Wed.Apr 10, 2019

CTDA is excited to announce the 2019 Supplier of the Year, Crossville, Inc!

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Last night at CTDA’s Coverings Happy Hour, Crossville, Inc. was announced as the Supplier of the Year. This is Crossville’s THIRD time winning this award and is the first supplier to do so!

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Designing for a Masculine Aesthetic

As The Tile Turns

Stereotypes abound regarding masculine and feminine decor. Guys allegedly bemoan the loss of their bachelor pads, while women are thought to take over with flowers, pastels, and piles of throw pillows. In reality, however, interior design is rarely so simple.

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Preview 2019’s Top Tile Trends For American Homes — From

JG Kitchens

I’m in Orlando at the moment, checking out the latest tile innovations, products and trends at Coverings. Here’s an early look at the top looks at this massive tile expo. As you might expect, there’s eye candy for days!

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The Great Outdoors: Tile for Outside Applications

Architectural Ceramics

When you first think of landscaping your patio or other outside space, you probably don’t immediately think of tile. But tile is not just for your kitchen or bathroom – there are tons of great tiles for outdoor use.

Show-stopping Modern Wall Units for your Living Room

Trendir Magazine

When it comes to your living room having a show-stopping element is one of the best ways to bring a visual appeal. Having a modern, show-stopping wall unit could provide that interesting visual allure that your room needs.

TISE to Make China Debut This Year

Stone Update

Shanghai event slated for mid-December. Featured Shows, Seminars, Workshops Events

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Top 6 Indicators You Need an Expert Plumber ASAP

Kitchen and Residential Design

There is nothing as boring as drainage sluggish in your sink when washing your utensils. Every avid dishwasher will attest to that truth, especially when they are in a hurry of doing something else. Of course, this is a common phenomenon in many homes in Hamilton.