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Turning Functional into Durable, Fabulous

Architectural Ceramics

Let’s admit it, September was BUSY. Back to school, getting into the swing of lunch prep, homework, extracurricular activities just to name a few. If your space is anything like ours, we tend to accumulate all the “extras” in the non-living spaces – papers, projects, bags and more – telling ourselves we will get back to them when we have a moment. Next thing you know, it’s time to plan for the holidays, the arrival of family… and of course, clearing out all the “extras”!

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Confounding Ceramic Clothing

Diary of a Tile Addict

Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova is re-purposing tiles in a way you have to see to believe. It started with second-hand tiles found in São Paulo in 2014 but she has since made use of tiles from Soviet-era buildings in her native Ukraine, decorated a mannequin with materials from Chernobyl, and most recently has used tiles from an old Venetian hotel to craft her masterpieces. PERMISO PARA EL CÓCTEL exhibition views Galleria Continua, Habana.

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How To Get The Modern Country Look In Your Kitchen

The London Tile Co.

If the home is where the hearth is, then the kitchen is our modern day hearth. The kitchen is much more than the place where you store your food, it truly is the centre of the home. It is where all the family, no matter how big or small, come together and connect. Classic country kitchens are often associated with, and invoke feelings of, warmth and welcome. They give off a rustic, homely ambience, which in recent years has seen a rise in popularity.

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Large Pattern: Ceramic “Wallpaper”

Decorative Materials

Some interior design concepts are timeless — and some come and go in waves. Wallpaper definitely belongs in the latter category. While it has seen some significant booms, it spent the early 2000s out of favor among most design enthusiasts. All that is about to change, however, wallpaper is currently making a long-awaited comeback. Large patterns were an especially big deal at 2019 Coverings , where bold and decidedly vibrant looks captivated design enthusiasts. Tile Trends

Week of September 23rd, 2019 – Mudrooms and Laundry Spaces

Architectural Ceramics

It’s Fall! School has started up again, friends and family start coming over to visit, and we spend more time inside as it gets colder. Your home has to be as functional as it is fashionable. With all the rush of back to school season and family holidays your home can’t stay magazine perfect all the time, but that’s no reason it can’t be well-designed. Take a look at some of the inspirations we’ve found that make a masterpiece out of utility spaces like mudrooms and laundry. Clean Looks.

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3 Handmade Cement Tile Ideas for Your Indoor-Outdoor Bathroom

The Cement Tile

Interior designers and architects have begun to turn away from the contemporary looks and revolutionize homeowners’ bathrooms with the advent of indoor-outdoor bathrooms. The lush nature of the world has been confined to strictly outside the home for far too long. Indoor-outdoor bathrooms bring the elements of the great outdoors to the home’s interior, through poured cement, thick greenery, or even natural woods.

Urban design, perfected. Introducing the Debitage series

Garden State Tile Blog

New to the Garden State Tile Porcelain Collection , the Debitage series personifies and reinterprets current urban design trends with a contemporary palette. The look of concrete paired with desirable sizes and formats makes this collection the perfect industrial-look option for both indoor and outdoor projects. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Browse Debitage online today. . The post Urban design, perfected.

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Designers Cite Top Smart Home Trends at Tech Expo — From

JG Kitchens

You’ve probably noticed that smart home technology is showing up everywhere. It’s in the aisles of your favorite home center promoting Nest thermostats. It’s in the video doorbell at your front entrance and the wifi-connected appliances in your laundry room. What are the top trends worth considering if you’re building, remodeling or just looking to add some convenience features to your home?

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Anything But Boring Gray Bedrooms

Trendir Magazine

Gray- a subtle color that some might assume is quite boring; however, we know better. Though the color might seem a bit on the subtle side, it is the perfect additive hue. Not only does it blend beautifully with other neutrals, but in a bright room, it becomes the main focus, as your eyes will look directly towards it. The following gray bedrooms are anything but boring and are sure to inspire you to try the charming hue in your bedroom.

Saying “Hello” Is Exhausting

Life of an Architect

Nobody wants to say hello to them 5 times and if I'm being honest, I don't want to say hello 5 times either. But what do you do other than to relegate yourself to head nods or diverting your eyes from one another to avoid direct contact? Continue reading Saying “Hello” Is Exhausting at Life of an Architect. Life in General Observations a day in the life architects office bob borson what


Test-1 Gusto Homes launches centre of eco excellence at Lincoln College

The A to Z of Building

Gusto Homes has officially launched a new training facility at Lincoln College that will teach cutting-edge sustainable and low carbon building techniques to aspiring construction students. Led by

Charming Yellow Bedrooms To Brighten Your Day

Trendir Magazine

Whether you love using bold color, want to add a cheery touch, or simply want a unique dose of charm- yellow is the way to go. Often used as an accent color, yellow is coming back at us in a big way and we are obsessed. Regardless of how you feel about the color, the following charming yellow bedrooms will not only brighten your day, but they will inspire you to try some yellow in your home too. Statement wall Give the room a bolder touch by creating an accent ceiling to floor decor.

Best Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas For An Eerie Twist

Trendir Magazine

If there has even been a time to go wild with your décor it’s during Halloween. The holiday itself forces you to take the next step and truly embrace decorating the outside of your home. Whether you love Halloween or not, everyone knows there’s a bit of competition that happens between neighbors on who will decorate the best.