Metropolitan 6×6 Quarry Tile

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This American-made quarry tile has been an industry standard for over 100 years. tile ironrock metropolitan quarry tile Kate-Lo Tile & Stone is pleased to announce the arrival of Metropolitan, a durable, slip-resistant commercial-grade quality tile from Ironrock.

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Quarry Tour Takes Industry to Elberton and Tate Georgia - Brings the Marble Institute of America and Elberton Granite Assocation Together


For years, the Marble Institute of America (MIA) has led study tours to quarries around the USA, Canada, and abroad. The origin of this tour took root in June 2013, when the MIA met with the Elberton Granite Association (EGA) board of directors to discuss two important industry initiatives. Environmental Protection Agency to produce two new scientific studies looking into the safety of granite quarry and fabrication workers with respect to radon and radiation exposure.

Sylvie Atanasio talks about the industry, design, and CTDA

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The biggest distinction between Country Floors and our competitors, besides designing and developing high-end decorative and handmade tiles, glass tiles and mosaics, is owning the quarries. We own our own quarries and the largest stone processing plant in Turkey, and now in Tunisia.

High performance tile for high performance areas

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We stock Metropolitan Quarry Tile, which is an industry standard for commercial kitchens, food service and areas that demand excellent anti-slip performance. tile metropolitan quarry tileAre you in need of a tile that is suitable for a commercial application?

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Bigger Is Better: Large Format Porcelain Tile

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It’s on trend on fits with the industrial surroundings. To view more special order field tile sizes and trims from the Industry Collection, download a Data Sheet here. Industry. Our Industry Collection , adds a fabric-like texture that lends itself to a more modern look.

MIA Seeks Additional Staff for Technical Department


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES : Field telephone, email, and website generated inquires from members, non-members, architects, interior designers, engineers, etc regarding stone origin, properties, quarrying, fabrication, handling, installation, maintenance, and restoration. Participate in writing of new or revised MIA publications, including MIA Dimension Stone Design Manual, MIA Technical Bulletins, Newsletter, and industry periodical publications.

Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile

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Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very similar, especially when compared to cement tiles, quarry tile, glass tiles or stone. The PEI ratings is commonly referred to as “abrasion resistance” and is probably the most commonly used industry rating for wear. By Bill Buyok , Avente Tile.

A Note From Jim: MIA Focuses on 2015


When discussing what it takes to be successful in the stone industry, I could have closed my eyes and I would not have been able to differentiate between the Spanish producer or the U.S. MIA represents the entire supply chain with industry segmentation as follows: fabricator (42.5%), slab distributor (25.6%), quarry/producer (7.5%), equipment suppliers (7.8%), installers (5.8%), restoration (4.6%), consultant (2.6%), and other (3.7%).

Chapter Leaders Gather at StonExpo


Members of the two chapters discussed ideas on how to increase chapter membership, event attendance and gain market exposure for the natural stone industry. Ask Steering Committee members to personally reach out to stone industry contacts in order to provide a personal connection. Marketing in the Natural Stone Industry. Trends in the Natural Stone Industry. Safety in the Natural Stone Industry. Ontario Quarry Tour.

Meet MIA President, Dan Rea


Coldspring is a leading supplier of natural stone serving the commercial, memorial, residential and industrial markets since 1898. In very practical terms, I believe the MIA is an organization that gets things done for the betterment of the entire industry.

A Note from Jim - May/June 2014


Since January 1st the following have been added: A host of industry statistics, trends, and data references - this includes the latest fabricator benchmarking survey, which has information of interest for fabricators and stone & equipment distributors - see These documents have a coded index so that each industry segment (quarry, fabricator, restoration, etc.) Membership update - The first three months of 2014 are behind us.

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Women in Stone Connection Conference


MIA Board member, Brenda Edwards (TexaStone Quarries) kicked off the event by introducing the members of the WIS Steering Committee. Toby reviewed current building industry statistics and showed how key demographic factors affect our customers’ decision to buy. The panel discussion addressed many issues affecting women in the stone industry including working with family members and managing men.

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Slippery Floors?

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The flooring industry uses coefficient of friction ratings as a guideline to determine the slip resistance of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Often, customers are in search of a “non-slip” tile.

New Options on Green Squared and an Innovative Mortar That Sets in Hours

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Green Squared provides a standard of excellence in sustainability for the entire industry as it covers not just tile products but also the materials required for their installation,” said Bill Griese, TCNA Standards Development and Green Initiative Manager. “We Tiles covered by the Green Squared program may include mosaic, quarry, pressed floor, glazed wall, porcelain, specialty, cast glass, fused glass and low-temperature coated glass tiles. New Rapid-Setting Mortar from MAPEI.

The MIA Toronto Chapter Discusses the Nuances of Natural Stone Installation


The goal of this group would be to provide training for the Natural Stone Industry and create awareness to the Architectural and Design Communities. The MIA Toronto Chapter Installation in the Natural Stone Industry was the first of four yearly events produced by the MIA Toronto Chapter. This year’s schedule also includes a Fabricator Town Hall Meeting, a Quarry Tour and a CEU event for Architects and Designers.

President's Message: Introducing our new president, Dan Rea


I am employed at Coldspring, in Cold Spring, MN (formally known as the Cold Spring Granite Company) where I head up the sales and marketing for the company and have been in the stone industry with Coldspring since 1977. My association experience over the last 5 years has been very rewarding as I grew in the understanding of our industry, the networking with my peers and the long lasting friendships I have gained. Hello fellow MIA members.

Queries & Quandaries


A: Unfortunately, no such document exists, at least as an industry consensus document. There are numerous quarriers who have established grades for the varieties of material yielded by their particular quarry, and in those cases, there would be terminology that defines each grade. Q: We recently received some material with off-colored veining and unsightly patching and filling. Our purchase order clearly stated “select” material was to be supplied.

San Antonio Apartments: The Ultimate Renters Guide

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Living space at CityVista in Midtown Intro and neighborhood guides by Emily Starbuck Crone Despite being the second most populous city in Texas, San Antonio is often eclipsed in the news by stories of Houston’s up-and-down energy industry and Austin’s burgeoning growth and hipness.

Queries and Quandaries: Stone Tile on Exterior Balcony


There is no industry document, to my knowledge, that mandates or even encourages the incorporation of an arris, yet it is far more common to include it than to eliminate it. The Webster’s definition is “a sharp edge or salient angle formed by the meeting of two surfaces” Within the stone industry, we define it much differently, using the term to describe an edge treatment that effectually eliminates what Webster defines as an arris!

How to Bring Beach Decor Glam into your Bathroom


On the other hand, neutral shades of quarry tile give an impression of surf and sand. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.