Fri.Aug 09, 2019

Kitchen Shelving Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Trendir Magazine

Exposing your clutter, old dishes and even a mixture of both can be quite intimidating. The chaos is there, but many of us prefer to have it behind doors where no one can see it. Keeping that in mind is why most of us prefer having cabinets and hiding it all away.

Jungle Heavy

Diary of a Tile Addict

Inspired by the release of one of the newest additions to ‘s endless wall decor options – Andrea Hasse and her Jungle murals – Tile Addict has been scouring the ceramic world for similar jungle inspiration.

7 Common Weeds & How to Get Rid of Them

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Ugh, weeds. You put a lot of work into your yard with the hopes of helping it look its best so you can relax and enjoy it this summer. Then you spot a weed and all that relaxation goes out the window. Suddenly, you’re on the offensive, prepping to battle an invasive species.

How To 103

Is That Moving Company Right For You?

Kitchen and Residential Design

Which Type of Corporate or Residential Mover Should You Choose? Van line moving companies come in various types depending on specialty services that they offer. Check these before hiring your next mover.