The Magnificent Mosaics of Khirbat Al-Mafjar


During the first half of the eighth century CE, near the ancient city of Jericho, in what is now called the Palestinian Territories near Israel, magnificent mosaic floors were created for the audience hall and the baths (hammam) of a palace, now known as "Hisham's Palace." George Woideck Hisham's Palace Israel Jericho Mosaics of Khirbat Al-Mafjar Palestine

Grand Modernist House in Israel Opens Up to Its Own Courtyard

Trendir Magazine

Joel Jospe Architects have designed a private residence that looks like it was meant to be built seventy years ago. Stone cladding and elaborate roof give it a grand modernist feel. Huge wooden gates instantly change the direction of the design, although it’s hard not to see it as a potential public office building.


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Home Office With a View (Of the Kids) in Israel

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio designed the B House, a contemporary home for a family in Ramat HaSharon, Israel. Photography by Amit Geron ] The post Home Office With a View (Of the Kids) in Israel appeared first on The parents requested a layout that would allow them to keep an eye on their kids while they cook or work at home. The designers created an open living and dining area.

National Park, Israel

The Perfect Bath

This will probably be the final post on my trip to Israel. Uncategorized Architecture details historic Inspiration Israel mosaics Surfaces Travel Our visit to the ancient archeological site of Caesarea, a planned city with a network of crisscrossing roads, a temple, theatre, amphitheater, markets and residences, is definitely worth sharing. History tells us it took 12 years to build. Upon its completion in 10/9 BCE great festivities were held.

Budget Minimalist Apartment Designed for a Young Couple in Israel

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Studio Dana Shaked completed the design and development of a highly minimalist apartment in Kfar Saba, Israel. The post Budget Minimalist Apartment Designed for a Young Couple in Israel appeared first on The owners of this home- a young couple- bought the place without any furniture or decoration. Their brief requested an apartment on a budget that would meet their modern living needs.

Visual Tricks Enhancing Original Yogurt Bar Design in Israel

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

In a dark small space in Ashdod, Israel (previously an AC store with plaster niches), Dana Shaked has designed a white magical yogurt bar. The post Visual Tricks Enhancing Original Yogurt Bar Design in Israel appeared first on The first step in the conversion process was to remove all niches and wall covers and to divide the space according to a yogurt bar program.

Minimalist Penthouse in Israel Focuses Attention on City Views

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

This minimalist penthouse in Tel Aviv, Israel, was recently completed by Pitsou Kedem Architect. Photography by Amit Geron ] The post Minimalist Penthouse in Israel Focuses Attention on City Views appeared first on The 5,380-square-foot project, Layers of White , consists of two wings united by a narrow corridor. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame city views in every direction, allowing the apartment to be flooded in natural light during the day.

Height Differences Generating a Rich Living Experience: HSM House in Israel

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

HSM family house is a modern dwelling built on a budget in kibbutz Yehiam, Israel, where one of the owners of SO Architecture grew up as a child. The post Height Differences Generating a Rich Living Experience: HSM House in Israel appeared first on Made of natural materials like concrete, wood and stone, the residence aims to take in the calm beauty of the site, including views to a beautiful oak forest.

Laminam acquires the Polish distributor Interstone

Ceramics of Italy

The agreement strengthens the international growth of Laminam, which thus adds Poland to the already consolidated European branches in Spain, Germany, France, Benelux and the United Kingdom and those outside the continent in the United States, Canada, Israel, China, Japan, Russia and Australia. “We

Italy 52

2014: U.S. Quartz Imports Set Record (Again)

Stone Update

Israel, Spain remain top shippers of engineered stone; China steps up to strong third. Featured Analysis (Mid-Year/Annual) Stone Imports


The Perfect Bath

This is a glimpse of what I hope to see in Israel this coming week. Uncategorized Architecture Design Inspiration Israel Tel Aviv Travel I am hoping to explore the “White City” in Tel Aviv along with countless other great architectural treasures. I will have lots to share upon my return.

Bath 61

Gaga for Gila

Diary of a Tile Addict

Hailing from the US, well-travelled Gila Rayberg has moved about extensively, venturing far across South East Asia and over to Egypt and Israel collecting art, textiles, and tales.

Egypt 62

Exhibit: Architecture in Palestine during the British Mandate (1917-1948)

Life of an Architect

While I was in Israel this summer, I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek into an architectural exhibit that was about to open at the Israel Museum that focused on the architecture of Palestine, before the state of Israel became a state. Of all the things I came home with at the end of my trip to Israel, this book might be my favorite. Observations Travel Book Review Israel Modern Architecture traveling

Travels: The Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

The Perfect Bath

On my recent trip to Israel I planned some extra time to see just a few of the thousand or so Bauhaus stucco buildings that still exist in Tel Aviv. Uncategorized Architecture Design Inspiration Israel materials Tel Aviv Travel They are not hard to find or identify. Their distinctive features–from balconies, vertical glass stairwells, horizontal bands and rounded forms to the unmistakable stucco exteriors–are dotted all over the city.

Bath 55


Ceramics of Italy

The Italian multinational is now going to the other side of the world to open Laminam Australian, the latest branch to be opened following the 2020 launch of Laminam France and then Laminam Israel.

Shikun & Binui Raises Funds for Toll Road Project in Texas

The A to Z of Building

a global construction and infrastructure company headquartered in Israel, today announced that it has raised funds for the planning, construction and maintenance of a toll Shikun & Binui Ltd.,

In the Fabric’s Path: Orna Shahar’s Spiral Quilt

Margaret Almon Mosaics

Orna Shahar belongs to the Israel Quilters Association , and also to Encounters Art Quilt Group , with 16 Israeli quilters who meet to learn from each other, and learn from other art forms such as origami, ceramic, metal, papercutting, and glass. In the Fabric’s Path Quilt by Orna Shahar, Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza, XXI, 2014. Photo by Wayne Stratz. In the Fabric’s Path was one of my favorites at the 2014 Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza.

Quartz VS. Quartzite Countertops: Make the Right Choice for Your Kitchen

Kitchens for Living

Silestone by Cosentino comes from Spain and Caesarstone from Israel. One of the things I love about my job is that I get to shop. Let’s face it, I live vicariously through my clients. A question that has been popping up a lot lately on my shopping excursions is, “what is the difference between a quartz vs. quartzite for countertops”? . . They are definitely not the same thing and you shouldn’t use the terms interchangeably.

Israel 123

Shikun & Binui Wins PPP Project for Toll Lanes on SH-288 in Texas Harris County

The A to Z of Building

Shikun & Binui Ltd, a global construction and infrastructure company headquartered in Israel, today announced its first major project win in the United States - the win of a Public Private

There is a Lot to See From This Pavilion-Like House by Pitsou Kedem

Trendir Magazine

Architect Pitsou Kedem and his studio designed an incredible pavilion-like house 20 kilometres from Tel-Aviv, cladding it in stone and beautiful woodwork. The house that is characteristically heavy on glass inclusions stands protected from privy eyes with grey stone and fence. Inside the fence walls, however, there are picturesque trees that can be seen from almost any corner of the house.

Rich Colors and Eclectic Art Adorn this Sophisticated Apartment

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The eclectic mix, including paintings of a mask from Israel and parrots from Costa Rica, hang in a gallery-style arrangement in front of two camel-colored chairs. This sophisticated apartment in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood has two precious commodities in New York real estate: space and light. Given that, id 810 Design Group had plenty to work with in its design. More importantly, however, the dynamic design team had clients with big personality and an art collection.

A Light-Filled Tel Aviv Apartment

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

This contemporary apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel now utilizes light and small modern details to accentuate the space. Originally built in the 1970’s, this apartment was transformed into an entirely new contemporary living space by Studio Raanan Stern. The outer rooms have been transformed into a dining room and kitchen, which have a view of the park outside.

Urban Meets Ethnicity: Luminous and Inviting Apartment in Tel Aviv

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Located on Ben Gurion Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel, this creative home designed by Dori Interior Design comes with three bedrooms and a total surface of 110 square meters. According to the architects, the apartment was initially full of small niches, and featured a dark, narrow diagonal corridor. The renovation process took about three and a half months. A new socializing area was designed, with large balcony and luxurious sitting area overlooking the street.

Superhero Guarding Your Favorite Books: Exquisite Bookends by Artori Design

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Israel-based studio Artori Design envisioned Book&Hero and Supershelf , a pair of bookends that create the illusion of books being constantly guarded by a superhero. Some book lovers are particularly careful with storing their favorite authors and stories, with making sure their best reads are safe from damaging exterior factors.

How to Harmonize Two Completely Different Buildings: North TLV Home

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Completed by Nurit Leshem in Tel Aviv, Israel, North TLV Home is an attempt to correlate two completely different buildings: “The designer faced the challenge of planning a new house that would harmonize with the old one and create a visual and functional connection between them.

Post-Modern in Malibu

Entra Magazine

It was built by Frank Israel in 1995, and has incredible canyon and ocean views. Israel''s inspiration was, in part, California''s unstable ground. This afternoon, Mary Nichols and I spent the afternoon at the Museum of California Design ''s 2011 award benefit honoring designer, artist, and craftsman Peter Shire , at the Dan House in Malibu. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we met lots of fantastic people. On the way out, I couldn''t resist taking a few snaps of the house.

Hilla Shamia ???s Wood Casting Exhibits Ornamental Merger Between Aluminium and Wood

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Israel-based product designer Hilla Shamia showcases a wonderful symbiosis between wood and metal in her Wood Castingcollection. Imperfection is what drives the train of carefully hand-made products.

New Year’s Greeting

The Perfect Bath

The year was marked personally and professionally by a number of achievements both big and small; a milestone birthday celebrated with a high tea (cucumber sandwiches and all), a graduation, a great trip to Paris with 10 friends and an extraordinary trip to Israel with family, 50 blog posts and a contract with Rizzoli to write a book! 2014 whizzed by in a blur.

Mysterious Façade Concealing Maximal Openness and Lightness: The Hidden House

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Israelevitz Architects shared with us photos and information about The Hidden House , a modern family residence completed in Tel Aviv, Israel. A square plot, relatively small for the program’s requirements, has dictated the structure’s concept: a ground floor with maximal openness and lightness, an accentuated interior-exterior connection, which enables enjoying the pool and the exterior seating areas which are connected to the structure.

Duplex Penthouse in Tel Aviv Divides Spaces Creatively

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Toledano + Architects creatively envisioned a duplex penthouse for a family with two kids in Tel Aviv, Israel. The main challenge was to create separation between the parents’ and children’s areas while maintaining living spaces that would encourage interaction. “The whole house is very modular, with sliding doors, a hidden bar in the bookcase, an extensive metal table,” explained the architects.

Narrow Apartment in Tel Aviv Designed in White

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

This narrow, 42 square-meter (462 square-foot) apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, was envisioned and designed for a family who enjoys entertaining. Recently renovated by interior designer Yael Perry , it features a practical layout and plenty of natural light. The designer opted for a minimalist scheme and monochromatic finishes in order to optimize the feeling of space. The parquet flooring, walls, and furniture were all imagined in white.

It’s Done! The Making of the Heath Building.

Heath Ceramics

Robin notes, “From our office space in the mezzanine, I can see people enjoying coffee in the viewing court, Israel loading our tile kilns, Curtis unloading our transfer truck, Karla managing logistics from our downstairs Admin office, Perry working with customers in the showroom, double-parking on 18th street, bread coming out of the oven at the Manufactory, and happy people standing in line for coffee and morning pastries there.

L-Shaped Family Home Fascinates With Interconnected Spaces

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Located in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, this attractive contemporary family home spreads over 450 square meters and provides luxurious settings to live a desirable lifestyle. Imagine waking up in this fascinating dream home and not knowing in which of its three Mediterranean gardens to drink your coffee and have breakfast with the family. Because this may look like a set from a movie, but it’s actually a home built for a modern family.

1970s Oceanview Kit House Upgraded to Elegant Family Home

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Inspiring Home Design in Israel Blurring Indoor/Outdoor Boundaries. Designed by Levy:Chamizer Architects, this highly modern residence in Israel displays generously-sized interiors and an outdoor area with plenty o [.] -->. Best Of. Apartments. Architecture. Bedroom. Furniture. Ideas. Kitchen. Living Room. Bathroom. Freshome. Freshome. Best Of. Apartments. Architecture. Bedroom. Furniture. Ideas. Kitchen. Living Room. Bathroom. ★ Sign in.

The Bauhaus and Me

Life of an Architect

The ideas of the Bauhaus in the fields of fine and applied art, design, architecture, and education were disseminated all over the world by its former teachers and students, to countries including the United States, China, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, and Mexico. In 2019, Germany will be celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus together with partners all over the world.

Something Every Young Architect Should Do

Life of an Architect

This was a photo taken from my Vibe Israel trip last year standing in front of the Savioney Levinsky Collaborative. I was the only practicing architect in my Vibe Israel tour group and my imagination was running wild as I was toured around the Savioney Levinsky studio. Just about a month ago, I turned 49 years old.

30 Masculine Bedroom Ideas Evoking Style

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Seen in this luxury opera penthouse with inspiring Armani Design décor in Israel, the master bedroom above is a freeform work of art with generous use of the given panorama. Enigmatic or minimalist, rustic or industrial, a man’s bedroom is the place where a lifestyle emerges. Choosing to surround yourself with fragments of your life gives your friends the opportunity to get to know you better.

The Cottage House

Life of an Architect

Normally I might take a pass on getting this done on a timeline that included working over a holiday 3-day weekend, but I am getting on a plane today and flying to Israel for a week. I’m starting to lose count of how playhouses I’ve designed over the last 6 years … I think it’s around 8 or 9, which might not sound like a lot to you but it certainly seems like a lot to me.

Traveling and Working

Life of an Architect

One thing that I think is a universal truth, is that young people think traveling for work is awesome … I know that I did. The irony of this is that I didn’t actually do much work-related travel when I was young. When I was younger and recently married, my wife held a job that required her to travel all the time. I don’t mean “a lot”, I really do mean that she traveled all – the – time.

What to Get an Architect for Christmas [2017]

Life of an Architect

I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Sam when I was in Israel, and I’ll never be the same. In what has become an annual “must write” post, I present to you THE definitive list of “What to Get an Architect for Christmas.”