Mon.Nov 20, 2017

Decorating with Mustard Yellow for a Mid-century Holiday Season

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We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Want to add an unexpected color to your modern decor? Decorating with mustard yellow may be the answer.

15 Super Cool Lamps That Will Amp Up Your Side Table Style

Trendir Magazine

From the living room to the nightstands in the bedroom, some extra lighting is key to a rounded out and functional space. But that doesn’t mean that necessity inside those areas needs to be boring.

Keep Calm and Steal My Stuff

Life of an Architect

Where the internet is concerned, people have a “help yourself” attitude. When I first started my site, I will confess that I was ignorant of the nuances of what was, and what wasn’t, off limits.

Avocado Acres House in California Reveals a Sloping Curved Roof

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Surfside Projects + Lloyd Russell completed an original residence in California that pays homage to the coastal style. Avocado Acres House stands out thanks to its bold geometry and welcoming outdoor spaces.

It's Etsy's Cyber Week & All These (& More) Are on Sale

Apartment Therapy

I know, I know. Black Friday used to be a day. And then Cyber Monday came along. Now the two have stretched themselves into a mini shopping season.

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Here's What's New on Netflix In December

Apartment Therapy

If you're looking to spruce up your Netflix queue in the coming weeks, we have good news. The streaming service just announced the new arrivals for December, and here's what is going on our lists immediately. READ MORE ». Books & Media. Popular Culture


Real People, Real Advice: Hosting Overnight Guests in a Small Home

Apartment Therapy

Last week I asked a number of stylish, smart people who happen to live in teeny tiny homes to share their advice for hosting holiday dinners and gatherings. Their tip and lessons were enormously helpful!


Could Italian Modernism Be the New Look of Now?

Apartment Therapy

For years, the place we have looked to for cutting-edge interior design was Scandinavia. But lately, I've seen a bit of a shift: from bright whites to moody, desaturated colors, from simple, natural materials to more luxe styles.

Last Chance: Everything That's Leaving Netflix in December

Apartment Therapy

December is creeping up on us, and that means that we have news on what will be leaving Netflix next month. Just know that new arrivals are around the corner, and take some solace that there's a holiday happening this week, so you can sneak in one last viewing of your favorites. READ MORE ».


Deck The Halls With Avocado Toast: These Holiday Decorations Are Peak 2017

Apartment Therapy

It has been quite the year. If you want to memorialize this particular trip around the sun in the most festive way possible, let us present to you: our guide to holiday decorations that are peak 2017.

Shop Like a Decorator: A Designer's Favorite 6 Things From Costco

Apartment Therapy

While you're probably already privy to Costco's awesome deals on home essentials like dish soap, socks, food, etc. you might be surprised to learn they have some pretty stellar deals on furniture and decor items, too.

Target Just Announced Its Cyber Week Deals

Apartment Therapy

The Bullseye is making it easy to plan your holiday shopping this year. Target released their Black Friday ad last week , and now they just shared their plans for Cyber Monday and beyond. Here's what we know so far. READ MORE ». Sales & Events. Shopping Guides.

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Before & After: A Former Schoolhouse Gets a Major Upgrade

Apartment Therapy

This incredible space—and let's be real, even this somewhat dated space is absolutely incredible before, thanks to those windows, floors, and ceilings—recently got the makeover it deserved. The results are glamorous, architectural, and extremely livable—not bad for a 100-year-old school. READ MORE ».

Hit The Travel Jackpot: Here's How To Increase Your Odds of a Plane Row To Yourself

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Everyone has their least favorite part of traveling. For some folks, it's navigating the airport parking lot. For others, it's taking their shoes off in the security line.

Why Wet Rooms Might Be Better Than Traditional American Bathrooms

Apartment Therapy

Bathrooms are a little bit different all over the world. Bathrooms in Europe often have a hand sprayer but no showerhead. Many Japanese bathrooms have a tub inside the shower. In Pittsburgh, some houses have toilets in the basement, right out in the open.

Here's How Much People Really Pay In Rent

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Did you know that most studies of average rents pull their data from apartment listings? That can provide a pretty accurate snapshot of the prices a newcomer can expect to encounter on their apartment search—but it's not always reflective of real-life rental situations. READ MORE ». Real Estate.

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Everything Is On Sale At Urban Outfitters Today

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Stores aren't even waiting for Black Friday to start offering great deals, and Urban Outfitters isn't any different. Today, the retailer is offering 20 percent off your entire purchase (in store or online) to its UO Rewards members. READ MORE ». Sales & Events. Shopping Guides.

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How to Keep the Suitcase Sane When Traveling with Kids

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Traveling with kids isn't easy. Among the challenges that come from being away from your own home and routine, dealing with your family-closet-on-the-move, (that is, your suitcase) is high on the list. But preparing beforehand and having the right tools can prevent you from spending your precious time away from home digging for clothes in a tangled mess made of four people's maybe-clean, maybe-not wardrobes. READ MORE ». Nursery & Kids. Travel. Organizing

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The Cool California Home of the Founders of Health-Ade Kombucha — House Tour

Apartment Therapy

Name: Daina , Justin and Hendricks Trout of Health-Ade Kombucha. Location: Mar Vista, California. Size: 3,100 square feet. Years lived in: 5 months, owned. It seems difficult to believe that Daina and Justin Trout, co-founders of popular drink brand, Health-Ade Kombucha , only moved into their stunning Westside home five months ago. With each room more pulled together and well designed than the last, it seems as if this effortlessly styled home would have taken years to get every detail right.

Escape with us to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Apartment Therapy

One of Brooklyn's most beloved institutions is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Founded in 1897, the garden has served as a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life for millions of New Yorkers ever since. We wanted to share part of what makes the gardens so special so we sent our video team over to spend some time in a few of our favorite spots! READ MORE ». Video Tours. Plants & Gardening

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A Minimal, Scandi-Influenced UK Home — House Tour

Apartment Therapy

Name: Kate and Matt Williams, their children Daisy and Joseph, and their whippets Mimi and Olive. Location: Mistley — Essex, UK. Years lived in: 3 1/2 years. This Georgian home dates back to 1710 and sits on one side of the scenic High Street of Mistley village on the Stour Estuary in Essex. The air is scented with the salty smell of the river and the malty hops brewing in the large red-brick brewery nearby.