New issue of Ceraspaña – Tile of Spain journal now available

Tile of Spain USA

Published by ASCER and Tile of Spain, the journal features news from Tile of Spain manufacturers, a preview of Cevisama 2013 , the newest designs, and all the latest industry news and events. Ceraspaña 30 is here!

News from Spain: New issue of Ceraspaña journal now available

Tile of Spain USA

Click here to view the journal. Ceramics. Architecture. Design. The newest edition of Ceraspaña reflects on these areas and more! It highlights the ability of Tile of Spain ceramic materials to provide answers and solutions for the most demanding architects and interior designers.

London Launch Party Alert

Diary of a Tile Addict

My colleagues at Kick-Start Publishing, for whom I edit Tile & Stone Journal , are hosting a launch party for Kick-Start’s latest publication The Specifier’s Guide to Flooring. The Specifier’s Guide to Flooring from Kick-Start Publishing.

Altered Rolodex Art Journal - Collar City Brownstone

Collar City Brownstone

Way to go….TILESHOP!!

The Tile Shop

Paul Business Journal. Good morning! We wanted to share some great news with you today! The Tile Shop was named one of the fastest growing public companies by the Minneapolis St. We put our plaque up here at the corporate offices: Please click on the image to view: Way to go Tile Shop !!!

Construction Underway on New Campus for Hudson County Schools of Technology in New Jersey

The A to Z of Building

The Jersey Journal reports that the school will leave its existing Construction has begun in Secaucus, N.J., on a new campus for the Hudson County Schools of Technology's High Tech High School.

Food For Thought #17: Why I Blog  (on the Occasion of Gold Notes’ 500th Post)

JG Kitchens

I started this blog 10 years ago, two years after beginning my design journalism career and four years after becoming a kitchen and bath designer, because I wanted the opportunity to write about topics an editor wouldn’t necessarily assign.

Contemporary Mobile Home in the UK’s New Forest Woodland

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The architect described it as having a “feeling of solidity, serenity, and permanence” in The Architects’ Journal, which are not words commonly associated with spaces that conform to the 1968 Caravan Act.

New Approach to Predict Buildings Most Susceptible to Aftershock Tremors

The A to Z of Building

Research published in the International Journal of Reliability Earthquakes kill, but their aftershocks can cause the rapid collapse of buildings left standing in the aftermath of the initial quake.

H is for Ellen Heck and Her Color Wheels: A to Z Challenge 2014

Margaret Almon Mosaics

Ellen Heck is a fine art printmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and these color wheels are a visual journal of the colors of her landscape. San Francisco Color Wheels 1-9 by Ellen Heck.

Member Blogs-Sylvie Atanasio

CTDA's Tiledealer Blog

These events and activities are regularly published in some of the world’s most prestigious design magazines and journals. Sylvie Atanasio, Head Designer and CEO of Studio S has traveled around the world to visit factories and build relationships.

Turkey 130

My pledge to readers

JG Kitchens

Most have no professional training in journalism or journalistic ethics. There has been some recent coverage of bloggers acting badly , which doesn’t surprise me all that much.

Busy Week!

JG Kitchens

I was quoted in this Men’s Journal article on updating the bachelor kitchen: [link]. It’s been a hyper-busy week! I’ve been working on shot lists for the New Bathroom Idea Book, articles for the San Diego Union-Tribune and Kitchen & Bath Design News and working with my current clients.

Innovative Notebook Lets You Reposition Pages

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Imagined as a solution to challenges posed by creativity, it’s described by the Southern California-based Rekonect team as “the first magnetic journal with removable and reattachable pages.” On the outside, the Rekonect Notebook looks like an ordinary notebook.

The Many Facets of Custom Cupboards

Kitchens for Living

Mael Hernandez, President of this Wichita Kansas based company, was quoted in the Wichita Business Journal as saying,“It’s all about the trend in personalization. Who says the art of printing is dead?

Mid Century Magic Off the Strip

Kitchens for Living

Markers and Finders, Las Vegas, photo courtesy of Las Vegas Journal Review. I certainly had a great time experiencing the luxury and glitz of the Las Vegas strip with my recent Blog Tour Modenus adventure, but there is another Las Vegas where regular people live, love, work and play.

Historic Elementary School Becomes Cozy Condos in Rhode Island

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Photography courtesy of Libby Kirwin and information courtesy of Rhode Island Small Business Journal ] The post Historic Elementary School Becomes Cozy Condos in Rhode Island appeared first on

NYC Hotel Feels Like Your Own Apartment on Park

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

Photography courtesy of Joe Ginsberg and The Maramara and information courtesy of Travel + Leisure , The Wall Street Journal , and Cool Hunting ] The post NYC Hotel Feels Like Your Own Apartment on Park appeared first on

Industrial Chic Baths

The Perfect Bath

Celebrity fad or mint next to your bed to sniff in order to shake yourself out of a groggy state.For a quarter centuryClimate strongly affects human conflict cheap mlb jerseys and violence worldwide BERKELEY Shifts in climate are strongly linked to human violence around the world 1) in the journal Science. Industrial design has hit a new high for American interiors.

These 15 Reading Chairs Will Make Your Corners That Much Cozier

Trendir Magazine

Whether you use it to catch the last few chapters of your current book or you slide in to take a nap or journal for a bit, small parts of your home can be spruced by adding a bit of warm and welcoming flavor. Grab your journal and allow the retro prints to do all of the talking.

What to Get an Architect for Christmas [2017]

Life of an Architect

Moleskine Cahier Journal (Set of 3), Extra Large, Plain, Black, Soft Cover (7.5 These journals are small enough so that my “doodles” can fill the page. I also like that these journals have a heavy card stock cover rather than being leather-bound.

What to get an Architect for Christmas (2015)

Life of an Architect

Moleskine Cahier Journal (Set of 3), Extra Large, Plain, Black, Soft Cover (7.5 These journals are small enough so that my “doodles” can fill the page. I also like that these journals have a heavy card stock cover rather than being leather-bound.

In-law Suites – Hottest Home Trend

Burgin Construction

According to the Wall Street Journal, if done properly in-law suites have the potential to increase your home value as much as 60 percent.

What to Get an Architect for Christmas (2014)

Life of an Architect

Moleskine Cahier Journal (Set of 3), Extra Large, Plain, Black, Soft Cover (7.5 These journals are small enough so that my “doodles” can fill the page. I also like that these journals have a heavy card stock cover rather than being leather-bound.

Great at Eight: Tool Set for a Girl who Wanted to Build

Margaret Almon Mosaics

In a journal from grade 3, I describe building a yard for the dollhouse out of Lego. Happy Birthday Card when I turned 8. On the occasion of celebrating an Orange Tuesday Birthday, I went into the archives for this birthday card with a whimsical orange giraffe.

Tools 52

Wallpaper Wednesday


Coordinating Fabric Vogue 1959 Coordinating Fabrics & Wallpapers Ladies Home Journal 1956?

Rock Star Artist Sean Yseult Unveils New Line of Wallpaper Designs

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

I recently found an old journal of mine from when we were just starting out together as a band, and I was asking myself why I wouldn’t take the plunge then to pursue music. Flora and fauna play a significant role in the designs of artist Sean Yseult.

Thornwillow Press

The Perfect Bath

In addition to the books that Thornwillow publishes, the company also makes the most beautiful engraved and letterpress printed stationery… invitations, business cards, custom journals and notebooks, announcements, calendars… the range of our work is as broad as it is interesting.

The 40 Below Anthology: Sharing Stories of Edmonton Winters and my 1975 Snowman Captured on Film

Margaret Almon Mosaics

My third grade teacher had us write a journal, and I discovered this entry when going through my old papers in the attic. My Snow Man March 7, 1975 in Edmonton, AB. My copy of 40 Below: Edmonton’s Winter Anthology arrived this week.

Architecture Student Study Abroad Bag

Life of an Architect

Miquelrius black plain sketchbook – my primary sketchbook, mostly sketches and journalling, designing 17.

Study 75

A Random Selection of Favorite Design Books

The Perfect Bath

Over many centuries and continents, decorated papers have been used in countless ways such as end leaves in books, bank notes, journals, wrapping paper and woodcuts to name a few, and the types of decoration were as varied as the use.

What to Get an Architect for Christmas (2013) | Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Moleskine Cahier Journal (Set of 3), Extra Large, Plain, Black, Soft Cover (7.5 x 10) - $15 I’m a big advocate of sketching, despite the fact that I am not particularly adept in my own sketching “style” I get a lot of Moleskine journals as gifts but the one I’ve listed above is my favorite. These journals are small enough so that my “doodles” can fill the page.

Memorial Day Appetizer: Grilled Potato Skins Recipe


Image via: Jolene’s Recipe Journal. In addition to recognizing those brave soldiers who have given their lives while serving the nation, Memorial Day is also one of the biggest grilling holidays of the season.

Drafts that might be “Better Left for Dead”

Life of an Architect

I had seen a poll in The Architect’s Journal which was completed by 400 architects, designers, and students, that highlighted a widespread culture within the profession of working additional hours without pay.

Xenia’s 2015 New Years Resolutions

Collar City Brownstone

Return to art journaling. A lot of people have shied away from making New Years resolutions, but I just happen to like doing it. I find that it does help to keep what I desire to accomplish in my head. As long as they remain in my head I have more than a fair chance of succeeding.

Tung’s Tips & Tricks for the Flea Market

Heath Ceramics

His collection is enriched by his journalism, so any piece he posts has a well-researched history behind it. Our Heath Clay Studio Director, Tung Chiang , uses his love for design for more than the creative process when he’s in the studio.

Why Minimalist Interiors Are Good For You

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

The Journal of Social And Personal Relationships reveals that this stress is further exasperated when husband and wife both work outside the home—naturally, neither sex wants to come home after a long day of work to be greeted by household chores and messes.

Showcasing Design: I’m a Guest Curator at UGallery


We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Internet Retailer’s Second 500 Guide, labeled a future “mover and shaker” of e-commerce. I was thrilled to be asked by UGallery to curate my favorite artwork pieces by top emerging and mid-career artists.

What’s in a Name? Intern Architect

Life of an Architect

As a result of exhaustive research, I have concluded that the only people who hate the word “Intern” are interns. Big surprise there … glad I didn’t spend any money on market research to figure that out.

Summer Desserts – Classic Cherry Pie Recipe


Image via: Saharisha – Live Journal. Bing Cherries, with their deep garnet color, smooth shiny and firm flesh & sweet indulgent taste have never failed to delight me. What better than the Classic Cherry Pie Recipe to relish the flavor of this delectable fruit this summer?