August, 2019

New to Cement Tile Patterns? Here’s What You Need to Know

Granada Tile

Cement tiles can be an outstanding addition to any home decor scheme. They’re durable and last practically forever, and they come in a wide range of patterns, with the possibility of custom colors and patterns.

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Terrazzo: Making a Long-Awaited Comeback in 2019

As The Tile Turns

Set foot in any 2019 tile show or convention, and you're bound to see terrazzo. While this marble and cement composite has made its mark for five centuries, it was regarded for several decades purely as a product of the 1970s.

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The Spanish Tile Industry Differentiates Itself Through Sustainability

Tile of Spain USA

The Spanish sector of ceramic tiles, represented mostly in part by ASCER, is dedicated to improving the environmental impact of member companies’ production processes and ceramic products.

10 Hot Summer Destinations & Tile Inspirations

Architectural Ceramics

It’s summer and your vacation is calling. Come globe trotting with us to beautiful vacation spots, home and abroad, that offer endless design and tile inspiration.

August Featured Tiles: Sentry & Insignia

The London Tile Co.

Is the summer flying by for you too? At London Tile HQ we’ve been so busy that the start of August seems to have snuck up on us!

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What is a Transitional Kitchen?

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Transitional is the most popular kitchen design in the National Kitchen + Bath Association’s 2019 kitchen design trends.

Delicious Pairings: Gourmet Food and Artisan Cement Tiles

Granada Tile

Since the advent of social media, ‘foodies’ has become a movement which spans borders, cultures, and platforms.

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Tile of Spain USA

The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) announces the call for entry for the annual Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Interior Design.

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Week of August 26th, 2019 – Sound & Interior Design

Architectural Ceramics

Summer is full of exciting music festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo! Music moves us, so is it any wonder that it should inspire interior design too?

Add Allure To Your Home With Dazzling Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Is indecisiveness standing in the way of your perfect room?

These are the Most Popular Rooms to Remodel – And the Cost for Each

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

A new report by Houzz reveals that kitchen renovations are still the most popular remodel – and also the most expensive. In 2018, the kitchen was the top interior room renovation among homeowners who renovated last year. The report also notes that costs are rising.

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Wall Tiles That Will Inspire Your Next Renovation

Granada Tile

Proven by the plethora of magazines, websites, and companies dedicated to home renovations, inspiration can strike anywhere. Home decor, be it brightly colored throw pillows or a mesmerizing wall tile pattern, earns a place in the hearts of people across the world, and for a good reason.

Creative Tile Ideas To Enhance The Bathroom

Trendir Magazine

As one of the most traffic-heavy areas of the home, the bathroom tends to get used and abused regularly, especially if you entertain frequently. Additionally, if you are considering eventually selling your home, having a charming bathroom can boost the price point of your home.

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Call for entries for the latest edition of ASCER’s Tile of Spain Awards

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

PRESS RELEASE / Castellón, 24th July 2019. Call for entries for the latest edition of ASCER’s Tile of Spain Awards. The jury is chaired by architect Jacob van Rijs of the famous MVRDV studio.

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What’s on Your Playlist? Design Inspired by Music

Architectural Ceramics

What’s on Your Playlist? Design Inspired by Music. Music is inspirational, therapeutic, motivational. It is the driving force behind many writers, athletes, and designers, just to start. Take for example Lin Manuel Miranda, widely known for creating and starring in Hamilton.

How To Get The Bake Off Look In Your Kitchen

The London Tile Co.

We are huge Bake Off fans at The London Tile Co. and we’re thankful that when the show moved ‘house’ it kept the kitschy-kitchen style that we all know and love.

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The Pros and Cons of Purchasing a New Build

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

We all love “shiny and new” — and newly-built single-family homes are downright irresistible. And when the existing home inventory is limited, and consumers have confidence in the market, a significant number of homeowners will consider a newly-built residence.

Garden State Tile Designer Series: Meet Tina Delia from Delia Designs

Garden State Tile Blog

At Garden State Tile we take pride in the strong relationships that we have built with the interior design community.

Cement Tile: A Statement-Making Solution for a Historic Home Remodel

Cement Style

Julie and Barret Blondeau wanted to make a statement when they updated the bathroom in their 90-year-old home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. To achieve their design goals, they selected cement tile from the Caprice collection from Villa Lagoon Tile to replace the outdated flooring in their bathroom.

Tile America Collects Over 1,000 Gently-Worn Shoes to Help Soles4Souls Fight Global Poverty in Q2

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. July 25, 2019. Tile America Collects Over 1,000 Gently-Worn Shoes to Help Soles4Souls Fight Global Poverty in Q2. New Haven, CT – One person’s unwanted shoes can help provide meaningful opportunities that many in developing nations need.

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Week of August 19th, 2019 – Making Summer Camp Swanky

Architectural Ceramics

These luxury tents and cabins are a far cry from the kid’s summer camps of yesteryear. Recently trendy cottage options like tiny houses and decorated semi-permanent tents are garnering some attention. Keep reading to see some summer camping options we think you’ll enjoy. Luxury Standard.

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Kitchen Shelving Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Trendir Magazine

Exposing your clutter, old dishes and even a mixture of both can be quite intimidating. The chaos is there, but many of us prefer to have it behind doors where no one can see it. Keeping that in mind is why most of us prefer having cabinets and hiding it all away.

Maestro Montanari

Diary of a Tile Addict

Arché range by Mario Montanari for Katy’s Line. Although I have been writing about ceramic tiles for decades, and have visited Cersaie every year for over a quarter of a century, I still get a flush of excitement at the thought of this year’s show. I guess I really am a Tile Addict!

Garden State Tile Expands Its Ceramic Wall Tile Offerings with Arkstone Italy

Garden State Tile Blog

In line with the today’s most popular trends in ceramic wall tile, Garden State Tile has introduced Arkstone Italy into its ever-expanding catalog of innovative surface materials.

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Ceramics of Italy

Quick installation with Impertek’s adjustable supports. Antony Hotel, a 4-star hotel with more than 100 rooms, is just a few minutes from the beautiful city of Venice, conveniently located between Venice Airport and the city’s old town.

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Amalena Meadow Cement Tiles Celebrate Global Design

Cement Style

Villa Lagoon Tile designers bring a global perspective to every new tile design, finding inspiration in the shapes, patterns, colors and textures of different parts of the world.

Week of August 12th, 2019 – Beach House Bonanza

Architectural Ceramics

Summer is coming to a close, but there’s still plenty of time for a beachside vacation. We’ve found some amazing oceanview condos and seaside escapes that we’d love to visit for their stellar design alone!

Workplace Design: The Comforts of Home


There’s no place like home. Home-like environments in the office can lead to more comfortable, and presumably, happier workers. And happy workers, according to current theories, work harder. In fact, studies show that happy workers are more productive and creative.

Study 59

Hand-crafted Haveli

Diary of a Tile Addict

Fabric and wallpaper designer Neisha Crosland has always had an eye for pattern. Transforming her gift onto textiles and wall coverings allowed others to enjoy her keen sense of style – to simply marvel at her creations or to be lucky enough to incorporate them into their own homes.

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Case Study: Gettysburg College Admissions Building

Garden State Tile Blog

INDUSTRY. LOCATION. MATERIAL USED. Higher Education. Gettysburg, PA. Crossville Empire Porcelain Stone. PROJECT OVERVIEW. Garden State Tile supplied Crossville Empire Porcelain Stone , specified by Noelker and Hull Associates, Inc. ,

Study 52


United Tile's Blog

Tile is an imperfect product. And quite frankly, that’s what we love about it.

Rubble Tile Debuts a Concrete-Look Porcelain Tile with The Core Collection

Rubble Tile

The natural world is often the muse of choice for tile artisans, full of beauty and phenomena that inspire designs we’ve all come to love. But sometimes, great inspiration can come from humankind itself. The things we create can be just as beautiful as what.

Week of August 5th, 2019 – Food Inspirations

Architectural Ceramics

One of the reasons we love summer so much is the wealth of delicious foods that are in season! This week we went shopping for some hot restaurant designs that range from quaint to ritzy. Feed your interior design appetite with our latest top posts. Simply Delicious Design.

Food for Thought #19: In a Chaotic World, Your Home Can Help Reduce Anxiety

JG Kitchens

The country has been wracked by high profile mass shooting events before, but the series of three attacks in rapid succession this summer at a family festival in California, back-to-school shopping day at a Walmart in Texas, and popular nighttime social scene in Ohio has many Americans more on edge right now, mental health experts report. When regular outings like shopping trips start to feel unsafe, parents and kids alike get stressed. (Photo: Pixabay/Pexels). Psychological effects of the shootings and aftermath. After the shootings themselves, ongoing coverage of these disparate scenes of violence leaves many feeling vulnerable in their daily lives. “While getting the news informs you, being overexposed to it can actually increase your stress,” cautions the American Psychological Association in its help center tip sheet. “I am seeing clients and students struggling with a variety of emotions – anxiety, fear, worry, and despair,” shares Rev. Connie L. Habash , author of Awakening from Anxiety: A Spiritual Guide to Living a More Calm, Confident, and Courageous Life and a licensed marriage and family therapist in Menlo Park, California. “They feel deep compassion for the pain and loss of what the victims and their families might be going through, and they are also concerned for the safety their own children and loved ones,” she notes. Habash’s Silicon Valley practice is an hour’s drive from the first of the three shootings at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. “To say that clients are stressed currently is an understatement,” says clinical psychologist and founder of the Scottsdale, Arizona-based Digital Citizen Academy , Dr. Lisa Strohman. “The timing of this happening right at the start of the school year has clients as young as 10 anxious about going back to school, as well as adults that are frequently at some of these locations,” she adds. Dr. Cali Estes , a Miami-based clinical psychologist, works with both executives and young adults. “Both sets of clients are experiencing the exact same symptoms: Anxiety, trouble sleeping, heightened awareness, and outright fear that this type of event could happen to them or their families,” she observes, noting that the symptoms seem to be worse for 18 to 28-year-old clientele. “They are shutting down and fear leaving the house.”. Creating safe spaces at home crucial. That creates an even greater need for home spaces to be experienced as calming sanctuaries from a sometimes violent world, these mental health professionals agree. “I have suggested to my clients that they have a place where they can meditate, relax and decompress in their homes,” Estes shares. She has also suggested diffusers with lavender oil to calm, lavender pillow spray and lavender bath bombs to help them decompress. While lavender may strike you as new age pseudoscience, “There is growing evidence suggesting that lavender oil may be effective in treatment of neurological disorders. Several animal and human investigations suggest mood stabilizer, sedative and neuroprotective properties for lavender,” according to a study in the National Center For Biotechnology Information’s PubMed Central. Strohman also advocates for using scents, including lavender. These can enhance mindfulness when enjoying peace and solitude, she points out. (The healing physical and emotional benefits of aromatherapy – the science of scent healing – date back to the beginning of recorded history.) The Scottsdale psychologist, whose practice includes education and counseling on interacting with the digital world, recommends, “Trying to relax when stressed is much easier when we have a space in our homes that we have created to disconnect.” She suggests setting up a tech-free zone at home. It’s a must, Strohman says, “to allow people a break from the chronicity of bad news.”. Lavender is shown to have healing properties. (Photo Courtesy: Pexels/Min An ). “I suggest all my clients have a sacred space in the home for meditation, prayer, yoga, or simply a quiet, calm and somewhat private space to cultivate inner peace and safety,” shares Habash. She is also a believer in the power of the natural world to support healing, called ecotherapy or biophilia. “I recommend that my clients spend time in nature – whether simply in the front yard, sitting on a balcony at their apartment, or heading out on a trail. They can then bring something simple home from that place, such as a leaf, twig, or rock, to remind them of the serenity of being outdoors.”. Habash additionally suggests the power of fresh flowers to provide beauty at home, a houseplant to create serenity, or even a bowl of water to reflect peace and renewal for her clients, she says. “Placing simple things around the home to reconnect to a centered, calm place within is very helpful, so that in each room they have a touchstone to return them to ease.”. Bring nature inside with plants and flowers. (Photo courtesy: Pexels/Content Pixie ). “If we have a place that reminds us to stop, breathe deeply, and take a few moments to return to the present moment, it can help shift us out of ruminating over fearful or worrisome events. When we’re calmer and more centered within, we’ll not only feel better in the midst of these challenging events, but we’ll be more effective in responding to them,” Habash concludes. You’ll note that this Food for Thought piece is unique in that it includes expert sources. There are two reasons for this. The first is that I’m not an expert in mental health and felt it would be worthwhile to consult with professionals who were. I appreciate the insights of the three who contributed to this post. The second reason is that this was originally written for one of my media outlets — hence the journalistic style. Since that outlet opted not to publish it, I decided to share it here. I felt the information could be helpful to readers, just as it’s been helpful to me. That’s the advantage of having your own platform and being your own editor. The post Food for Thought #19: In a Chaotic World, Your Home Can Help Reduce Anxiety comes to you courtesy of Jamie Gold Kitchen, Bath And Wellness Design, LLC. Uncategorized #WellnessWednesday aromatherapy biophilia environmental health essential oils lavender meditation serenity wellness design

A Story of Smoke and Fire

Diary of a Tile Addict

With a group of designers whose priority is in the art, Smoke and Fire Tiles is a ceramic treasure trove. Founded in Stamford, Lincolnshire by Mark Aldridge, the company now resides in a converted granary in Suffolk.

Garden State Tile Opens Its 15th Location in Columbia, South Carolina

Garden State Tile Blog

Garden State Tile has officially opened its 15th location at 425 Huger Street, Columbia, South Carolina. The expansive 3,000 sq.ft. showroom and 10,000 sq.ft.

Wood Effect Indoor-Outdoor Floor Tiles

Valverdi Indoor-Out

External wood flooring has always been a popular choice for homeowners. It is a beautiful classic which looks great in any external space. However, despite its attractive appearance, wood flooring has many downsides when it is used externally as decking.