May, 2021

6 Ceramic Styles Heating Up Interiors This Season

Tile of Spain USA

Each new season brings a new set of interior design trends. As the summer months approach and the warmer weather sets in, we inevitably think about how we can liven up our spaces with vibrant colors, bold patterns and statement accessories.

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Create an Outdoor Oasis with Porcelain Tile

Garden State Tile Blog

Warmer weather is finally here, and everyone is eager to get back outside! Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home with a newly remodeled exterior.


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Fresh Looks for Walls – Product Recommendations from GIO Tile


For many commercial environments, from restaurants and schools to hotel and office lobbies and more, tile — ceramic, porcelain, or glass — is an excellent surfacing material for walls. The advantages of tile over paint, wallpaper, wood, brick, and many other materials are many.

Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Flooring

Decorative Materials

When you think of your dream kitchen, what do you picture? Beautiful cabinets and backsplash probably come to mind. Perhaps you imagine a kitchen island or granite counters. These elements are all important, but have you stopped to consider the impact of kitchen flooring? Tile Trends

Classics Tide, by Mosa Tile, Brings a Touch of Classic to a Contemporary Ceramic

Rubble Tile

For over 130 years Mosa has been manufacturing tiles using the purest materials and the magic of innovative Dutch design. By embracing the Cradle to Cradle philosophy and a commitment to design, Mosa has become one of the most innovative and sustainable tile makers in.

How to Properly Maintain Your Laminate Flooring

Kitchen and Residential Design

If you have laminate flooring, then you would need proper maintenance to ensure it stays in pristine shape for a long period. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to give you various tips with which to maintain your laminate flooring.

Tile of Spain Announces Launch of 2021 Look Book

Tile of Spain USA

A strong global leader in the ceramic tile industry, The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) is a diverse organization comprised of over 100 Spanish tile companies that export ceramic products to more than 185 countries worldwide.

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How To Create an Indoor Paradise With the Olvera Collection

The Cement Tile

Traveling these days can be difficult and expensive. Many people turn to staycations to relax during their time off of work. Create an indoor paradise in your home with the Olvera Collection from Granada Tile by reading ahead. Take Inspiration From Unique Designs.

Tantalizing Bathroom Texture

Decorative Materials

Your bathroom should feel like a personal oasis, but that doesn’t mean you should be confined to the simple smooth surfaces that once dominated bathroom design. These days, texture is a big deal in every area of the home — and it holds a lot of potential for complementing spa-like bathrooms.

Ascot Everytile and Dom Design Lab unveil new websites

Ceramics of Italy

With the aim of meeting the needs of its customers more effectively through well-designed and easily consultable tools, Ascot Ceramiche by Victoria Ceramics Italy has created the new Ascot Everytile and Dom Design Lab websites in keeping with the brands’ new identities.

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2021 Tile Trends: Large Hex Tile

Why Tile

With Coverings just weeks away, we’re celebrating by taking a closer look at each of the top 2021 tile trends we predicted at the beginning of the year. First up is an adaptation of a long-time favorite: hexagon tile. Hexagon tile is well-known in smaller sizes, including tiny hexes used in mosaics. This year, hexagon… The post 2021 Tile Trends: Large Hex Tile appeared first on Why Tile. Tile Trends

The Research Institute of the Hospital de Saint Paul, a Tile of Spain Award Winning Project

Tile of Spain USA

Receiving first prize in the 2019 edition of the Tile of Spain Awards, the Research Institute of the Hospital de Saint Paul is a uniquely constructed building conceived as a technological infrastructure with a deep commitment to global sustainability.

Wellness Design Trending Strongly In Resale, Remodeling And New Home Construction

JG Kitchens

Perhaps you're in a great spot yourself and are looking to spend the money you didn't use for a vacation last year on home improvements. Or maybe you're house shopping too.

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3 Show-Stopping Kitchen Cement Tiles Inspirations From Granada Tile

The Cement Tile

If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, cement tiles are an excellent design feature. Check out these 3 show-stopping inspirations for kitchen cement tiles to give you some ideas for your home remodeling project. Why Renovate Your Kitchen?

Roofing in Arvada: Types of Roofing Materials to Know

Kitchen and Residential Design

Roofs are very important parts of a building. Aside from the obvious reason for why homes, offices, and just about any four walls structure have them, they do add to the general aesthetic and appeal of buildings- when done right of course.

The new Fondovalle space: a laboratory of ideas with a homely feel

Ceramics of Italy

When renovating its headquarters in Torre Maina, Ceramica Fondovalle created premises that are not only ideal for showcasing the company’s products and know-how but above all are inspired by living spaces.

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10 Modern Bedroom Ideas For Couples

Trendir Magazine

Whether you have lived with your partner for years or you have recently moved in together, creating the perfect space where both of you feel welcomed can be tricky. Not only because everyone is different but because concluding what the bedroom should feel and look like can be challenging.

Architectural Graphics 101 – Symbols

Life of an Architect

It is time to focus our attention on the wayfinding devices of architectural drawings - today we are talking Architectural Graphics 101 - Symbols. The post Architectural Graphics 101 – Symbols first appeared on Life of an Architect.

Double Trouble: Wellness Design and Outdoor Living!

JG Kitchens

I was honored to be asked to write a feature for KBDN this month too. I was told by a colleague that when the editors were looking at covering the latest info on wellness design, my name came up first. It's a real thrill to be thought of that way!

Ofgem “Sandbox” Awarded to Emergent Energy Unlocks New Commercial Offer for Housing Industry that can Cut the Costs of Delivering Net Zero Technologies by 25%

The A to Z of Building

New entrant Emergent have today launched a “smart local energy system solution” that connects individual houses and flats with on-site net zero technologies on residential developments

A Guide to Finding the Best Contractor for Foundation Repair

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash Foundation repairs and waterproofing professionals can make your home's foundation stronger and more resistant to future damage. However, choosing the best waterproofing and foundation repair contractors services can be difficult.

Mosaico+ dedica una piattaforma al mondo della progettazione

Ceramics of Italy

Nell’intento di dar luogo ad una vera e propria community basata sulla condivisione e sulla comunicazione diretta, Mosaico+ ha creato M+ATES, una piattaforma gratuita che mette a disposizione di architetti, interior designer e contractor, servizi di progettazione personalizzati ed iniziative a loro dedicate. “L’iscrizione

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The Best Ways to Incorporate Wallpaper into Your Living Room

Trendir Magazine

Are you thinking about redecorating your living room? If so, you should look into incorporating wallpaper somewhere into your design. Most people brush aside wallpaper as difficult to deal with, but it actually isn’t that hard to install and can really add a whole new look to a room.

Ep 076: Critical Skills of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Here are the top 4 critical skills a person should have to experience success and satisfaction as a practicing architect. The post Ep 076: Critical Skills of an Architect first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Ep 076: Critical Skills of an Architect at Life of an Architect.

Five Ways Your Home Can Help You Manage Foot Pain

JG Kitchens

Since I know that millions of other adults have the same challenges -- whether through their job or their fitness hobbies -- I was certainly going to share what I learned. Here's that wisdom, compliments of a Mayo Clinic foot specialist, via I hope it helps you too.



With so many stunning options, we understand that it is difficult to narrow down your choices. We want you to be happy with your selections and choose the product that will bring you joy each time you look at it for years to come.

The Importance of Interior Design when Hiring Architects

Kitchen and Residential Design

When people admire or condemn a physical structure, their judgment is often one-sided. This is because many of them draw their conclusion from observing the external part of the structure alone. The fact is that there is more to a building than outward appearance.

Leviat Launch New Thermally Efficient Ancon Windpost

The A to Z of Building

Leviat, world leader in connecting, fixing, lifting and anchoring technology for the construction industry, has launched a revolutionary new thermally efficient Ancon windpost designed to minimise

Charming and Minimal Decorating Ideas To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Trendir Magazine

It is the first week of May, meaning it’s time to Spring clean the house, move furniture, Sage corners, and upgrade the home. The beginning of May is a huge sign that Summer is officially on the way.

Ep 075: Should Architects Do It All?

Life of an Architect

When developing architectural skills, should you focus on a specific area of expertise or do you attempt to do it all? Ep 075: Should Architects Do It All? The post Ep 075: Should Architects Do It All? first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Ep 075: Should Architects Do It All?

30 Wellness Design Gifts For Mother’s Day 2021

JG Kitchens

There are other women we honor on this 'Hallmark holiday.' They include grandmothers, stepmoms, favorite aunts, foster moms, siblings who have kids, friends' moms who helped raise us, even den mothers for the kids' scouting troops.

Heating & Cooling Company in Chesapeake Offers 24 Hour Emergency Service

Kitchen and Residential Design

Getting a new cooling or heating system is a serious process that needs careful thought. After all, you’ll expect your investment to last for two decades or more. Ideally, you’ll have to choose appliances that can provide you a comfortable home regardless of what season of the year it is currently.

Go To the Cave … or Return to Camp?

Life of an Architect

How many of you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from your childhood? Go the Cave. Return to Camp? This "concept" works in Design as well. The post Go To the Cave … or Return to Camp? first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Go To the Cave … or Return to Camp?

Knowledge versus Tools

Life of an Architect

I was having a conversation with some academic colleagues the other day and we got on the subject of knowledge versus tools. The basic idea of this chat was about what students should be learning during their architectural education.

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Three must have items in your kitchen

Kitchen and Residential Design

Many solutions can give many solutions to complement your home decor. Many of these solutions have functional specifications and designs in mind when the kitchen is built—for example, large kitchen cabinets, countertops and larger furniture made of wood.

Ep 074: Architectural Memories that Matter

Life of an Architect

There are a handful of moments in a person’s professional life that really make an impact, and today we are discussing "Architectural Memories That Matter". The post Ep 074: Architectural Memories that Matter first appeared on Life of an Architect.

3D Model of Marble Block Reveals Material Wastage During Production of Slabs

The A to Z of Building

When it comes to ancient Roman imperial architecture, most people usually have a mental image of white marble statues, columns, or slabs. While it is true that many buildings and squares at that time