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Ensemble Assembles

Diary of a Tile Addict

Celebrating ten years of collaboration between Mutina and Studio Bouroullec is Ensemble. Refreshing company classics Pico and Rombini, introducing the new collections of Punto and Bloc, as well as a bringing Pico Bois which explores a new medium, Ensemble is a mish-mash with style.

5 Cement Wall Patterns You’ll FALL In Love With

The Cement Tile

Need some inspiration for your next home remodeling project this autumn? FALL in love with sensational concrete tiles from Granada Tile! Our Olvera Collection contains colors, textures, and patterns that will easily translate to an all-season masterpiece in your home.


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Sustainable Porcelain Tile with a Subtle, Elegant Look

Rubble Tile

One of the things that a great design can do is to subtly guide the user’s gaze throughout a space, giving an impression of coherence and natural flow. The new Mosa Stage collection does this perfectly by featuring understated porcelain tiles with a luxurious feel.

Featured Designer: Emily Allman Studio 121, Deerfield Independent Living Community Space


The owner engaged the architectural and design team of Studio 212 to create a safe and vibrant community for the active cultural senior.

The Antique Floor Company

Diary of a Tile Addict

There is little better than reclaimed tile. Enjoying the beauty of a fantastically crafted specimen, getting an injection of invaluable history, and helping to save the planet all at the same time? Who doesn’t want that? Nobody, that’s who.

When Should You Resurface Concrete? Everything You Need to Know

Onfloor Technology

Resurfacing is an excellent option for deteriorated or damaged driveways. It's also a great way to make a property more attractive. It can be the perfect solution for driveways that bring down the property value. Did you know well-maintained driveways can add $10,000 - $20,000 to the property value?

The Wellness Benefits of Weighted Blankets

JG Kitchens

What about you? What's your sleep style? The doctors I quoted in this latest article say that weighted blankets can help ease insomnia and anxiety. They also say that other claims are unsubstantiated.) Take a look and let me know what you think. Would you try one? Do you already use and like one?

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Researchers Develop Ultra-Resistant and Self-Repairing Concrete Materials

The A to Z of Building

A collaborative study led by researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the Politecnico di Milano has resulted in a new ultra-resistant and self-repairing concrete

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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2021

Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens Inc.

The right kitchen can make all the difference in your home. Whether you’re building from scratch or updating , a well-designed space is key to creating an inviting atmosphere for friends and family members alike.

Lighting control systems and you

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash Without quite realizing it, my bedroom's part of a quiet revolution in commercial lighting control systems. In the old days, when someone wanted to turn on the lights , all he or she had to do was turn on a light switch. But that's not quite how it's done any more.

Game Changers for Building Your Own Home

The Armchair Builder

September 28, 2021 There has never been a better time to build your own home. Inventory of existing homes is extremely low which makes it difficult to find your ideal home in the perfect location, at the right price.


International Recognition for Best Construction Health and Safety Software

The A to Z of Building

Derby-based digital innovator Work Wallet has won a prestigious global industry award for its market-leading health and safety management software. It’s modular, mobile-first platform was named

20 Storey Sara Cultural Centre Now Open - One of the World's Tallest Timber Buildings to Date

The A to Z of Building

A new cultural centre in Skellefteå by White Arkitekter has now opened its doors to the public. Sara Cultural Centre delivers a state-of-the-art cultural venue and hotel that positively


Amba Products' heated towel racks come in two new finishes

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by Mike Kotsch on Unsplash My bathroom has two things in it that get me through a Pennsylvania winter. The first is the heated floors and the second is my Radiant heated Towel rack from Amba Products.

Dealing with a leaky faucet

Kitchen and Residential Design

Photo by Jos Speetjens on Unsplash When you turn your faucet off and it doesn't actually shut off completely, panic usually sets it. After you’re done getting angry, you usually need to call a plumber or head to the hardware store to try to fix the problem. But, what should you purchase?

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Some Advantages of Buying New Homes

Kitchen and Residential Design

Everyone wants to have a residential property they can call their own. We are not just talking about a rented property that you call home. Here, we mean a property that you can call yours simply because you own it.

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