Pro Kapital Latvia´s Daughter Company Concludes Construction Deal for River Breeze Residence in Klîversala

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Today, on the 13 June, 2016 the results of the general contractor competition for the construction of the River Breeze Residence have been confirmed and construction agreement signed. The new

This Human Habitat Floats with the Tides

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

This project brought students from Estonia, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania together to create this floating human habitat. This Veetee (“Water Way”) structure began as an experiment.

Innovative Bicycle Cover Helping You Keep Your Room Clean: Velo Sock [Video]

Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

To improve bicycle storage for urban cyclists, Latvia-based start-up Velo Sock has developed a unique and innovative bicycle cover, named Velo Sock, which is all about keeping your room clean in a stylish way.

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