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Do you need sanded or unsanded grout? You''ll be instructed on how to download the free app. Is your plumber insisting on using a copper pan for your shower but you remember reading that rubber membranes were not only much more economical, but lasted forever, and did not leak or rust? You can''t remember the details, but you want to talk to the plumber and ask questions or insist on using a rubber membrane, but you need your facts.

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Extreme Conditions Grouting

CUSTOM Insights Blog

For the best results, grout should be installed when the temperature is between 50°F and 100°F with controlled humidity and wind, after the bonding mortar has properly cured. Download our Technical Bulletin here Is every tile project installed in ideal weather conditions? Probably not.

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White Paper: How to Select the Right Grout

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The demands of different environments require different grouts for tile installations. Strong chemical cleaners and excessive heat can weaken, discolor and damage standard grout. Download the white paper here

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Tile Council Announces UL Certification of EPDs for North American-Made Tile Mortars and Tile Grouts, Two More Ways to Pick Up Points When Building Green

The Tile Council of North America Blog

At Greenbuild 2016, TCNA announced UL certification of the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for tile mortars and tile grouts made in North America. The grout and mortar EPDs represent more than 2.25 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 19, 2016.

Bigger Is Better: Large Format Porcelain Tile

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For information about our Ancient Stone Collection, visit the Product Page on our website, or download a Data Sheet here. To view more special order field tile sizes and trims from the Industry Collection, download a Data Sheet here. Go big or go home.

Avoid Spooky Tile Situations with Advice from AC’s Customer Service Team

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Applying a sealant to an installed tile and grout. ” Related Links: For more advice and tips on how to care for or maintain your tile, download brochures like our Care & Maintenance or AC Stain Guide here. Don’t let tile mistakes haunt your home renovation.

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Surge: AC’s Glass-Inspired Ceramic

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Download a data sheet here of our Surge Collection. For a complete stain-free installation, consider sealing your cement grout. Better yet, use a stain resistant expoy grout like Spectralock.

Thin Tile Installation Tips

CUSTOM Insights Blog

Thin tiles present a number of challenges to installers that can drastically impact the final outcome of a project.

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A Growing Trend: Matte Black Tile is Back

Architectural Ceramics

To view our full Aristocrat Collection, visit our product page or download a datasheet here. The dark grout ties the space together.

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Back to Basics: AC’s Ceramic Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

Download a data sheet here of our Basics Collection. Grout is used to allow for this expansion and contraction. Download a data sheet here of our London Collection. Download a data sheet here of our City Hall Collection.

CUSTOM Receives CSI Specification Approval

CUSTOM Insights Blog

Custom Building Products recently received approval of its tile installation specifications from the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) through its Compliance Document Review (CDR) program. This approval indicates that Custom''s specification information saves time, reduces the number of change orders, and improves the accuracy of the specifications that make it into the project manual.

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CUSTOM's Mobile App for Tile & Stone Installation

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Grout Color Selector: While nothing can replace the accuracy of our official color cards and grout kits, this visual reference guide will help guide you and your customers to narrow color choices. You can even hold your mobile device up to a piece of tile to generally simulate the look and quickly determine what grout colors are available in your recommended grout type. Download it today The official CUSTOM app for mobile devices is here!

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Fusion Pro Installation Methods

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Fusion Pro® Single Component® Grout is easy to install, but it''s not like traditional cement or epoxy grouts. Download the technical bulletin here Save time by learning the few basic steps required to achieve a beautiful, stress-free installation.

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Tools for Tile Contractors when working with Architects

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Looking for online tools to help you choose the right tile installation products? The CUSTOM website offers resources that make selecting a quality tile installation system fast and easy. Plus, you can always call on our Technical Services for expert assistance on any type of project.

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Indonesian Inspiration: AC’s Batik Collection

Architectural Ceramics

Download a data sheet here of our Batik Collection. Don’t default to Windex because you’re cleaning glass, if you have unsealed white grout, it may turn blue over time. What do tiles and textiles have in common? Both begin their life cycles as natural elements.

Avente Tile Talk: Cement Tile Backsplash Design, Cost & Installation.

Tile Talk

Here are the first three: Use a very narrow grout line when installing cement tiles. Place cement tiles as close together as possible to create a very thin grout line. Minimizing the grout line will make the design look seamless and your space look larger.

It’s Only Natural: AC’s Glass Tile Collection

Architectural Ceramics

Download a data sheet here of our Naturals Collection. Don’t default to Windex because you’re cleaning glass, if you have unsealed white grout, it may turn blue over time. School’s out for summer. The sun is shining.

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The University of Ceramic Tile and Stone’s (UofCTS) Online, “Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile” Course is Updated

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

Due to the high demand for this ITS course, the updated course will have additional sections on how to install Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels (thin porcelain tile panels), how to grout with cementitious and epoxy grouts, how to installed shower receptors, steam showers and curbless showers, and how to layout your tile work. Upon passing the course the student is provided a link to download a student reference guide that contains all of the key information from that respective course.

Avente Tile Talk: Polished Cement Tile Benefits a Kitchen Backsplash

Tile Talk

Last week I discussed some important points about grout and cement tile for backsplash design. Finally, polished tile are usually easier to install because grout doesnt stick to the slightly smoother surface. In general, a grout release is not required for polished tiles.

Large Format Tile Requires Specialized Mortars

CUSTOM Insights Blog

Uneven tiles detract from the smooth, monolithic look of the floor, create challenging grout joints and can even present a trip and fall hazard. This mortar qualifies for CUSTOM’s lifetime warranty when used with a qualifying system of eligible preparation and grouting products.

ARDEX GCS™ Now Available!

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Grout Colorant and Sealer. High-performance, 100% acrylic colorant and sealer provides a fresh look or a new color to existing grout joints. ARDEX GCS penetrates the grout to provide lasting color and protection. to view and download tech data, safety data and product sheets. • Use to refresh, repair or change grout joint color. ARDEX GCS™. Visit the ARDEX GCS product page. Interior and exterior use. Ideal for showers and other intermittent wet areas.

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