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Why Use Porcelain Tiles Outside?

The London Tile Co.

Not all tiles can be used outdoors, and you might have heard about using porcelain paving on your patio or in your garden – but why? Porcelain is the perfect choice for your outdoor paving, but only when 20mm thick or more.

Mosaic Tile Ideas: Your Big Guide to Little Tiles

Why Tile

Looking to add mosaic tile to your home or business? You’ve come to the right place. We have everything you need to know about why and how to use mosaic tile, including the best places to install it and the most creative designs.


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Stand Out in Style With Our Handcrafted Cement Tiles

The Cement Tile

Designers have been using tiles for a long time to create a welcoming, unique and artistic space. Over the years, tiles have come in clay, ceramic, laminate, vinyl, and many other materials.

Terrazzo Tile Today

Garden State Tile Blog

Old-world trends have made a much-welcomed resurgence into the design world recently, and there’s one fan-favorite that is bringing its own contemporary twist: Terrazzo.

How to Design Your Home to Help you Move More, Eat Better, and Sleep Soundly

JG Kitchens

I've now had two of my pieces published by Blue Zones, including this past weekend. I'm extremely proud to share it here with my Gold Notes readers. The piece was inspired by my 15 Summer Fitness Goal Tips, and includes some of them. You can click this link to get the rest of the tips.

How To 207

Rubble Tile Spotlight: Modern, Elegant Ceramic Wall Tile in Stock in the USA

Rubble Tile

When we imagine the Riviera, we think of sun, warmth, and colorful architecture. Whether it’s the Spanish, the French or Italian Riviera, the homes and businesses that dot the hillsides boast vibrant colors and add to the overall charm of each place. Positano, Italy.

Italy 40

Longmont Painters – Providing Exterior Painting Services

Kitchen and Residential Design

Building or renting a house is only the first step in creating a warm home that you’ll always want to get back to. While some people might argue that there isn’t anything like a perfect home, there are several things you could do to make yours warm and inviting, and just right for you.

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6 Must Have Products for Grinding Concrete Floors

Onfloor Technology

Did you know that, according to IBISWorld , there are 121,876 flooring installer businesses this year in the US? The growth of these businesses in 2021 was 4.8%, and they experienced an annualized business growth of 3% between 2016 and 2021.

Stop Driveway Failures

The Armchair Builder

July 28, 2021 We just published a new video in our owner builder online course that covers the pre-pour quality inspection for the concrete driveway. A new concrete driveway can cost up to $10k so it’s very important we hold our concrete contractor accountable.

Video 52

Ep 080: Is Architecture Art?

Life of an Architect

Is Architecture Art? THis is a question I have been asking architects for years and the answers are always interesting. The post Ep 080: Is Architecture Art? first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Ep 080: Is Architecture Art? at Life of an Architect. Is Architecture Art?