Sun.Nov 19, 2017

Love It or Hate It, This Design Trend is Back in Bathrooms

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It was absolutely everywhere in the early 2000s — tiny square tiles, often in mosaics of varying shades, with a bit of an iridescent sheen. Those same tiles were big in the '70s and '80s, too, although then you were more likely to see them in shades of white or beige.

How to Stage Your Home For Sale With Little to No Budget

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Your home is on the market, and you're gunning to sell, but you still haven't gotten any offers. Staging your home, or preparing it for resale, can make all the difference. READ MORE ». Real Estate

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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas That Will Take 10 Minutes or Less

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When you're elbow deep in mashed sweet potatoes and poultry cavities, the last thing you have time to do is elaborately decorate for Thanksgiving.

Before and After: From Slapdash Kitchen to a Blue-Grey Beauty

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Here's a kitchen that makes me think, "Sure! Great! I've paid many dollars every month for the privilege of cooking in much worse and much, much smaller spaces!"

Never Panic About Leaving the Oven On Again: This Smart Sensor Alerts You To Anything Wrong at Home

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Ever leave the house with a nagging panic? Whether your personal nightmare is that you left the coffeepot or iron being left on or the pipes bursting when you're not home on a below-freezing night, there's a new smart home sensor that could be just the kind of anxiety-killing remedy that we need.


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A Touch of This Electric Color Makes the Room, Every Time — Currently Obsesssed

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There are some colors that you see and think, oh, that's pretty. And then there are some colors that you see and you just have to look at them. For me, cobalt blue is that color. I just can't help but want to drink in the electric hue.

Harry Styles Is the Plant Lady We All Aspire To Be

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I've come to appreciate Harry Styles over the past year. Despite never being a particularly big fan of One Direction—I'm of the NKOTB/BSB/N*SYNC era of boy bandery—I am quite enamored with Harry's solo album, shorter hair, wild wardrobe, and especially, his penchant for being a true plant lady.


4 Gift Ideas from Goop's "Ridiculous, But Awesome" 2017 Guide, For Much Less

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Love it or hate it, Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle magazine Goop has become a cultural talking point — and its "Ridiculous, But Awesome Gift Guide" for the 2017 holiday season is full of luxury nonsense worth talking about. READ MORE ». Popular Culture


Here Are the Before Photos of Property Brother Drew Scott's New House

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The new Property Brothers spinoff, Drew's Honeymoon House, premieres this week on HGTV, and while the network has shared a couple before photos , we just found them all. Take a look at what the brothers are working with. READ MORE


Rent Kelly Osbourne's West Hollywood Condo for $19.5K a Month

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Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne, daughter of metal icon Ozzy Osbourne and talk show host Sharon Osbourne, is renting out her luxe condo in West Hollywood, California's famed Sierra Towers building. This isn't your mama's Airbnb rental; Osbourne's unit in this trendy tower means neighbors that include the likes of Courteney Cox and Sandra Bullock, as well as a rent payment of $19,500 per month. Just in case you're wondering, that's 3,900 $5 Subway footlongs or roughly 28 iPhone Xs—a month.