Wed.Sep 08, 2021

Wet vs. Dry Grinding and Polishing: What You Must Know

Onfloor Technology

Concrete grinding and polishing is an undeniably economical and efficient way to strengthen and beautify your concrete floor. A professionally done job brings out the natural beauty of any concrete type, improving the floor's aesthetics and value.

Six Residential Interior Design Trends That Don’t Enhance Wellness

JG Kitchens

Here are six popular design trends that I don't think necessarily enhance wellness from one of my recent pieces. Are they features you're looking at for your redo? If so, check out both my reasoning and my suggested "modifications" to make them safer and/or healthier.

Community Spirit Puts Student Sarah in Running for Prestigious Architecture Award

The A to Z of Building

University of Huddersfield architecture student Sarah Bradshaw is in the running for the prestigious national Women in Property National Students award after being named as one of two regional winners