Wed.Sep 15, 2021

Why Spanish Concrete Tiles Are Always ‘In’

The Cement Tile

Granada Tiles are an outstanding choice for just about any home remodeling job. They’re sturdy and are easy to maintain yet offer a truly classic look. Add a touch of Spanish influence, and you’ll have an exotic space that will last years.

Wellness Design in the Laundry Room

JG Kitchens

Wherever your laundry area is located in your home, it should be as functional and ergonomic as possible. I interviewed three pros to get tips on achieving this for my latest article on the topic, and for today's Clubhouse WELLNESS WEDNESDAY conversation to follow. .

Design 130

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High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Welding Technology for Building Lightweight Bridge

The A to Z of Building

Scientists from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) are the first in Russia to design a friction stir welding technology relating to a new aluminum alloy for building a

Replacing vs. Restoring Wooden Decks: What to Consider

Onfloor Technology

If your home or your client's home has wooden decks, then chances are you're going to need to do maintenance on it after a while. This can get expensive, and it turns into a headache if it gets done wrong. Floor Restoration Wood Floor Restoration