How To Give Your Kitchen Backsplash A Unique Touch

Granada Tile

Grenada Tile helped me with our kitchen. And their love for the product is infectious. If I didn’t have amazing original floors, I’d work with Grenada to tile them all. A Custom Colored Cement Tile Kitchen Backsplash.

Stylish Eco-Friendly Cement Tiles for Homes and Businesses

Granada Tile

Our president and founder, Marcos Cajina, understands how important sustainable production is and has developed three primary core values to guide our company: Responsibly manage natural resources to produce eco-friendly products. Never use toxins in the production or shipping process.

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Kitchen and Residential Design: My Brassavola nodosa bloomed.

Kitchen and Residential Design

One good whiff and I was transported to a cliff side terrace in Grenada, a balcony in old Rangoon or a moonlit night in the same highlands of southern Mexico where B. Production tile as art by Apavisa. Homepath Products. Kitchen and Residential Design.