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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Architectural Ceramics

If April showers bring May flowers, then Architectural Ceramic’s brings you a twist on the classic rhyme. Instead of flowers, let’s talk showers and shower tile. From the ground up, we’ll see what goes under and over shower floors and walls.

The Most In Demand Flooring Trends of 2018

Tile of Spain USA

Floors in homes and commercial spaces can set the mood for the entire atmosphere of a design. New ceramic tile technology makes it possible to get creative with flooring by playing with colors, shapes, installation techniques and textures for spaces that are uniquely your own.

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Black is the New Neutral

As The Tile Turns

Image via AKDO. Step into a typical 2000s home, and you'll find yourself surrounded by neutrals. These trusty colors dominate modern tile, wallpaper, cabinetry, backsplash and flooring. Insider Tile Trends

ARDEX Americas Wins 10 Awards at 2018 Starnet Design Awards, Including 5 Gold

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Aliquippa, PA, April 23, 2018 – ARDEX Americas is proud to be recognized at The Starnet Commercial Flooring Design Awards as a preferred vendor for 10 winners, including five gold awards.

20 Small Garden Water Feature Ideas To Add A Little More Zen To Your Life

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Flowing water is not only beautiful to admire, but the sound is very relaxing. And, if you have a small garden, terrace or patio, strategically adding a water feature is also likely to attract birds, wildlife and hummingbirds. In fact, water features are one of the five big garden trends for 2018.

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Get Ready for your Close-up With 2018’s Best Bathroom Vanities

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Bathroom design—and bathroom vanities—have come a long way in recent years, particularly, as a result of the increased furnishing options available to the public, as well as the many available avenues for customizing a look to suit individual homeowners’ styles.

Mid-Century Living Room Ideas That Are Timeless

Trendir Magazine

Mid-century décor tends to be a top favorite for many because of its classic décor that brings a vintage feel even to the most modern homes. We have put together a few mid-century living room ideas that are timeless and will remind you of the refine feeling your grandmother’s home had.

Italian Instincts

Diary of a Tile Addict

Smot by Dado. In this latest part of Tile Addict’s preview of Ceramics of Italy at Coverings we select some additional Italian products – all recently launched – that will be lighting up the aisles at Atlanta. But remember, keep your eyes peeled for some surprises at Coverings.

Introducing the Next Wave of HENRY® Flooring Adhesives: Building on Legendary Performance

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Aliquippa, PA (April 26, 2018) – The W.W. Henry Company announced four new products today, the largest new product launch since the company was purchased by ARDEX Americas in 2001.

Stylish Water Supply

KB Culture

Tucking the spout of this faucet into a metal-lined reveal in the stone wall gives each element an identity of its own, and lifts the installation above the ordinary. architect faucet

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Rubble Tile Around Town: Mosa Tiles in Minneapolis’s Cardigan Donuts

Rubble Tile

If you are looking for a sweet treat and some design inspiration this Spring, look no further than Cardigan Donuts in Downtown Minneapolis. You can stop by for a delicious dessert and check out a creative design by Smart Associates and installation by Harrison Tile.

Italian Interior Inspiration

Diary of a Tile Addict

Lab by ABK. Coverings exhibitors always keep a card or two up their sleeves. And why not! It wouldn’t be a tiling show if the halls did not throw up a surprise or two.

ARDEX Receives 2017 Vendor Partner Award from Fishman Flooring Solutions

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Originally published by Fishman Flooring Solutions. ARDEX Receives 2017 Vendor Partner Award from Fishman Flooring Solutions. BALTIMORE, MD.,

European Hotel Showers

JG Kitchens

I just got back from Italy and France, where I stayed in three nice hotels during my business and vacation time. I’ve also stayed in hotels in Germany and Spain while attending trade shows there.

5 Feng Shui Home Decor Tips for A Peaceful, Prosperous Space

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The recent celebration of Chinese New Year ushered in the Year of the Dog. The dog is an animal known for it’s loyalty, faithfulness and, especially, it’s ability to remain perfectly happy and content spending time at home with it’s family.

Italian Inspiration

Diary of a Tile Addict

Nexstone by Lea Ceramiche. One of the key benefits of attending Coverings is its fantastic conference programme; a diverse compilation of inspirational and educational presentations on trends, techniques, business and much more.

In Collaboration with BIMobject®, Select ARDEX Products Now Available as BIM objects

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

In collaboration with BIMobject®, select ARDEX products, including self-leveling underlayments, moisture control and patching products, decorative concrete and tile and stone products are now available as BIM objects.

European Hotel Showers

JG Kitchens

I just got back from Italy and France, where I stayed in three nice hotels during my business and vacation time. I’ve also stayed in hotels in Germany and Spain while attending trade shows there.

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20 Modern Family Room Decorating Ideas For Families of All Ages

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

If your home has a family room or den, we’re guessing it’s probably the most popular room in the house (after the kitchen, of course!). It’s the perfect place to hang out, watch movies, play games, or just relax together.

Italy Interpreted

Diary of a Tile Addict

Palladiana by Ceramica Bardelli. Continuing Tile Addict’s preview of Ceramics of Italy at Coverings we view some of the highlights of a packed programme of events running throughout the show.

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ARDEX Americas Wins Award for Outstanding Commitment to Employee Education and Development for the Second Consecutive Year

The Pulse: Ardex Americas

Aliquippa, PA, April 18, 2018 – ARDEX Americas won the Engaging Pittsburgh Innovative People Practices award for the second consecutive year. The category was Innovation in Learning and Development.

Memories from Architecture Studio

Life of an Architect

Does anybody remember “mixtapes”? For those of you born after 1995, mixtapes were traditionally self-assembled arrangements of songs onto cassette tapes. I had hundreds of them and armed with my Sony Walkman, I would sit and work at my drafting table for hours on end.

Check Out These 15 No-Closet and Tiny Closet Ideas That Work

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Do you have a tiny closet? No closet at all? Getting ready isn’t any fun when there’s no organized space for your clothes. But don’t fret—there are some great solutions you can utilize to maximize your tiny closet space, or even create a closet when you don’t have one!

Latest Study Transforms Rammed Earth Construction

The A to Z of Building

A building technique as old as dirt is being re-tested as a ‘new’ and feasible modern construction material. Compressed soil, also called rammed earth, is a construction technique that

Study 77

How to Buy a Planter

Kitchen and Residential Design

These days, there are many interesting, quirky and lovely planters available on the market right now, available for use both indoors and outdoors. How do you choose the best one, though?

Spring Has Finally Sprung

KB Culture

Yes, I've been quiet for a while. As everyone in the northeast will attest, the past winter maintained a far too tenacious grip on us; I mean, snow in April?!? Any reasonable person [and I include myself in that demographic] would have gone into hibernation. And I did.

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Wayfair Has Its First “Way Day” April 25 With Black Friday Low Prices

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

If you want to spruce up your place for spring and summer, there’s no better time than now. Wayfair has announced its very first Way Day :their version of Prime Day, or Black Friday.

Graphene-Reinforced Concrete Reduces Carbon Footprint of Concrete Production

The A to Z of Building

A pioneering, innovative method that involves the application of nanoengineering technology to include graphene in conventional concrete production has been developed by researchers at the University

Mother’s Day Recipe: Chocolate Waffles With Strawberries


The word ‘Mother’ comes with an emotion of unconditional love. So what should a Mother’s Day Recipe be about? Love’, of course! Keeping that in mind, let us enlist a few ingredients that are all about love. I can straight away think of three-Chocolates, Strawberries & Cream!


Backyard Makeover Ideas for Spring


Spring brings green plants, blooming flowers, and a lot of outdoor activities. That means your outdoor spaces, especially the backyard, need a makeover this time of year so that you can fully enjoy the sunny, beautiful days. Check out these tips for having ideas about your backyard makeover.

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