Hypnotizing Geometry Displayed by Wooden Residence in Estonia

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Different from every standpoint, this single level residence was completed in 2016 by Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid in Koidu Village, northern Estonia. Its original geometry derives from the shape of the plot and optimizes sunlight.

Not All Wood-Look Tiles Are Created Equal

Architectural Ceramics

Estonia Noce. Wood Replica and Estonia has 100+ faces, meaning you will rarely ever notice the same pattern repeating since it only does it every 100 pieces of tile. For example, Wood Replica and Estonia are produced using digital technology with 4 colors at 400 DPI resolution.

This Human Habitat Floats with the Tides

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

This project brought students from Estonia, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania together to create this floating human habitat. Every year, the boggy region of Soomaa in Estonia experiences something called “5th season,” when water levels rise drastically.

Yasmin's Victorian Attic Suite — House Call

Apartment Therapy

Most of the textiles pictured are from Turkey and Estonia, my living room carpet is a 1930 Baltic design handwoven by a relative of mine. Name: Yasmin. Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My apartment is a 590 square foot attic suite in a Victorian Townhome.

Which Country's Men Do the Most Housework? — Design News

Apartment Therapy

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that men from Slovenia, Denmark, and Estonia do the most household chores, over 100 minutes per day, where Indian men do the least at 19 minutes. This study is from last year, but the results are still interesting.