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The Lantern that Illuminates Hanoi, Vietnam

Tile of Spain USA

Standing among the neighboring buildings of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi is “The Lantern”, an illuminating lighting gallery and showroom owned by electronics company, Panasonic.

How to Make Square Tile Unique

Why Tile

Square tile doesn’t mean your creativity is boxed in. In fact, these square tile ideas certainly qualify for thinking “outside the box,” for unique ceramic tile ideas.


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Alluring & Durable Porcelain Tile with the Timeless Charm of Metal

Rubble Tile

When we think of metals, we often picture steel structures and skyscrapers. Yet like natural stone, the metals we use for our architecture and everyday items come from the earth. Milestone’s designers infused a timeworn metallic look to their latest porcelain tile offering, Element. New Product

GIO Looks at Modern Subway Tile Styles


When we first wrote about subway tile on our blog (seven years ago!), GIO offered two tile collections that fit in this category. Then, four years ago, we revisited the topic, as we had added some really cool new takes on the look to our subway lineup.

Tile 62

The New Modern

Decorative Materials

When you imagine contemporary interior design, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you picture clean lines and lots of neutrals — especially white and grey. This sleek, simple look has dominated the interior design world for several years now, but change is afoot. Tile Trends

Plinio by Ceramica Cielo wins the 2021 Red Dot Design Award

Ceramics of Italy

Ceramica Cielo once again confirms its role as a major player on the international design scene and wins the coveted “ Red Dot: 2021 Product Design ” award, the most authoritative recognition in the sector awarded to products that stand out for their extraordinary quality and design innovation.

Scott's One Clean Home is the spring cleaning solution to everything

Kitchen and Residential Design

Scott Umstattd on Unsplash It's finally spring and after a solid year of staying home it is well past time for a thorough scrub and scour. I don't like to use too may different products when I clean and that's just a preference having to do with trying to simplify my house cleaning.

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Chilled Panels can Replace AC and Prevent Indoor Disease Transmission

The A to Z of Building

A new study by the University of British Columbia (UBC) in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University proposes a novel system of chilled panels that can substitute air

6 Ways You Can Modernize Your Kitchen without Breaking Your Bank

Kitchen and Residential Design

Did you know that the average American spends 37 minutes preparing food and cleaning the kitchen every single day?

Morgan Sindall Construction Brings Skills Boost to Salford with Knowledge Quad

The A to Z of Building

Morgan Sindall Construction has launched its second Knowledge Quad as part of its work on the University of Salford’s new Science, Engineering and Environment Building (SEE Building). Image


New Method can Help Assess Bridge Repairs, Save Significant Cost

The A to Z of Building

The $2 trillion American Jobs Plan from President Biden has placed the country’s infrastructure in the spotlight. In 2007, the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown

Biosite Launches Facial Recognition for Construction

The A to Z of Building

Biosite Systems Ltd, the market leader in workforce management systems for the UK construction industry, has developed a facial recognition solution to respond to increased demand for contactless site

How to Find a Reliable Shipping Company

Kitchen and Residential Design

When thinking of an ideal online store, the first point that comes to the minds of most sellers is how the store will look. They also consider the style, color scheme, products, and how they will offer a wonderful shopping experience.

Why Hire Professionals For A Drain Cleaning

Kitchen and Residential Design

Many problems can occur when it comes to plumbing. You never think this would happen to you, but pipelines will develop issues over time. They can be long-lasting, but they are not impervious to leakage, corrosion, or clogs. Dealing with pipes is messy work that not everyone enjoys.

Tools 60

Convenient Tips to Consider When Buying Office Furniture for Your Office

Kitchen and Residential Design

Do you know that buying office furniture is an essential investment for your business? Investing in office furniture will automatically help you change your interior at your workplace in a more glorious way. It will also give confidence in the quality of services you offer.

4 Ways to Add Luxury Features to Your Home

Kitchen and Residential Design

When your present home doesn’t provide the luxurious feel that you’re after, it’s high time to resolve that dissatisfaction. Not every idea will work, so look for the ones that speak to your tastes for opulence or increased comfort. Here are 4 ways to add more luxury features to your current home.