Flagstone Tile Layout Patterns

The London Tile Co.

Flagstone-style flooring has been used all over the world for years. Traditionally made from stone such as travertine or limestone, the term flagstone is now commonly used to describe the patterns created using different sized tiles or paving stones. Bella Opus Flagstone Pattern. Cathedral Opus Flagstone Pattern. Chateau Opus Flagstone Pattern. Grand Villa Opus Flagstone Pattern. Magna Opus Flagstone Pattern.

Get The Look: Senate Snow Flagstone Tiles

The London Tile Co.

The Senate range of tiles have a rustic looking textured surface that resembles natural stone. The tiles are actually made from hard-wearing porcelain, which means your flooring will not need specialist sealing or cleaning like a natural stone tile, and will keep it’s colour for many years. The tiles are available in a range of sizes, which allows you to create a traditional flagstone flooring pattern.


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Tiles in Disguise: Wood, Brick & Natural Stone Effect Tiles

The London Tile Co.

From natural looking wood to vintage-style distressed brick, there’s no shortage of designs available. These tiles allow you to create the look of natural wood, stone & brick at a fraction of the cost and with little to no maintenance. Browse our range of natural and distressed style wood effect tiles online today. Stone Effect Tiles. We love the look of natural stone, but the price and level of maintenance can be offputting.

February Featured Tiles: Calacatta Marble Effect & Chateau Flagstone Modular Packs

The London Tile Co.

Read on to find out more about the Calacatta marble effect and Chateau stone effect flagstone tiles. Love the natural look but don’t want the added maintenance? The Chateau range gives the natural stone look but is made of hard-wearing porcelain therefore requires very little maintenance and no specialist stone products. Chateau is sold in multi-size packs that allow you to create a traditional flagstone pattern on floors.

How to Transform Your Home’s Exterior with Natural Stone


Whether you are looking for durability or beauty a natural stone combined with other rustic outdoor elements can transform your home’s exterior. Natural stone is gorgeous when used in outdoor applications such as a stone fireplace, or when landscaping stone is used in walkways, garden stepping stone locations and more. How to Transform Your Home’s Exterior with Natural Stone. Image via: Connecticut Stone. Flagstone.

How to Beautify your Interiors with Natural Stone Ideas


Trying to bring more natural and organic finishes into your home? Natural stone ideas by far one of the easiest choices as it adds durability in granite countertops, texture in stone pavers in your front entry and beauty to your marble shower walls. For decades natural stone has been the choice of interior designers, architects, and contractors as a go-to finish for the kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace enclosures and more.

Take It Outside: Outdoor AC Tile Collections

Architectural Ceramics

Through high-definition printing, porcelain tiles can mimic other materials like cement or natural stone that are typical of an outdoor setting. Spaces are trending toward more natural material choices like cement and terracotta tiles. The catch is, that these seemingly low-maintenance natural tiles are a bit high-maintenance because they are only suitable for outdoor use where freezing temperatures aren’t a factor. Natural Stone & Specialty Ceramic.

May Featured Tiles: Echo & Temple

The London Tile Co.

Designed to look like natural stone tiles, the Temple range comes in a modular pack of different sized tiles which add to the flagstone effect. We’re certainly getting a taste of every weather this year; from snow to a mini heatwave and back to de-icing our cars. Hopefully, warmer weather is on its way (again) and we can concentrate on summer plans and choosing new tiles.

November Featured Tiles: Panache & Temple

The London Tile Co.

Natural stone never seems to go out of style and it’s not hard to see why; hard-wearing, gorgeous colours and a timeless look all add to its charm. The Temple range might not be made of stone, but it’s got all the qualities of it and more. Available in three natural colours, the tiles also have a riven-effect finish and come in a pack of six tiles designed to be laid in a flagstone pattern.

August Featured Tiles: Chatsworth & Lyra

The London Tile Co.

Despite being made from hard-wearing porcelain, the tiles look like natural stone – perfect for rustic kitchens or living spaces. This combination of sizes allows you to create a flagstone pattern that adds subtle interest to floors. Choose from four natural shades; White, Sand, Grey and Beige. Summer is in full swing and despite the up and down weather we are having a great time enjoying our new external tile display garden.

London Tile May Tile Offers

The London Tile Co.

Vienna is proving to be one of our most popular new ranges, thanks to the natural stone effect of the tiles, and the on-trend textured decor tiles. The porcelain tiles are available in four sizes, plus a matching mosaic, so you can lay them in a flagstone pattern. The weather might have been typically British this bank holiday weekend, but we hope you enjoyed it whatever you got up to.

Make Your Country Kitchen With Rustic Tiles

The London Tile Co.

California mimics the look of natural stone and gives rustic charm to it’s surroundings. This retro metro look works due to the timeless nature of the brick shaped tiles. Natural Stone Bricks are perfect for those of us whose bricks are lost under various layers of plaster, or they just don’t look authentic enough! These tiles will add instant character to any home, pair with white grout to bring out the rustic stone colouring.

Which Material Is Best For Your Stone Patio DIY Project?

Kitchen and Residential Design

In the past, the options for a stone patio were limited to natural materials or whatever was mined in your area. Thanks to the modern marvels of technology and distribution, choosing the right stone for your patio can be both exciting and overwhelming. A stone patio is not just a weekend project; it can be a huge investment, and one that may affect things like your yard drainage, the value of your home and the maintenance that you’ll have to perform.

Avente Tile Talk: Leaf Imprint Tiles and the Right Design Create.

Tile Talk

The tiles stony matte finish accents natural stone beautifully and you can see that Tom took the same cue. In this installation, the Leaf Imprint tiles take center stage to a backdrop of flagstone and peaceful, flowing water. The variation found in each hand-painted tile mimics nature in that no two hand-colored leaves are exactly the same. Tuesday, March 26, 2013. Leaf Imprint Tiles and the Right Design Create Tranquility.