Tue.Jul 09, 2019

?Bringing the Colors of Summer Home All Year Long

Cement Style

If summer is your jam, take your cues from these hues for your home to make every day feel like summer vacation: ?Summer Summer color #1: Yellow It’s no surprise that sunny hues are the best way to feel summery. Bring the summer sunshine indoors by adding a touch of gold to walls, floors, and decor.

Choosing Concrete Driveways in Orlando vs Other Materials

Kitchen and Residential Design

via Choosing the right material for your driveway is a critical decision all homeowners must make. It has to be durable and have good longevity, but should also look attractive and blend in with the rest of the house.

Creating a Summer corner with a Contemporary Deck

Trendir Magazine

Summer is officially here, which means most of us will be spending an abundance of time outdoors. This is exceptionally true for those that own an outdoor deck. The deck is essential to many due to needing an intimate area that is personal and calming yet stylish and fun.

Portland State Study Demonstrates How Plants, Trees and Reflective Materials Can Reduce Extreme Heat in City Neighborhoods

The A to Z of Building

Planting more vegetation, using reflective materials on hard surfaces and installing green roofs on buildings can help cool potentially deadly urban heat islands -- a phenomenon that exists in nearly