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Walk in Confidence with Porcelain Flooring

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There are countless materials to choose from when renovating a home or business. With so many options available, the process of deciding on the right flooring can be overwhelming.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens Inc.

If you’re drawn to the elements of a traditional kitchen —things like classic styling, neutral colors, and natural materials—this is the design style you should use in your home. The trick is to narrow down your options into a cohesive design that matches your tastes and lifestyle.


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Ceramic Tile Meets Radiant Heat: Guide to In-Floor Heating

Why Tile

Also known as in-floor heating, radiant heat can be a luxurious addition to a specific room or an effective solution for heating any space. Learn more with these tips about installing radiant heat in your home and why homeowners trust ceramic tile to protect and make the most of their investment.

Rubble Tile Client Project Spotlight: Brookwood Beauty by David Lund Design

Rubble Tile

It’s always an extra thrill to see finished installations using products that our clients selected at Rubble Tile. With “Brookwood Beauty”, David Lund Design solved some interesting design challenges, using tile in an artful yet functional way. The challenge: Remodeling a secluded, 1920’s European-styled cottage.


Ceramics of Italy

Laminam’s new international record rewards the natural aspect and superior quality of its surfaces. It has become the first manufacturer of ceramic slabs in the world to obtain “Solid Surfacing for Food Zone” certification.

Wellness Benefits of Home Fitness Spaces

JG Kitchens

If, like me, you're ready to transition from a temporary workout space at home to a more permanent solution, my latest piece for Design Milk will share a bunch of tips to make it healthier, more functional and safer. .

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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day With Green Squared Certified Products

Why Tile

Another trip around the sun, and we are celebrating Earth Day (April 22nd) with calls to appreciate and responsibly care for our natural resources. Along with greater awareness is a growing desire for sustainable use solutions.

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“Help” and “Service” are Not The Same Thing

Life of an Architect

"Help" and "Service" are Not The Same Thing. but you already know this, right? One is provided at a cost while the other is provided for free. The post “Help” and “Service” are Not The Same Thing first appeared on Life of an Architect.

Hybrid Construction Would Enable a Lighter and More Sustainable Skyscrape

The A to Z of Building

Hybrid City Challenge, organised by Metsä Wood in 2020, called for hybrid solutions to make construction more sustainable while maintaining efficiency using current building methods. The first


What Are Roofers And Why Do You Need Them

Kitchen and Residential Design

Numerous homeowners every day engage in DIY (do it yourself) projects. Attempting to do something on your own is always a smart idea. However, there are a few crucial components that need special attention. If you aren't a specialist, you won't be able to do the roofing, for example.

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The Advantage of Architects in House Building

Kitchen and Residential Design

Have you decided to build your own home instead of buying a ready-made one? If so, you may want to start your project by contacting an architect. Many people may not understand the complications involved in construction, but they decided that they don't need an expert because it can be costly.

Ideas for Kitchen Renovations in 2021

Kitchen and Residential Design

Whether you have a large family or live alone, your kitchen is a very busy part of the house. That is where we make our meals and share fun memories with friends and family members. This is why the kitchen design needs some fresh air and a fresh paint coat periodically.