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Ceramic Tile’s Benefits for Allergy Sufferers

Why Tile

Anyone who suffers from allergies knows the perils of allergy season, but while we tend to think of the culprits as living outside, many allergens can be found right inside your home.

Traditional Travertines Provide a Contemporary Feel at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile

There’s a reason why the classic stones of the Old World have endured over time and throughout various trends in design. Their authentic, earthy beauty seems to capture an essence of our roots and origins. The new Navona collection by Del Conca USA was imagined.


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Pushing the Boundaries of Design with Mary Welch Fox Stasik & Garden State Tile

Garden State Tile Blog

A few lucky Charleston homeowners just got a fresh new home update thanks to lowcountry-based designer Mary Welch Fox Stasik.

Calming Hues for Peaceful Serenity

Decorative Materials

If you feel frazzled these days, you’re certainly not alone. Between the pandemic, political unrest, and economic uncertainty, it should come as no surprise that anxiety is at an all-time high. Today’s environmental stressors may feel difficult to escape, but it’s still possible to find respite.

Tile 67

Ceramic Tile Shopping Guide

Why Tile

The post Ceramic Tile Shopping Guide appeared first on Why Tile. Tile Tips

How a Backsplash Can Update a Space

The Cement Tile

Design by Chris Barrett Design featuring Serengeti 913 A via Often when people undertake a kitchen or bathroom renovation, the end-product doesn’t quite live up to what they envisioned.

New Hurricane Scams Target Homeowners In Person And Online

JG Kitchens

My latest piece for reveals the types of scams that flourish in the wake of hurricanes. Anyone, from a vulnerable senior to a savvy CEO, can be taken in. These are some of the most typical post-hurricane rackets and how to avoid them.

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Business Development and Social Media

Life of an Architect

Architects are increasingly turning to social media platforms to demonstrate their design skills and leverage that exposure into business development opportunities. The post Business Development and Social Media first appeared on Life of an Architect.