Fri.Oct 15, 2021

New Tech On Tile Demo! "Thank God!"

How to Floor Tile

In this photo I removed carpet to install engineered wood in a glue down format. Wasn't bad at all, just pull up the tack strip, pad, and carpet and haul it off. Not so with the kitchen and utility room.

Four Tremendous Tactile Textures

Diary of a Tile Addict

The textures of tile come in many shapes, sizes, depths, and designs, some made by machine, some by hand, and some by chance and fire. No matter how the texture is made, it’s almost impossible to do anything but love it and want to touch it.


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5 Inspiring Fireplace Designs for Fall Fanatics

The Cement Tile

A truly unique hearth will feature a concrete fireplace design. A cement wall can showcase a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles yet hold up to heavy wear. Most importantly, these sturdy, low-maintenance designs are baked-in, making them resistant to fade.

Why You Need a Mold Removal Professional

Kitchen and Residential Design

What if we told you that from the twenty-one million reported asthma cases in the United States, 4.6 million are said to be associated with mold and dampness? Furthermore, a whopping 90 percent of chronic sinus cases are associated with mold.