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Week of January 25th, 2020 — Mosaic Tile Designs

Architectural Ceramics

Happy Monday to all the fellow tile – enthusiasts and designers out there! We thought this was the perfect occasion to share one of our favorite tile uses, the tile mosaic. Mosaics For All. Mosaic Tile Designs That’ll Thrill You to Bits , Houzz. Mosaic Tile Magic.

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Global Tile Inspiration

As The Tile Turns

At Decorative Materials, we appreciate local tiles but are also in awe of the international styles that have held strong – both literally and aesthetically speaking – through the generations. Chances are, you see historically relevant or culturally diverse tiles on a daily basis. Join us on a global tour of our favorite tiles:

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Making Mosaic Tile Patterns that Do the Most

Granada Tile

Interior designers are raving over mosaic tile patterns. Granada Tile has a wide range of long-lasting bold tile patterns to make spaces pop. Moroccan style designs with the Alhambra 50 A tiles add a lovely, bright, and floral look to any space. These are customizable like our other tiles. Go Moroccan Style.

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Ceramics Inspirations: Mix and Match Tiles

Tile of Spain USA

Exceptional in both quality and design, Spanish manufacturers offer collections in a variety of finishes, colors, graphics and formats, enabling homeowners to flawlessly fuse tiles of different styles in the same space. By skillfully blending tiles of different colors, a distinctive identity for each room will be defined.

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July Featured Tiles: Arabia and Victorian Mosaics

The London Tile Co.

If you can find a trustworthy trader and have friends/family to keep an eye you can even take the opportunity to go on holiday while the work is done – coming home to your new tiled kitchen or bathroom. The 500x200mm ceramic wall tiles are available in four shades; White, Grey, Sand & Taupe. Victorian Mosaics.

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You’ve not seen mosaics like this

Diary of a Tile Addict

Elevating the mastery of mosaics to utterly bewildering heights is an artist whose skill and vision is unmatched, with talents honed by “straddling the worlds of fine art and contemporary craft”, and tiletastic displays one has to see to believe. So far no tiles have been lost! Today we’re talking Susan Day.

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Mosaic Tile Ideas: Your Big Guide to Little Tiles

Why Tile

Looking to add mosaic tile to your home or business? We have everything you need to know about why and how to use mosaic tile, including the best places to install it and the most creative designs. You’ve come to the right place.

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