: Schluter.com/ditra-heat Everyone likes to have warm toes in the wintertime, and one of the best ways to ensure that your feet won’t feel chilly is to install an electric floor heating system, such as Ditra-Heat , within your home.

Introducing the Next Wave of HENRY® Flooring Adhesives: Building on Legendary Performance

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Since 1933 the HENRY ® brand has represented innovative, high-performance flooring adhesives and substrate preparation products, and this new line of products delivers on that tradition. Aliquippa, PA (April 26, 2018) – The W.W.

Update Your White Bathroom With Granada Cement Tile

Granada Tile

Talk about business up top and party on the floor! Even if you’re a white walled person, you can still have some fun in your bathroom or kitchen by installing an easy care, long lasting and low maintenance cement tile floor filled with pattern, color, and design.

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Avente Tile Talk: Creating Cement Tile Molds and Pigments for.

Tile Talk

Our hands have always been our best tools, but when things need to be made in massive amounts, then machinery can play an important role in helping to meet the demands of impeding deadlines. backsplash designs. bathroom design. design. design ideas. design trends.

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Granada Tile Cement Tile Spotlight: Bilboa

Granada Tile

Echo Collection encaustic tile floor tile Share Designs tile design ideas tile ideas tile inspirationFor most of the world, Bilbao has become synonymous with Frank Gehry’s fantastical museum of the same name. in the city of the same name in Spain. (Fun

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Walk-In Shower Designs by Arizona Tile

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

Walk-in shower designs bring a modern feel to any bathroom while allowing for efficient use of whatever amount of space is available. Below are some fabulous walk-in shower design ideas to consider; also, be sure to check out our Pinterest Board with amazing variations of walk-in showers!

Spotted: Granada Tiles Fez Cement Tile in East Hampton’s Moby Restaurant In Design Sponge

Granada Tile

Today on Design Sponge , two great tastes together: Granada Tile’s Fez cement tile in black and white in Moby, one of the hottest restaurants in East Hampton, AND a recipe for the restaurant’s grilled Margherita pizza.

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AskTileExcellence.com: Unbelivable prices for flooring in my town

Tile Excellence

Unbelivable prices for flooring in my town. They were not sure what they wanted to put on their 35 sq ft bathroom floor.After completing the tub,I asked About the floor.The wife told me she didnt think they could afford tile on the floor and would have to do linoleum. She was talking with a very well known Family flooring company in Gloucester ma (my town) the next town over. Website Designs by Diana-Tile Excellence Webmaster & SEO Manager. Ask Flooring Excellence.

Mix & Match: Playing with Cement Tile Designs

Granada Tile

Tuesday’s post featuring the work of MARKZEFF got us thinking about mixing and matching Granada Tile ‘s cement tile designs. Specifically, it was his great floor tile installation at Delphine, featuring our Echo Collection ‘s Cannes and Monaco tile designs, that started our minds going. We loved how he took two similar cement tile designs and used them to add another layer of visual interest to the space. (Of tile design tile installation

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5 Tips to Keep Floor Tiles Shining


Floor tiles are a very vital component in any room. Not only does it add an elegant and pretty touch in to the design of the room, but also it can play a major role in making the room look more spacious and inviting. Sweep or vacuum your floor tiles every day.

Get Inspired: What’s Happening on Share Designs in July

Granada Tile

It may be summer—time for vacations, barbecues, the beach and general relaxing, but, if the activity on Granada Tile ‘s Share Designs page this month is any indication, people are still thinking about cement tile (they’re people after our own hearts, incidentally). Maybe they’re planning a new concrete floor tile installation. The sunny, summery hues Tanya Weintrobe chose for her take on our Monaco cement tile design immediately caught our attention.

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Wetrooms and Colour Combinations

Diary of a Tile Addict

And, with the advent of larger format porcelains, sintered ultra-compact surfaces and new diamond tooling to work them, the barrier has also broken down in the worktop, and furniture sectors. Additionally providing options for both flooring (in 608x608mm and 599x599mm ret.)

Why Our Brains Love Symmetry in Design

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

We all know an example of good interior design when we see it. Have you ever wondered why that ability seems to come to us so instinctually, even though we may not be professional interior designers? Image Via: Terrat Elms Interior Design. Image Via: Moeski Design Agency.

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Splurging vs. Saving: Where It’s Worth Investing in Interior Design

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Interior design is much more affordable when you know where to splurge and where to save. If you’re thinking of investing in interior design, this post is for you. Refaced cabinets chip, laminate flooring bows and stick-on tiles fall off.

Universal Design: More than a Boomer Benefit

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

For many people—tile dealers and contractors included—the term ‘universal design’ brings to mind ‘Baby Boomers’ or ‘aging population.’ The principles of universal design can apply to anyone—not only Baby Boomers!” As the NAHB says, “Everyone can use universal design!

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Trick or Treat: Trade Tips for a Sweet Install

Architectural Ceramics

Whether you are working with a designer or like to do-it-yourself, we can all learn from professional tile contractors and installers. metro-area designer Cheryll Bowie of CKB Design , her client embraced natural stone and its natural variation.

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Avente Tile Talk: Cement Tile Designs That Impress!

Tile Talk

Cement Tile Designs That Impress! Cement tiles offer flexibility to the architect, designer or homeowner like no other material with its expansive color palette, sustainable properties, timeless patterns and distinct beauty. backsplash designs. bathroom design. design.

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Installation Equation: Cement Tile Makes a Graphic Statement in a Portland Kitchen

Granada Tile

Recently, our client Jessica Helgerson Interior Design shared an absolutely sensational kitchen with us that we’re thrilled to show you. Photograph, Lincoln Barbour/courtesy Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

10 Exterior Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

There are some basic exterior design lessons that everyone should know about. Designing the exterior of a home can be a complicated process of color choices, materials, balancing shape and lines— it is not a job for novice designers. Image Source: Design Guild Homes.

Older Post - AskTileExcellence.com

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Qep Tile Tools ProSeries Notched Trowel 49714 (Google Affiliate Ad). Ask Our Tile Excellence Sales/Marketing Experts diana@tileexcellence.com Ask Our Tile Excellence Administrators of All Tile Excellence Networks, Related Blogs, Profiles, Social, Answers & Sites diana@tileexcellence.com Ask Our Tile Excellence Flooring/Tile, Webmasters & Organic SEO, Marketing, Affiliates, Advertisers and Guest Blogger Experts! Ask Flooring Excellence. Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

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Colorker Countdown

Diary of a Tile Addict

A nod towards design and creativity, the Evoke range is from Colorker’s ZYX collection. Featuring triangular and small diamond shapes with a multitude of finishes and reliefs, the varying sizes and textures create remarkable personalities, designs and play on light.

10 Signs That You Should Become An Interior Designer

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Do you have the unique mind of an interior designer; the mind that is capable of sheer artistry combined with ultimate logic? Well, we have a little list of observations that will show you that a career in interior design might be right for you. Image Source: VI Photo Design. #2

Breaking News: Spotlight on Our Atlanta Cement Tile Design

Granada Tile

Our Atlanta tile design makes an appearance in the October issue of Atlanta Home Improvement. It will probably come as no surprise that the tile they picked to feature is none other than our Atlanta tile design. Floor tiles in an entry?

What a Difference Grout Can Make!

As The Tile Turns

We recently received this great tool from the experts at Artistic Tile showing the prominent effect of grout color in a mosaic application. As designers push the boundaries of mosaic design, grout can often become more visible thus altering the appearance of such mosaics.

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10 Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes in Interior Design

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

What most of us don’t understand is that interior design takes a very keen and knowledgeable eye. Interior designers understand how color, lighting, room size, scale, and placement all affect how items look in a room and dictates whether they will make or break a room design.

Edgewater Studio’s new website: Design the artistic tile of your dreams!

Edgewater Studio

We listened to your feedback when using our original site, and used this to guide the design of the “new” Edgewater Studio. Our goal was to make sure the site would serve as a go-to tool. Read more » Studio News artistic tile custom bathroom tile custom floor tile custom glass tile custom kitchen tile custom stone tile Edgewater Studio luxury tile made-to-order tile Our updated website is finally up and running.

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Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Tips For A Successful Kitchen Remodel

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Use remodeling tips from interior designers to transform your kitchen. Image: Pickell Architecture Shop a similar look: Stools | Pendants | Cake Stand It’s not hard to see why undertaking a kitchen remodel is one of the most discussed topics in interior design.

Care and Maintenance of Hardwood Floors

Kitchen and Residential Design

via Wood is a favorite flooring option among homeowners and interior designers. Hardwood, especially, is prized in interior design for its hardiness and the elegant and stately look it gives to any room. Kitchen and Residential Design