Mon.Jun 07, 2021

Modernizing Marble

Decorative Materials

From Ancient Greece to the Far East, many of history’s most notable structures have marble to thank for their longevity and enduring beauty. A symbol of sophistication through the millennia, marble has long evoked luxury. Tile Trends

Welding Safety at the Forefront of New Research

The A to Z of Building

To create a better understanding of workers’ exposure to welding fumes in Australia, the NSW Government’s Centre for Work Health and Safety is conducting new research. Together with the

Architectural Graphics: Arrows or Ticks?

Life of an Architect

Architectural Graphics are a topic that I discuss a lot, and today is no different. Do you use arrows or tick marks at the end of your leader lines? The post Architectural Graphics: Arrows or Ticks? first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Architectural Graphics: Arrows or Ticks?