Sat.May 14, 2022 - Fri.May 20, 2022

Meet the 2022 Passport to Creativity Attendees

Tile of Spain USA

Next month, Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 100 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) will be heading back to Spain for its annual “Passport to Creativity” Tour.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Tile?

How to Floor Tile

For Starters, Floor and Decor Why Floor and Decor? because they have a huge selection to choose from in just about any style and price range necessary. They have a large selection of Design Elements and trim available to solve many of the toughest materials to work with.

How To 130

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Six Ways to Update Your Farmhouse Decor

Why Tile

If you’re looking to transition your farmhouse decor to a new look or make a farmhouse-style home uniquely your own, this guide is for you. First, What Is Farmhouse Decor? The seemingly contradictory elements of farmhouse decor are comfort and practicality, simplicity and warmth.

Why Replacing Ceramic Tiles With Concrete Tiles Has Changed the Game

The Cement Tile

Replacing ceramic tiles with concrete tiles will change the way you build spaces. Interior and exterior designs with tile accents are trendy, but the installation and upkeep of non-cement tile options can be a huge turn-off. Cement tiles carry a long list of benefits over other alternatives.

Beautiful Encaustic Cement-Look Tiles from Spain

Rubble Tile

Cement and cement-look tiles have been a trending look in the world of interior design for a while, and for good reason. The geometric and pattern options that you get in encaustic cement tiles can add a bespoke, yet contemporary feel to any space. What’s.

Art Gives Potential, Personalized Wellness Boost To Home Interiors

JG Kitchens

Art helps make a house a home. It also has therapeutic value, as one of my sources, president of the American Art Therapy Association shared in my latest piece.

Second Home and Vacation Home Designs to Create an Ideal Getaway

Why Tile

Designing a second home or vacation home? Whatever you plan on using your new home for, second homes and vacation getaways should be designed to help you and your family relax and unwind. And that means designing the space with all your specific wants and needs in mind.

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Sustainability and Automation: Employing Robots For Sustainable Construction

The A to Z of Building

Sustainable construction typically refers to using renewable and recyclable materials when building new structures, as well as introducing new methods and technologies that help reduce energy


Ep 100: The 100th Episode

Life of an Architect

It's taken almost 4 years to get here, but the Life of an Architect is celebrating a milestone. Welcome to the 100th Episode where Andrew and I take exactly 100 minutes to tell you all the insider secrets as well as behind-the-scenes stories of things that went wrong.

Finding Reliable Fence Contractors in Bellingham

Kitchen and Residential Design

A fence not only protects the home from certain elements but also improves the aesthetic value and provides privacy. This, however, necessitates a significant amount of design and preparation.

Best Ways to Grind Down Concrete

Onfloor Technology


New Material Helps Reduce Buildings’ Cooling Energy Needs by More than a Third

The A to Z of Building

During summertime people, make an attempt to beat the heat. However, running air conditioners is costly and wasteful. A lightweight foam (left image) made from cellulose nanocrystals keeps it cool