August, 2021

Experimenting with Ceramic Formats

Tile of Spain USA

The idea that square tiles are the only option for floors and walls has become a thing of the past. Tile of Spain manufacturers offer collections in planks, geometrics, high-reliefs and many other formats that allow design ideas to be carried out in an entirely new way.

Ceramic Tile’s Benefits for Allergy Sufferers

Why Tile

Anyone who suffers from allergies knows the perils of allergy season, but while we tend to think of the culprits as living outside, many allergens can be found right inside your home.


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CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. CONTACT. Sarah Thompson. Ceramic Tile Distributors Association. 630-545-9415. TOTAL SOLUTIONS PLUS ANNOUNCES HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2021.

Kibak Tiles

Diary of a Tile Addict

If you read us regularly you’ll know all about our company collection posts that share five companies to keep an eye on. But there are too many for our once-a-month posts to keep up with so this week we are bringing you a new company each day.

Tile 82

Pushing the Boundaries of Design with Mary Welch Fox Stasik & Garden State Tile

Garden State Tile Blog

A few lucky Charleston homeowners just got a fresh new home update thanks to lowcountry-based designer Mary Welch Fox Stasik.

Trending in Marble: Moving Beyond Fixed Finishes

Decorative Materials

When you imagine modern marble , you probably picture a gleaming expanse of smooth stone, perhaps as elegant hallway flooring or a bathroom backsplash. These represent excellent use of marble tiles, but this “the-more-the-merrier” approach doesn't appeal to all designers and homeowners.

La Roca Camper, a CID Award Winning Project

Tile of Spain USA

During this year’s annual Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards special recognition in the International category was awarded to Tomás Alonso Studio for La Roca Camper.

More Trending

How to Choose Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Kitchen and Residential Design

Outdoor ovens are in different designs and styles. So you need to consider certain factors when choosing one. In this buying guide, we will discuss the different things that differentiate outdoor pizza ovens. This will assist you in making an excellent choice for your garden.

Ramona Paloma Tile Studio

Diary of a Tile Addict

A studio born of friendship, Ramona Paloma crafts delight and whimsy fresh from clay. Despite having lived virtually parallel lives for many years, it wasn’t until 1998 when studio founders Tracy and Soozee first met and bonded over a shared love of art.

Tile 65

Artisan Appeal: Introducing Saratoga

Garden State Tile Blog

Echo the handcrafted aesthetic of traditional zellige tile with the Saratoga ceramic wall tile collection from Garden State Tile. This white-body ceramic tile collection is available in a glossy 2.5″x8″

The Most Innovative Tile Trends of 2021

Decorative Materials

Design trends don't come out of thin air. They reflect the realities of our daily lives, including both the unique challenges and opportunities we face. Given all this, the design world's recent evolution should come as no surprise.


Tile of Spain USA

The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER) announces the call for entry for the monumental 20th annual Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture, Interior Design and Final Degree Project.

Spain 130

Blue-Green Tile: Teal, Turquoise, Aqua, and Peacock Tile Ideas

Why Tile

The strong desire to connect with nature has led recent interior decor trends toward earth tones as well as water-inspired colors, textures, and designs.

Tile Collections from Indonesia Feature Trending Shapes

Rubble Tile

Zen Paradise natural stone and pebble tiles are inspired by the tranquil, gorgeous beaches of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. They are passionate about ensuring their products are organic, high quality, and ethically sourced.

Gaga for Gila

Diary of a Tile Addict

With so many gifted mosaic artists about it’s extremely difficult to decide who and what to share whilst maintaining a varied stream of tile-related information and avoiding becoming Diary of a Mosaic Addict. But one artist in particular has piqued our interest recently – Gila Rayberg.

Egypt 62

Artisan Appeal: Introducing Saratoga

Garden State Tile Blog

Echo the handcrafted aesthetic of traditional zellige tile with the Saratoga ceramic wall tile collection from Garden State Tile. This white-body ceramic tile collection is available in a glossy 2.5″x8″

How a Backsplash Can Update a Space

The Cement Tile

Design by Chris Barrett Design featuring Serengeti 913 A via Often when people undertake a kitchen or bathroom renovation, the end-product doesn’t quite live up to what they envisioned.

Fresh for Summer

Cement Style

A Villa Lagoon Tile favorite, Katie , is now featured in fresh green tones to keep your space summer-ready all year long. Featured in the June/July 2021 issue of House Beautiful, our Katie Fresco Cement Tile makes an appearance in the stunning Palm Beach project by designer Phoebe Howard.

Seven Wellness Design Technology Trends to Make Your Home Healthier

JG Kitchens

These are all highly-popular mass market smart home technology devices. But they're a sliver of what's possible, helpful and healthful for your life and home. I explore seven of the hottest wellness-enhancing smart home technology trends with three pros in my latest piece.

Trends 140

Client Feature: Kristin Dittmar

Decorative Materials

The road to brilliant design often includes significant obstacles along the way. This is certainly true for local interior designer, Kristin Dittmar. Talented and tenacious, she refuses to let recessions or pandemics stop her from producing remarkable results. Design

Kintsugi Collection

Diary of a Tile Addict

We’re big fans of kintsugi – the famous Japanese art of reclaiming the beauty of the broken by highlighting cracks and repairs in gold – not only for its lovely looks, but for the way it encourages the process of mending (especially in ceramics) and emphasises the charm of the imperfect. Kintusgi Hibi Storm.

Japan 61

A Fresh Faced Enhancement: Color Blox 2.0

Garden State Tile Blog

Color Blox 2.0 by Crossville is a fresh faced enhancement to the Color Blox line that reignites the collection with bright playfulness grounded in nature’s roots.

4 Timeless Patterns from Our Olvera Collection

The Cement Tile

Design by Zelig Architecture featuring Huesca via Our Olvera Collection is a fantastic choice for interior and exterior design projects. These tiles produce a long-lasting and welcoming look and combine well with our Echo Collection to create sleek styles for backsplashes or floors.

How to Easily Remove Mastic From Concrete

Onfloor Technology

Mastic is always easier to remove when it's fresh, but if you're pulling up a carpet from a concrete floor, you're likely to encounter the huge job of removing it after it's dried. Mastic removal is a difficult task, but not impossible.

Eight Wellness Design-Inspired Pro Tips For Your Work From Home Space

JG Kitchens

Are you one of the millions of folks whose jobs went remote last year? Has your employer decided to continue having staff work from home? If so, you’re going to want to read this latest piece. (OK, OK, even if you don’t want to, you probably should!)

Design 140

Residential Architecture 101 – Room Matrix

Life of an Architect

A residential room matrix is a powerful tool that can list rooms sizes and how these contribute to your construction budget. The post Residential Architecture 101 – Room Matrix first appeared on Life of an Architect.

Sherwin-Williams predicts 2022 tones

Diary of a Tile Addict

Finally we’ve got some more trend content headed your way! Coming in hot for 2022, Sherwin-Williams has curated MODE, four familes of forecasted colour.

How Long Does Concrete Foundation Repair in Dayton, Ohio, Last? | A Homeowner’s Guide to Repairs

Kitchen and Residential Design

When you invest in concrete foundation repair in Dayton, Ohio, you want to know that those fixes will last as long as possible! Not only are foundation repair costs an expensive investment but it’s vital that your home sits on a solid, stable foundation.

Ohio 83

Newcastle Technology Company Twinview Supports World-First SmartScore ‘Platinum’ Building

The A to Z of Building

Technology developed by Newcastle headquartered Twinview has supported the first building in the world to achieve the coveted SmartScore Platinum standard - the international benchmark for

The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Repair

Onfloor Technology

Is your latest concrete job not all it's cracked up to be? Things happen. Even if you did a great job laying concrete for your latest client. Trees, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances can all take a toll on fresh concrete.

Festival of Books Presentation (First-Ever Vlog Post!), Smart Home Musings and Afghanistan Thoughts

JG Kitchens

I’m camera shy. Sort of. It’s actually video cameras (and webcams) that put me on edge. But as I learned years ago — and keep re-learning — “Risk being uncomfortable” has its rewards in life.

Episode 081: Motivation

Life of an Architect

Motivation is the ingredient that defines the difference between desire and will in the process of setting and attaining goals …. The post Episode 081: Motivation first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Episode 081: Motivation at Life of an Architect.

Arto Brick

Diary of a Tile Addict

For our third installment of the week we’re looking at a company we have mentioned very briefly before in Doggy Décor. But now they’ll get all the attention they deserve as we take a closer look, and formally introduce you to Arto Brick. SD100C SD103B SD147A.

A Price Guide on How Much to Clean a House

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash Cleaning can be a tough task, especially if you’re a busy bee with a hectic lifestyle. While hiring cleaning professionals may have crossed your mind at some point, for many people, it is still considered a luxury.

Lumber Prices for the 2nd Half of 2021

The Armchair Builder

August 16, 2021 News stories about lumber prices have everyone believing that wood is cheap today. But for anyone who’s tried to buy any lumber, the story is completely different. Even with minor retail price declines, the cost of most dimensional lumber (i.e.


Portable Dust Collectors: Advantages and Considerations

Onfloor Technology

Residential and commercial flooring is an inherently dusty job. Concrete Restoration Wet/Dry Vacuums Safety Floor Scrubbers Industrial Floor Scrubbers Commercial Floor Machine Multi-Surface Cleaner Vacuum OnFloor Concrete Floor

Wellness Design Tips Support Dr. Axe’s Six Habits To Supercharge Collagen

JG Kitchens

I recently came across Dr. Josh Axe doing a PBS interview. I was fascinated by his ideas about collagen and asked his publisher for a copy of his latest book, The Collagen Diet (Little Brown, Spark). You'll see in this latest post how some of his suggestions have a nexus to wellness design.

Design 130