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Tile of Spain USA

The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) announces the call for entry for the annual Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture, Interior Design and Final Degree Project.

Spain 155

Week of July 13th, 2020 – Environmentally Conscious Design Trends

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. As the heat of summer dials up, so does the air-conditioning bill. We’re always looking for fun and creative ways to make a design statement, and what better way to show off a new trend than by having it be environmentally friendly and eco-conscious!

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Ceramic Crop Circles

Diary of a Tile Addict

A company nestled in California’s endless farmlands continues a family tradition that has been alive since the 1920s. Founded in 1986 by Paul Burns, the ever fascinating and necessary material – clay – offers surprise and inspiration for Fireclay Tile.

Blending of Materials

Decorative Materials

A variety of bold colors and patterns promise to bring a new sense of artistry to tile design in 2020. We're loving these vibrant new looks, but are especially enthusiastic about the unique blends of materials currently featured in the industry's top collections. Tile Trends

How to Find the Perfect Cement Tile Pattern in Black and White for Your New Home

The Cement Tile

Whether you’re doing a quick refacing of your kitchen, doing a whole-home remodeling job, or building a new home from the ground up, you need the perfect color pattern and palette to suit your personality and aesthetic.

Playlist of the Week – Eco-Friendly Vibes

Architectural Ceramics

Week of July 13th, 2020. In the middle of Summer it can be challenging to find fun and exciting ways to beat the heat, but these beats are cool and breezy! Following our Top 5 Design Posts featuring some awesome environmentally-conscious design trends, we present this playlist to pair with these wonderful designs.

DC 100

Hard-Surface Report: Quartz Surfaces and Covid-19

Stone Update

Global shutdown slows shipments to United States by almost half of last year's totals. Featured StatWatch (Monthly Report) Stone Imports

More Trending

Handcrafted Zellige Tile Collection Celebrates Authentic Moroccan Artistry

Cement Style

Gulf Shores, AL (July 17, 2020) ? The new Zellige tile collection from Villa Lagoon Tile brings a rustic charm to residential and hospitality projects. Unlike machined tile, these exquisite Zellige and Bejmat tiles are crafted entirely by hand in a time-honored method of tile-making designed to celebrate the natural beauty of the clay. Skilled artisans in Fez, Morocco use local clays fired in kilns fueled by olive pits to create these tiles, which are then finished with an enamel glaze.

Thought Leader Conversation: Ageist Founder David Stewart On Wellness Design For The 50-Plus Set

JG Kitchens

I'm introducing a Thought Leader Conversation series with this article/post. I chose David Stewart, founder and CEO of the Ageist to kick it off. Stewart is an ambassador for the idea that today's 50-plus adult is an entirely new being than where our grandparents were at this age. Our age.

Bath 130

How to decorate a small Patio – 10 inspiring ideas

Trendir Magazine

Okay, it’s hot outside and you are ready to embrace summer by making your patio your go-to place. However, you have a small space and are afraid to add too much decor. We are here to tell you to not be scared and to embrace the space with these tips!

A Proper Desk for an Architect

Life of an Architect

I'm not proud of it but as an architect, I probably sit at my desk at least 10 hours a day. The good news is that there is something I can do about that. I just put in a stand/sit desk from Autonomous AI with a gigantic desk surface and my life is now complete.

Renewable Energy-Based Solutions to Decarbonize Energy Consumption in Buildings

The A to Z of Building

Integrated solutions based on renewable energy and customized to the requirements and demands of users and installers are being developed by the RES4BUILD project funded by the European Union (EU


Hospitality and Education

The Tile Doctor

A Disinfecting and Sustainability Program for Hospitality Facilities, Educational Facilities, Churches, and Offices in a Post-COVID-19 World. General


Foyer decor ideas that are perfect for this year

Trendir Magazine

“What is a foyer?” The question many might have but don’t know how to respond. A foyer is the space you walk through from the entrance of your home to the rest of your living space. Think of it as a glimpse into what your home has to offer.

3 Tips for Longer-Lasting Appliances

Kitchen and Residential Design

When appliances malfunction or stop working altogether, it can be an expensive nuisance. However, an appliance problem is not necessarily indicative of something that is inherently wrong. Rather, it may point to an issue that may have been avoided through proper care and preventative action.

Peab Rebuilds House M at Lund University

The A to Z of Building

Peab has been commissioned to rebuild and extend House M at Lund University. The customer is Akademiska Hus AB and the contract is worth SEK 231 million. The property is located in northeastern Lund


Healthcare and Senior care

The Tile Doctor

A Disinfecting and Sustainability Program for Healthcare and Senior Care Facilities in a Post-COVID-19 World. General


Lifting Gear UK Develops New C-Hook Bridge Removal Solution for Murphy

The A to Z of Building

Lifting Gear UK has developed a new solution for the removal of concrete bridges over railway lines, with minimal disruption to lines and surrounding environments, along with improved safety.


Peab Extends Pampus Port in Norrköping

The A to Z of Building

Peab has been commissioned to extend Pampus Port on Händel Island in Norrköping. The customer is Norrköpings Hamn AB and the contract is worth SEK 345 million. Visualisation of


New Smart Window Realizes Concurrent Energy Harvesting and Regulation

The A to Z of Building

Smart windows, such as those that tap solar cell technology to transform sunlight into electricity, offer the additional opportunity to employ windows as energy sources. Scientists developed a smart


Health Clubs and Gyms

The Tile Doctor

A Disinfecting and Sustainability Program for Health Clubs, Gyms, and Spas in a Post-COVID-19 World. General