New issue of Ceraspaña – Tile of Spain journal now available

Tile of Spain USA

Published by ASCER and Tile of Spain, the journal features news from Tile of Spain manufacturers, a preview of Cevisama 2013 , the newest designs, and all the latest industry news and events. Ceraspaña 30 is here!

News from Spain: New issue of Ceraspaña journal now available

Tile of Spain USA

Click here to view the journal. Ceramics. Architecture. Design. The newest edition of Ceraspaña reflects on these areas and more! It highlights the ability of Tile of Spain ceramic materials to provide answers and solutions for the most demanding architects and interior designers.

An Alphabet of Tile Style — The Wall Street Journal

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Case in point, this handy alphabetized list from the Wall Street Journal of some of the most beautiful tile styles to try next. Pin it. There's a lot of tile in this world that isn't of the plain, white subway variety (and it has some great history, too).

11 Inspiring Gratitude Logs for Your Holiday Bullet Journaling

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And if you're a bullet journal user—or even an aspiring BuJo fan looking for an excuse to get started on your own journal—there's an easy way to build gratitude right into your usual journal trackers.

Are You a Bullet Journaler in NYC? We Want You! — Apartment Therapy Video

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Are you a bullet journaler in NYC? We are creating a new video series and looking for a wide range of real-life bullet journalers with tips for how they use this method of life-tracking on the regular. And no, that doesn't mean you have to be Pinterest-perfect!).

God Save the Cute: Britain Needs Hedgehog Helpers — The Wall Street Journal

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There is a crisis amongst Britain's hedgehog population, and the prickly little cuties need you, reports the Wall Street Journal. (Image credit: Artmim /Shutterstock).

Still Not on the Bullet Journal Train? This Book Explains Exactly How to Use them to Get Your Life Together

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Bullet journals basically do it all—they're a totally customizable place to keep track of just about everything in your life, and they're beautiful enough to be Instagram content (seriously, every time I look at a bullet journal I'm reminded that I need to up my penmanship game!).

BuJo Curious? The Things to Know About Bullet Journaling Before You Get Started

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Bullet journals (or BuJos for short) are definitely having a moment right now. Everywhere you look—Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest—there's bullet journal fever. If the cult-favorite organizational system has piqued your curiosity but you are not quite sure if it's for you, we're walking you through a few key things you need to know before you decide to BuJo or not to BuJo. READ MORE ». Career

5 Instagrammers to Follow If You're Bullet Journal Curious — Daily 5

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Have you heard of bullet journaling? Part planner, part diary, all bullet journals start with an index, and the rest is up to you. (Image credit: Jennifer Trafton ).

Get 2017 Off to An Organized Start: Your $50 Bullet Journal Starter Kit

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So you've decided to start bullet journaling. To get you started, we put together a little starter kit for you with all the goodies you need to kick off your bullet journaling adventure. Welcome to the BuJo club! The best part: It's pretty wallet-friendly totaling just under $50. READ MORE ». Career

Organization Goals: 11 Inspiring Bullet Journal Budget Trackers You Need to See

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The words "bullet journaling" usually elicit one of three reactions from people: One: "What's that?," A bullet journal, if you're unfamiliar, is an organizational system that combines your diary, sketchbook, to-do list and more all into one. Two: "How does anyone have time for that?," or Three: whatever the dialogue version of the heart-eyes emoji is.

No Time for Bullet Journaling? Inspiring Daily Planners to Try Instead

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It's no secret we're fans of bullet journaling here , but we totally get that it's not for everyone. Bullet journaling requires some time upfront to get it all set up and a dash of creativity to make it look Instagram-worthy. If you're more of a ready-to-write type of person when it comes to your daily planner, then we suggest checking out our list of chic and cool planners and printables below.

Would You Surprise Your Spouse With a House? — The Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal recently profiled several men (yes, they were all men) who pulled off this huge surprise for their Planning any surprise can be risky. Add the cost of a house into the mix and you have one dangerous gamble.

Altered Rolodex Art Journal - Collar City Brownstone

Collar City Brownstone

Way to go….TILESHOP!!

The Tile Shop

Paul Business Journal. Good morning! We wanted to share some great news with you today! The Tile Shop was named one of the fastest growing public companies by the Minneapolis St. We put our plaque up here at the corporate offices: Please click on the image to view: Way to go Tile Shop !!!

A Home in a Former Train Station — The Wall Street Journal

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Pin it. A century ago, this structure was a bustling train station; today it's home base for two former Manhattanites — John Schultz and husband James Burgess — who bought the adorable 3000 square foot Stanfordville station a year ago.

This Journal Promises to Boost Productivity & People Are Buying It — Design News

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(Image credit: Ink + Volt). A new planner holds a lot of promise. Its blank pages are open and ready for the year to come, when it feels like anything can happen.

Words Failing You? This App is a Journal of Emojis — Design News

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Can''t express yourself with words? Emojiary is an app that asks you how your feeling each day, and you answer—in emoji. Over time, you can track your emotional well-being, visually and privately. READ MORE ».

Call for Entries: 15th Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Design

Tile of Spain USA

Ricardo Sánchez Lampreave – a lecturer at various architecture schools and universities, organizer of a number of exhibitions and a highly prolific editor of architectural journals.

Spain 130

Cool Cement Tiles Are Hot for 2015

Granada Tile

Then there was this article in the Wall Street Journal a few days later. Happy new year and best wishes for 2015!

Cement 130

What to Get an Architect for Christmas – 2016

Life of an Architect

Moleskine Cahier Journal (Set of 3), Extra Large, Plain, Black, Soft Cover (7.5 These journals are small enough so that my “doodles” can fill the page. I also like that these journals have a heavy card stock cover rather than being leather-bound.

Why You Should Cut a Corner Off Your Sponge

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Microbiologists responsible for a recent study on the subject in the Scientific Reports journal recommend replacing your sponge every week. Here's the icky truth: many of us (read: me) are guilty of using kitchen sponges on our dishes and surfaces for far longer than we probably should.

If You're Trying to Get a New Habit to Stick, This Is When You Should Do It

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There's a new study out in the Journal of Health Psychology that offers some insight into how to make a healthy habit stick for good.

These Are New York's Most Popular Jukebox Songs — Design News

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Check out the Wall Street Journal's interactive map of most popular songs and artists, by ZIP code. • A Musical Map of New York City | Wall Street Journal READ MORE ». Pin it.

Are People Really Painting Their Walls White For Insta-Stardom?

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The Wall Street Journal recently published a story with a simple yet shocking premise: "To make their home interiors look better on Instagram and amass more followers, millennials and social-media mavens are painting their walls white."

Food For Thought #17: Why I Blog  (on the Occasion of Gold Notes’ 500th Post)

JG Kitchens

I started this blog 10 years ago, two years after beginning my design journalism career and four years after becoming a kitchen and bath designer, because I wanted the opportunity to write about topics an editor wouldn’t necessarily assign.

Construction Underway on New Campus for Hudson County Schools of Technology in New Jersey

The A to Z of Building

The Jersey Journal reports that the school will leave its existing Construction has begun in Secaucus, N.J., on a new campus for the Hudson County Schools of Technology's High Tech High School.

Amazon To Take on UPS & FedEx With New Delivery Service

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The Wall Street Journal reports Friday morning that the online retailer is going head to head with the likes of UPS and FedEx with its new program, called Ship with Amazon. Amazon is setting its sights on another industry disruption: shipping.

Anti-Resolutions Are The New Resolutions — Here's Why

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Maybe you're a few days deep into your first Whole30 or a new journaling routine. Did you set resolutions this year? While a new year can be invigorating and inspiring for some, plenty of people struggle with making and keeping resolutions.

Industrial Design Moves to the Suburbs — Design News

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The Wall Street Journal reports on the increasing instances of brick, beam, and concrete popping up in Suburbia. Pin it. No longer limited to former factories and warehouses, industrial design is finding fans even outside city limits.

Embracing the H.A.H.B.: Half-Assed Household Budget

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How many times have you heard people talk about their budgets (or even seen their meticulous bullet journals and spreadsheets) and thought about how maybe you should have one of those, but like, ugh, math and all that effort ? (Image credit: Mackenzie Schieck ).

Millennials Are Killing Doorbells & Honestly, Good Riddance

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On Monday, the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece about how young people are no longer using the humble buzzer to announce their presence, and are instead texting, DMing, Snapping, or whatever to alert their friends that they're downstairs. This week on Millennials Kill Things, we present the generation's latest victim: the doorbell.

Furniture Included? How About Fluffy? Sealing Real Estate Deals With "Throw-Ins"

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The Wall Street Journal talked to buyers, sellers and real estate agents about the most memorable bonus items they've come across. When negotiating on almost anything, conventional wisdom is that you ask high knowing that you'll be argued down.

New Approach to Predict Buildings Most Susceptible to Aftershock Tremors

The A to Z of Building

Research published in the International Journal of Reliability Earthquakes kill, but their aftershocks can cause the rapid collapse of buildings left standing in the aftermath of the initial quake.

Designed to Be Hacked: IKEA's First"Open Source" Sofa is Coming

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And according to the Wall Street Journal , it will be available early next year. IKEA is working on a sofa that's sure to be a hacker's dream; DELAKTIG is a customizable platform that will have a variety of third-party add-ons. READ MORE ». Sofas. Furniture Design.

Contemporary Mobile Home in the UK’s New Forest Woodland

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The architect described it as having a “feeling of solidity, serenity, and permanence” in The Architects’ Journal, which are not words commonly associated with spaces that conform to the 1968 Caravan Act.

Luxe-Looking Pieces You'll Never Guess Came From Target — Cheap Thrills

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From a classic desk in a timeless style to fanciful journals that wouldn't be out of place at Anthropologie, here are just some of what we consider to be their best finds hidden in plain sight. Though the latest news of Target's new Project 62 collection has been getting all the attention, the discount retailer has long been offering furniture, decor and accessories that look way more expensive than they actually are.

Member Blogs-Sylvie Atanasio

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

These events and activities are regularly published in some of the world’s most prestigious design magazines and journals. Sylvie Atanasio, Head Designer and CEO of Studio S has traveled around the world to visit factories and build relationships.

Turkey 130

Ruh Roh: Your Landlord Might Stop Letting You Get Packages At Home

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If you live in a large apartment building and can still receive packages there, count yourself lucky because, as The Wall Street Journal reports, residential management companies are beginning to curb or even ban the ability to receive packages at home. Pin it.

H is for Ellen Heck and Her Color Wheels: A to Z Challenge 2014

Margaret Almon Mosaics

Ellen Heck is a fine art printmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and these color wheels are a visual journal of the colors of her landscape. San Francisco Color Wheels 1-9 by Ellen Heck.