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How the Right Ceramic Finish Can Transform a Space

As The Tile Turns

Beautiful, versatile, and highly durable, ceramic tile is a wonderful option for creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing space. Unfortunately, choosing ceramic is just the beginning. Once you've decided to install ceramic tile in your project, you'll need to delve into the details.

How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Whether building a new property or renovating a current one, choosing the bathroom floor tiles should be one of the highlights. Tiles can transform your house into a home and bathrooms can really set the tone for your property. Are you looking for a sleek, modern finish?

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Tile of Spain Named Winner of Architectural Record’s Advertising Excellence Awards

Tile of Spain USA

Each year Architectural Record hosts the Advertising Excellence Awards during the annual AIA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Qwerty Mosaics

Diary of a Tile Addict

There’s a wonderful movement in the art world. Mosaics have been branching out of their ceramic hold for a while, but now there’s a whole new branch to explore.

Choosing a Kitchen Sink

Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens Inc.

A kitchen sink may seem like a minor detail during a kitchen renovation , but since you’ll be using it daily, it is important to choose the best one to fit your usage patterns, kitchen style, and personal tastes.

Healthy Living/Healthy Home to Publish in June 2020!

JG Kitchens

I’m excited to share that my third book, Healthy Living/Healthy Home , will publish in June 2020. I’m not announcing the publisher’s name yet, but it’s one you’d easily recognize!

Galley Kitchens: Pros, Cons, and Tips

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Whether you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or searching for a new home and weighing your options, the kitchen setup is extremely important. And if you cook a lot, the layout of this room really matters.

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Tips to Turn Your Guest Room Into The Ultimate Retreat

Trendir Magazine

Have you ever wanted to have guests over yet couldn’t figure out what was the best way to decorate your guest bedroom to make them feel right at home?

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Designing With Health in Mind

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

Keep an eye out for #KBTribeChat posts between 2-3pm EST on Wednesday afternoons. Like and re-tweet them with the Hashtag #WhyTile. Discussion Questions: 1. In the design process, what details do you focus on when designing with health and safety in mind? Please share solutions you like! Healthy material choices not only affect indoor air quality but it’s important to know how they affect the environment and if they are made from renewal resources.

5 Ideas for Using Rustic Lighting in the Backyard

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Rustic chic accents were practically made for the backyard, as their bucolic feel fits well with a natural setting.

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Touchy-Feely Tiles

Diary of a Tile Addict

A fantastic collaboration between tile and architecture led to the creation of TOUCHY-FEELY. Founded in 2006 by architects Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis, TOUCHY-FEELY became a platform for sensory-orientated design.

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Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Trendir Magazine

For owners of studio apartments, and smaller homes with tiny living rooms, when it comes to decorating the question typically is “how do I decorate this space, while making it functional and allowing some breathing room?” While this might sound like a complicated paradox, it’s possible.

Researchers Use Phase Change Materials to Develop New Radiant Element for High Thermal Energy Storage Facades

The A to Z of Building

In addition to greenhouse emissions, the final energy consumption in buildings also continues to increase. As a result, it is essential to seek solutions to construct and rehabilitate buildings by

How to Allergy-Proof Your HVAC System

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Allergies and asthma are a growing problem. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says, “More than 26 million people in the US have asthma, and allergic asthma is the most common type, affecting around 60% of people with asthma.”

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Curved Catalan Camper

Diary of a Tile Addict

Widely used in Catalonia, the bóveda (vault) is one of the most elegant structural supports in the design world. They appear to defy physics, confounding beholders with their layered brickwork and gentle curves (see the example of the Soriano-Manzanet family vault in Villareal, Spain).

Dining Room Lighting Trends for 2019

Trendir Magazine

Since the dining room is mainly used on a daily basis, it makes sense to have it decorated to meet the standards of the rest of the home. In order to do just that you want to have the right lighting. Having the correct lighting can make a huge difference in the way your décor is displayed.

Breathing in the Light

Margaret Almon Mosaics

Breathe Mosaic in Pink and Tie-Dye by Nutmeg Designs. Glass on slate, 12×6 inches. Consider this question from Shawna Lemay, Is it possible, even, that the light of the world, carefully observed, enters us, enters our breathing, and even our souls?

Home-Buying Millennials are Obsessed with Lawns and Gardens

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The U.S. Census Bureau says homeownership is up over last year. In their words, “the national homeownership rate has risen to 64.4 percent.” ” And Realtor Magazine says that jump is “largely attributed to the rise in new, first-time homebuyers.”

026: First Jobs

Life of an Architect

“Your first architectural job is important.” I’m not talking about summer jobs or internships … those don’t really count because they have a known shelf-life associated with them.

6 HGTV Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

If you’re like me, there’s nothing you love more than unwinding with HGTV. At the end of a long day, there’s something soothing about watching other people make high-stakes decisions.

Organic Pest Control for the Garden

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

You put in all this effort getting your garden to finally sprout. Then you go outside one day and all of your plants are chewed to the ground. Sometimes it’s so extensive that it looks like you never had any flowers in that bed at all.

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Comps 101: How Comparables Can Help You Sell Your Home

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

So you want to sell your house. You know there are some key things you need to do like stage the interior and work on your curb appeal. You might think, especially if you’re hiring a real estate agent, that everything else is handled.

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How to Share a Bathroom (and Keep the Peace)

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. As far as house drama goes, the bathroom has got to be one of the most common key players.

Florals: How to Use This Classic Pattern in a Modern Way

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Floral prints are a classy addition to any space. However, they have the reputation of being a type of pattern associated with older home styles. Country kitchens tend to use florals on wallpaper. Victorian styles have floral prints on everything.

Steal these 3 Home Design Trends for Wedding Decorating Ideas

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Some of the most popular home decor trends make their way to wedding decorating.

Exclusive! The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Colors Across the US

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

No two individuals are alike. Similarly, each region in the U.S. has distinct styles in fashion, food and music.

Break These Bad Living Room Cleaning Habits & Transform Your Living Space

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Are bad living room cleaning habits keeping you from your best home? Image: NelleG/Getty Images. Cleaning is a hassle. But you might be making it harder on yourself than is absolutely necessary. Whether you’re tidying up your bedroom , kitchen or bathroom , banishing your bad habits can make it easier to clean — and easier to keep your place clean. And nowhere will a truly good clean be more apparent than your living room.

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