Tue.Jun 22, 2021

A Guide to Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles

The London Tile Co.

How to choose bathroom tiles. Once upon a time, choosing bathroom tiles was simple, but now there’s an endless array of tiles to choose from. Do you go for a pattern? How about tile size? Colour? At London Tile Co.

Big Gets Bold: Ossido Gauged Porcelain Panels

Garden State Tile Blog

Big gets bold with Crossville’s Ossido porcelain tile panels by Laminam, available from Garden State Tile. Each panel evokes the look of materials left to weather and oxidize, capturing the perfect moment of nature’s transformation in porcelain.

Home Design Tips for Cat Lovers

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by Juli Kosolapova on Unsplash If you have a furry friend that follows you around your home, or seems to always be off somewhere causing havoc, it might be time to make a few tweaks to your home.