Wed.Feb 19, 2020

Tile of Spain Companies Present the Latest in Products and Innovations at the 38th Edition of CEVISAMA

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain manufacturers returned to Spain earlier this month to bring their latest productions and innovations to CEVISAMA, the International Fair for Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings. This year’s annual show took place from February 3rd to February 7th, 2020 and was held the Feria Valencia center in Valencia Spain. STATE OF THE INDUSTRY.

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Top 10 Residential Tile Trends for 2020

JG Kitchens

I love tile! It’s one of the most versatile, durable, low maintenance design materials available anywhere. You can see still see intact tile installations created hundreds or thousands of years ago when you travel to historic sites. I’ve enjoyed seeing those in Italy, Greece, Germany, California’s Central Coast and Mexico on trips. What’s hot now for your home? Check out these top 10 tile trends for 2020 in my latest article.

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Marble Etching Stain Repair Jacksonville

Fabric and Tile Masters

Marble Stain Repair Jacksonville. Marble stain repair Jacksonville is a conversation devoted almost exclusively to the treatment of acid etch marks. Sure, rust, wine, food coloring and other chemical reactions can discolor the stone, but the acid etch mark is the main culprit. This article is a discussion of marble stain repair with a concentration in the acid etch. Acid Etching. If you need marble stain repair, there is a large chance the acid etch is at the root of your problem.

Architect vs. Architectural Designer: aka Alphabet Soup

Life of an Architect

Every person's signature tells a story. Especially when it comes to all those letters that happen after their name. You can learn a great deal about a person's professional values by the abbreviations they have after their name. These letters can distinguish the qualifications of individuals and if they are a licensed professional in the practice of architecture. Continue reading Architect vs. Architectural Designer: aka Alphabet Soup at Life of an Architect.