Sun.Nov 04, 2018

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Using Mirrors as a Design Element

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

We all know that mirrors can make a room appear larger – and that’s a neat trick – but mirrors are more than just one-trick ponies. They can also be used as a design element to help complete whatever look you’re trying to achieve. A mirror can provide either contrast or balance when used correctly.

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What Happens Ordering Stuff Online

How to Floor Tile

It can be a frustrating experience ordering and receiving cabinet parts online. The tape is held above the double vanity door and the panel above is 5/16ths of an inch short when it should have been 24 and 3/4.

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Architecture Studio Vignettes

Life of an Architect

Did you know that our office closes at noon on Fridays? This is a policy that has been in place for years – one that I think everyone really enjoys.