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Installing External Porcelain Tiles With PorcelQuick Adpeds

The London Tile Co.

Traditionally the most popular materials for patios have been natural stone and concrete slabs for many years, but recently porcelain has seen a huge increase.

Austin Architectural Lunch & Learn presented by Tile of Spain

Tile of Spain USA

Tile of Spain was one of the featured speakers at the Facades+ AM Austin conference presented July 18 th by Architects Newspaper.

Austin 130

Whimsical Mosaics by Cean Irminger

As The Tile Turns

"Whimsical" really is the best word to describe the Kiddo Collection of custom mosaic tile designs by Cean Irminger for New Ravenna. There are no boring swaths of uniform mosaic tiles to be found here. Instead, Irminger has created intricate tile patterns that are stunningly unique.

9 Great Bathroom Trend Ideas

JG Kitchens

This week’s Ninth Anniversary Pinterest board celebrates 9 Great Bathroom Trend Ideas. As regular Gold Notes readers know, I don’t spend too much time fussing about the latest finish or color trend. Those change every year or so, whereas your bathroom will be around for a decade or more.

Trends 141

West Coast Style: Icon Tile and Design

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Icon Tile and Design recently completed the entire floor and subfloor of a Bellevue Towers condo in Bellevue, Washington. The project was about 1,000 sq.

More Trending

Addressing Lippage in Large Format Tiles

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

The tile and stone industry is constantly evolving to keep pace with new innovations and trends in the marketplace. One of these recent trends has been the development of large format tiles.

The Writing is on the Wall - Crossville's New Wall Tile Handwritten

ISC Surfaces

Private Affair in a Gothic Picket Post Card 3x6 and 3x12 Gloss, Gold Leaf 3x6 and 1/2x6 Arrow Liner Gloss Create your own signature style with Crossville’s new wall line, Handwritten. Designed to look handmade, Handwritten offers a sophisticated color palette and elegant sizes.

Simple Ways to Incoporate Pattern into Your Home

Trendir Magazine

Patterns just like bold colors can be a bit daunting when it comes to adding them to a room. Many of us have no idea how to play up the appeal of pattern or even how to incorporate pattern into the décor we already have.

Live Your Colors with Modwalls Tile

Making Tile Modern

“Wakey wakey walls…!” ” This fun color blend is made with our Kiln American made ceramic tile in a mod 2×8 size. Many shapes and sizes and 75 colors from which to choose. madeinusa #ceramictiles #liveyourcolors #walltilewednesday #colorwins #homedecor.

Dimensional Stacked Ledger Panels

Garden State Tile Blog

Coming soon to Garden State Tile are porcelain stoneware Ledger Panels for walls! Eight color options will be available — four natural stone looks and four awesome woods. We anticipate the Ledgers to be here and in stock before August!

Tear Sheet Tuesday: Creative Closet Design Tips

Kitchens for Living

It’s time for another Tear Sheet Tuesday where the tears are never sad, just the basis for inspiration. Today’s tears are a collage of sorts.

Design 134

Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White Room

Trendir Magazine

Modern, chic, elegant and classic are the best words to describe the color white when it comes to interior designing. Whether you seek to have a specific style such as modern chic or minimal and put together the options are truly endless when you are working with a palette that is mostly white.

30 Back-to-School Homework Spaces and Study Room Ideas You’ll Love

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

If you’re having trouble getting your kids to do homework, check out these cool study room ideas. Maybe all you need to kick-start your kid’s study habits is a change of scenery!

Study 103

Before & After Villa Park Kitchen Remodel

Burgin Construction

The Evanow Family longed for an open Kitchen and Dining space that provided plenty of space to move and gather around, prepare meals, and enjoy the heart of their home. There was just one major problem…a single load-bearing post.

The Best Architectural Instagram Feeds – 2017

Life of an Architect

There are few things that I will admit to having a borderline unhealthy passion about … a brand new sharpie pen, floating in the pool with a cold drink, and the second-to-last time walking through a project I designed.

Colorful Décor That Will Make a Statement in Your Home

Trendir Magazine

When it comes to interior designing many homeowners know exactly what concept they want their home to adapt. However, the problem arises when it comes to adding color into the home décor. Color can be a bit intimidating for many of us as too much color can make the home appear “busy or overly done”.

Just Moved? Here’s How to Incorporate Existing Furniture Into a New Space

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Reusing your design elements after a move is possible. Image: Godrich Interiors For many, moving feels like an excuse to go on a serious design binge.

How To 102

Happy Friday! Really!

KB Culture

But enough about Sean Spicer's just-now-former job. Lordy, we live in a fast-paced world. No sooner had I lined up a Russia-referencing post for Flashback Friday, than bigly news broke about the shake-up in the White House press office.

Nanoindentation can Benefit Crystals in Concrete, Reveal Rice University Researchers

The A to Z of Building

Researchers from Rice University have determined that no matter how small or large a tobermorite is, it will react to loading forces precisely in the same way. However, the strength of tobermorite

Ignite The Night With These 15 Brass Chandeliers

Trendir Magazine

Whether it’s the foyer or the dining room, it’s okay to add an extra bit of “fancy” to your home. Ignite the night with these 20 brass chandeliers. Big and small, there’s something for any size space below.

Spain 53

New Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit Gives You a Free Look Inside His Designs

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

SC Johnson announced the opening of a new Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit of his architecture and furniture.

Wash and Dry

KB Culture

Part lounge, part tub, this design is lulling me into a restful state just by looking at it. It's a 'statement' bathtub, sure, but its low profile and controlled lines speak quietly. That's a trait I'd like to see more of in fixture design.

Leeds Scientists Develop New Method to Measure Strength of Concrete Using Light

The A to Z of Building

Scientists from University of Leeds have used the principles of light to find a new way to measure the strength of modern types of concrete – providing the construction industry a better way to

The Revival of Wall-Mounted Bath Faucets

The Perfect Bath

I have written about wall-mounted faucets before, but today they seem more relevant than ever. Certainly, mounting a faucet on the wall, especially on an elegantly shaped backsplash, is a space saver. A wall-mounted faucet fills a space on the wall that might otherwise be used for a shelf. For the most effective application, you must make the right design choice, keeping in mind scale and proportion. The look presents a different view of the details.

Bath 40

Tree House in Cape Town Makes for Peaceful Hideaway

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The creative team at Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design was challenged to design a nature hideaway in Cape Town, South Africa. This modern tree house with glass and western red cedar finishes has an iconic shape that maximizes views of the site.

Clean[ing] Machine

KB Culture

I know: This looks like a computer mouse has been dropped in the sink. But the Dolfi ultrasonic washing device is specifically designed for submersion.

Toshiba, Taisei Develop Digital Management System to Improve Gatekeeping at Construction Sites

The A to Z of Building

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation and Taisei Corporation have developed a new digital gate management system to enhance the efficiency of managing vehicles entering and exiting construction sites

How to Make The Best Fried Chicken Recipe


Why would you treat your family in a restaurant for a tasty fried chicken if you can do it at home? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place to make the best Southern Fried Chicken recipe. You’ll be surprised how tasty, tender and juicy your fried chicken will turn out.

Timber Neutral Makes Exclusive Solid Wood Bathtub

The A to Z of Building

Is it possible to make a solid wood bathtub out of a single 3000-kilogram (6600lbs) mass of wood, that didn't contain glue or epoxy? More importantly, can this be done in a sustainable manner


A Cooling Kitchen

KB Culture

As the temps tick steadily upward, I can imagine taking a respite in this clean, simple kitchen. With soft colors and floor-to-ceiling cabinets and pantry unit, it's a visually cooling space. Clunky fridge excepted. But it could have been worse.] cabinet kitchen

DIY Summer Idea: How to Build Arbor for your Backyard


Think of adding an arbor for your backyard? Looking for a way to make an architectural statement in your outdoor home ? Also known as a pergola, an arbor is a great addition to your outdoor design.

5 Easy Outdoor Decor Rules To Try this Season


Is your outdoor decor in need of an upgrade this season? On a gorgeous summer or spring day, there is nothing as luxurious as breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine from your own home.