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Case Study: The Lattice House – Where the Mountain Meets the Sea

Tile of Spain USA

Tucked away in the Les Gavarres mountain range in Palafrugell, Spain is Casa Celosía, an extraordinary vacation home, designed by Mónica Rivera and Emiliano López of Barcelona-based studio López Rivera Arquitectes.

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Playlist of the Week – Latin American Inspirations

Architectural Ceramics

Week of September 21st, 2020. As September is Hispanic Heritage month, we thought to cater our music accordingly. Curated from some of the top Latin hits of last decade, as well as some new emerging hits, our playlist is sure to get you up and dancing while you’re making that margarita.

DC 141

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5 Cement Tile Patterns You’ll Love For Your Boho Chic Home

The Cement Tile

If you’re looking to design a bohemian style home, restaurant or business, it’s hard to beat cement tile for its versatility, looks, and stability.

Luxury Tile Guide – Questions to Ask Yourself

Kitchen and Residential Design

Most new homeowners are very aware of how they want their homes to look and feel, where things go and what colors they prefer on their walls.

Wellness Design Strategies For Addressing Wildfire Smoke And Ash In Your Homes During Covid Pandemic

JG Kitchens

“The smoke is coming into my place!” ” My sister cried into the phone. “It’s awful!” ” I could hear the distress in her voice. Had I seen any of the photos of the entire Bay Area shrouded in smoke and ash, she wanted to know. Yes, sadly I had.

Week of September 14th, 2020 – Latin American Design Influences

Architectural Ceramics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week. September is Hispanic Heritage month and we are taking the opportunity to focus on the influence of Latin American Design. In more modern times, we’ve seen a shift towards just that – modernity within design. Chic, sleek, and seamless.

Mexico 130

July 2020 U.S. Hard-Surface Imports: Moving Up

Stone Update

All sectors see double-digit increases in shipments from June totals. Featured Latest News


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Private Housing Sites Operating at 80% of Productivity Due to Covid-19

The A to Z of Building

The latest Covid-19 construction statistics suggest that sites were operating at 80% in terms of productivity in August – according to the new Private Housebuilding report which was published by

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Kitchen

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash There is no denial of the fact that designing a kitchen is the most crucial aspect when it comes to building a house. The kitchen is the beauty of the house and should be designed in such a way that it sets a style statement of your house.

House Plans: Builder Tips to Save Money

The Armchair Builder

For every home that gets built we need a detailed set of architectural house plans. These house plans tell the trades and suppliers exactly what we are building so they can estimate costs and build the home as we want it to be built. So what is the best way to create these plans for […].

Starting Architecture School: COVID Edition Part 2

Life of an Architect

So I know that I have written before about the transition to online teaching that occurred last spring, but I am going to revisit. I recently wrote an article for Texas Architect Magazine (Sept/Oct issue) that was completed prior to the start of the school year.

Best Tips to Improve Your Knife Skills

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash Knowing when to use the proper knife for the proper cutting is itself a skill that needs to be mastered if you want to become a good chef.