Studio visit today with ceramic artist #stanbitters -.

Heath Ceramics

at Fresno Cal). Studio visit today with ceramic artist #stanbitters - 10'x20’ wall mural in progress. This amazing piece will take 3 weeks to dry before it can even be pulled up off the floor. (at stanbitters

Get to Know: Stan Bitters

Heath Ceramics

Based in Fresno, he’s been an established ceramics artist since his start in the 1960s. Boiler Room: Selected Works , on view now in the Boiler Room at Heath SF, brings together some of our favorite artists and collaborators.

Pet Care: How To Know If They Are Dehydrated


Image Via: Pet Medical Fresno. Summers can be pretty taxing for everyone, especially for pets who cant vocally express their distress. Amongst the many other things that you need to take care of, summer pet care involves keeping a watch over your pet’s hydration needs. Dehydration can lead to life threatening consequences and hence is best avoided. Of course pet lovers would want to know what signs to look out for.